Take a look at what passes for award-winning “debate” in our twisted, delusional culture (video)
07/29/2017 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
Take a look at what passes for award-winning “debate” in our twisted, delusional culture (video)

It was said to be an historic moment when Towson University Debate Team members Ameena Ruffin (class of 2015) and Korey Johnson (class of 2016) won the Cross Examination Debate Association (CEDA) national championship back in 2014 – the first ever African-American women’s team to do so. But when video footage of what actually took place at this so-called “debate” surfaced publicly in the days to follow, that delusion was shattered by the reality that political correctness is what really clinched this duo’s undeserved victory.

As you’ll quickly see in the shocking footage, Ruffin and Johnson didn’t so much debate the topic of “restricting presidential war powers authority” as they did make a complete mockery of the formal debate process. Their presentation deliberately centered around attacking the United States government for allegedly being “at war with poor black communities,” and it did so using a series of fast-talking “raps” comprised of gibberish, repeated “ums,” and random insertions of the racially-charged slang word “nigga.”

See for yourself how these Towson students stared down at their computers while rattling off nonsensical verbal diarrhea as if they were at some kind of Black Lives Matter poetry slam. It doesn’t even come close to resembling an actual debate where arguments are presented, evidence is cited, and most importantly, eye contact is made both between the debaters and with the audience.

Political correctness is destroying America and turning everyone into mindless morons

If it weren’t for political correctness, Ruffin and Johnson probably would have been laughed off stage for their circus act. Both the debate moderators and judges would have publicly chastised them for disgracing the debate process with their little stunt. Towson would have further fired their debate coach and made a public example of the whole thing as what not to do at a debate.


Instead, Towson officials lauded Ruffin and Johnson for their “amazing accomplishment” while offering glowing praise for all the hard work they supposedly put into explaining next-level concepts like “nigga authenticity.”

“We are thrilled and very proud of Ameena and Korey on this amazing accomplishment,” said Towson University College of Fine Arts and Communication Dean Susan Picinich. “Their historic success is exemplified by their passion, dedication and commitment to the art of debate, and the leadership of Towson University’s debate coaching staff, Amber Kelsie and Ignacio Evans.”

If Amber Kelsie and Ignacio Evans were self-respecting individuals who actually took their job of teaching and coaching students seriously, they would have done Ruffin and Johnson a favor by telling them that real debates are won by forming complete sentences and not psychotically spewing Ebonics laced with vulgarity and racial slurs. Instead, they apparently egged these two on in anticipation of their “big debate win.”

It’s truly a shame that such vile displays of lunatic behavior are now being credited at some educational institution as “academic achievement” worthy of honor and recognition. Mind you, the trashing of the debate process by Ruffin and Johnson was an intentional effort on their part to make the assertion that collegiate debate is inherently “privileged” in favor of every social justice warrior’s (SJW) preferred punching bag: straight, white, middle-class men and women (but mostly men, of course).

“In other words — and this is no exaggeration — we must privilege gibberish and racial harangue that has nothing to do with the question under debate, because facts and logic are — wait for it — racist,” writes Rod Dreher for The American Conservative.

“So, what lesson does this send to aspiring college debaters? To withdraw from the organization that honors this madness, because it’s impossible to win,” he adds. “That the rules of debate don’t have to be followed, that insult and abuse are legitimate forms of argument, and ultimately, that chaos wins, as long as it’s perpetrated by a minority claiming victim status. That’s actually a good strategy for succeeding in academia and community organizing, but not so much in the real world.”

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