Google isn’t merely EVIL; it has become a DANGER to freedom, liberty and democracy… Steve Cioccolanti issues urgent warning
08/31/2017 / By Mike Adams / Comments
Google isn’t merely EVIL; it has become a DANGER to freedom, liberty and democracy… Steve Cioccolanti issues urgent warning

In case you haven’t noticed all the censorship recently, Google has become a rampaging monster of Orwellian oppression, intimidation and unbridled power, crushing any voices who oppose its hegemony of internet supremacy. I was one of the first popular voices to warn that Google had become a danger to society — after being wholesale blacklisted by Google search for six days as a “punishment” — but now a chorus of thought leaders across the political spectrum are warning that Google has become a danger to freedom, liberty and democracy.

As Michael Krieger writes on, “Google has become a major threat to democracy in America.” He quotes this article by Zephyr Teachout which says:

Google has established a pattern of lobbying and threatening to acquire power. It has reached a dangerous point common to many monarchs: The moment where it no longer wants to allow dissent. Those with too much power cannot help but be evil. Google, the company dedicated to free expression, has chosen to silence opposition, apparently without any sense of irony.

Popular online minister Steve Cioccolanti (of Discover Ministries in Australia) has posted this must-see video warning where he explains how Google has very nearly joined forces with Satan to suppress knowledge, spiritual awakening, truth and liberty:

Joe Joseph at The Daily Sheeple also reveals the extreme danger in Google / YouTube economically sabotaging Ron Paul, a leading voice of liberty and reason for our world. Julian Assange sounds off in a warning about Google’s monopolistic power and its willingness to silence whatever speech it doesn’t like (without establishing fair rules or due process of any kind):


Months ago, I also posted this podcast, warning that Google was censoring Natural News because of our truthful, humanitarian coverage of the “vaccine Holocaust” that’s murdering children across the planet in the name of vaccine industry corporate profits. Google, of course, is 100% pro-vaccine, no matter how many babies are maimed, brain damaged or killed in the process:

As I explained months ago, Google is a clear and present danger to human freedom, human knowledge and western civilization. The very fact that a single corrupt entity can now control virtually all information flows across the information — while wielding “demonetization” economic sabotage weapons against its targeted enemies — means that far too much power has now been concentrated in the hands of un-elected technocrats.

We are now living in an information dictatorship run by dangerous “techno tyrants.” This is why Google must be dismantled in the same way that Apartheid was abolished.

Of course, by merely stating this observation, I now run the risk of Google blacklisting my entire website yet again, using its concentration of power to silence dissent with no due process, no notice and no reason given. Google is the single most dangerous entity on our planet today, and it has become one of the most evil (with Monsanto probably edging out Google for the title of the “most evil” corporation on the planet, at least for the moment).

What can you do about all this? It’s simple: Stop using all Google services, period. Find alternatives:

… and many organizations are working on new video sites, social media sites and search engines that will provide additional alternatives. We’re soon launching for more upcoming coverage on this important issue.

And stop enslaving yourself under the tyrannical rule of Google.




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