Chelsea Clinton wants the same EPA that caused the Gold King Mine disaster to somehow clean up Houston
09/06/2017 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
Chelsea Clinton wants the same EPA that caused the Gold King Mine disaster to somehow clean up Houston

Clearly under the delusion that she’s somehow important simply because her parents are famous for their shady criminal behavior that continues to go unpunished, Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, had some negative things to say via Twitter recently about the Houston tragedy brought about by Hurricane Harvey.

Reports indicate that Ms. Clinton isn’t happy about the fact that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) isn’t in Houston right now doing … whatever it is that she thinks this regulatory agency should be doing there in the aftermath of Harvey’s torrent of destruction.

Completely ignoring the incredible early response by both President Donald Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott to Hurricane Harvey before it even made landfall, Ms. Clinton retweeted a critical threat lambasting the alleged “changes” that have been made to the EPA since the President took office. On September 2, a Twitter user by the name of “Talia Lavin” wrote:

“I’ve been subscribed to EPA news alerts for over a year now. Since the election, the shift is absolutely nuts. 1/ [sic].”

Just a day later, another Twitter user by the name of “Jules” tweeted a similar complaint, this one more direct. Ms. Clinton retweeted its highly politicized verbiage, which stated:

“I have worked for the environment at the state level for many years. You can trust me when I say @EPA’s absence in TX is unprecedented.”


Chelsea Clinton gets destroyed on Twitter for gross insensitivity to Houston victims

The obvious insinuation is that the President’s actions after taking office drastically changed the function of the EPA, and thus Houston isn’t receiving the “presence” it deserves from the EPA. Again, none of these tweets or retweets state with even a semblance of clarity what the EPA is supposed to be doing in Houston right now, seeing as how it’s not a rescue agency involved in providing aid – which is what’s most needed.

At best, the EPA would be in Houston assessing how to increase carbon taxes or further regulate the production of oil, seeing as how the southeastern coast of Texas – this being the worst damaged region from the hurricane – is Big Oil central. Apparently to Ms. Clinton and those she retweeted, it’s more important to think about the environment during these dire times than the lives lost and those in need.

The good news is that such crass ignorance didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of Twitter. Ms. Clinton quickly became the target of multiple rebuttals against her gross insensitivity. One user responded apropos with:

“Has the Clinton Foundation made a donation to Red Cross for Houston?”

Another user was even more direct, adding that:

“Everyone witness how Chelsea gets a free ride off the back of her white parents, while preaching against white privilege. Hypocrite.”

And yet another, pointing to the Marxist nature of the EPA and why it’s a prized tool of leftist politics:

“Epa pushes agenda 21 of the UN.”

As per usual, next to nobody on Twitter expressed support for Chelsea Clinton’s stupidity in this regard, which is just the latest among many faux pas put forth by this Clinton mafia offspring since the election of Donald Trump. Will she ever shut her mouth and crawl back into the hole from which she came, many are now asking?

Hardly likely.

Whatever the case may be, Ms. Clinton will continue, perhaps increasingly, to face an onslaught of mockery and jest from Twitter users who see right through her failed attempts at virtue signaling. Like her parents, it’s unlikely that Ms. Clinton cares one iota about the people of Houston, as evidenced by her bizarre focus on the EPA’s presence there, which would do nothing whatsoever to help people in need.

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