Evil Democrats creating “master blacklist” of conservative websites to de-monetize all their advertising revenues en masse
06/08/2017 / By Jayson Veley / Comments
Evil Democrats creating “master blacklist” of conservative websites to de-monetize all their advertising revenues en masse

From violent protests on the campus of UC Berkeley to the introduction of new Internet-based algorithms that censor conservative websites, the progressive left has all but embraced the creation of a fascist society, whereby liberalism is the dominant ideology and republicanism ceases to exist.

The latest example of this push towards a one-party rule comes in the form of more online censorship. The Open Brand Safety framework has recently developed a list of conservative websites that advertisers can use to threaten, harass, intimidate or blackmail the right-wing sites out of business.

“The simplest way to describe it is we’re going to try and build the largest list, bringing together all of the lists of all the fake news domains as well as extreme content,” explained Rahul Chopra, CEO of Open Brand Safety partner Storyful. “Not only are we finding them, but partners of ours… are too. We’re going to bring together everybody’s lists and give those to the networks, the ad tech firms, the agencies, etc., to try in some ways to choke off money supply coming into these domains and sites.”

Legally speaking, there is nothing wrong with what Open Brand Safety is doing. However, it does shed even more light on just how tyrannical and power-hungry the liberals in this country really are. They are now going to extraordinary lengths to squander conservative thought, proving that there is really nothing they wouldn’t do in their quest to become the country’s dominant ideology.

You would be hard pressed to find a place that censors conservatism more vigorously and more relentlessly than the American university. With each passing day, college campuses across the country become more and more openly hostile towards any viewpoints that don’t fall in line with the progressive doctrine. If a Christian student believes in traditional marriage, for example, and decides to be a vocal advocate of this belief on campus, there is a good chance that he or she will be bullied, harassed, intimidated, or even forced into silence.


This past January, conservative students at Kellogg Community College were arrested for the horrible crime of handing out pocket constitutions and trying to get other students to sign up for the conservative organization. Drew Hutchinson, the manager of Student Life at Kellogg Community College, told the young constitutionalists that they weren’t allowed to approach students or engage them in conversation because it could “obstruct the student’s ability to get an education.”

The entire situation was filmed and published on CampusReform.org. In the footage, Hutchinson is heard saying, “We ask that you don’t do it in the middle of everything, and part of that is because if we obstruct the student’s ability to get an education then it kind of becomes counterintuitive to the whole, um, right to speak, kind of Second Amendment rights.” Obviously, Hutchinson meant to cite the First Amendment and not the second. Perhaps he could have used a pocket constitution himself so that he could learn the difference.

The idea that handing out pocket constitutions and recruiting students for a conservative club on campus is somehow “obstructing the student’s ability to get an education” is nonsense. Chances are, Mr. Hutchinson himself even knew that censoring these young people had nothing to do with the learning capabilities of other students, and everything to do with the fact that conservatism is simply not welcomed at Kellogg Community College.

What does it say about an ideology that relies on the harassment and intimidation of political opponents for its own existence? To most, it says that liberals are incapable of standing on their own two feet and convincing the American people that they have the superior ideology. But instead of getting out there, delivering a clear message and fighting the good fight, liberals take the easy way out and work to bring about the end of the conservative movement altogether.

After all, how can you possibly oppose liberalism if liberalism is the only philosophy that exists?





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