FBI impersonates journalists to film fake documentary to depict the Bundy family as nut jobs; liberal media cheers
05/23/2017 / By Jayson Veley / Comments
FBI impersonates journalists to film fake documentary to depict the Bundy family as nut jobs; liberal media cheers

If you’re involved in politics to some degree or even if you have a habit of tuning into the news a few times each week, chances are you have heard of Cliven Bundy, the cattle rancher from Nevada known for instigating the “Bundy Standoff” in 2014. What began as a simple protest against a change in grazing rules eventually escalated to an armed confrontation between Bundy’s supporters and law enforcement. The Bureau of Land Management only added fuel to the fire when they officially confirmed that they had killed six of Bundy’s cattle following an order from the U.S. District Court in Nevada to remove them. (RELATED: Bundy Ranch standoff pictures the mainstream media doesn’t ever want you to see.)

As it turns out, the effort to incriminate the Bundy family was much more intricate and in-depth than we previously thought.

As reported last week by The Intercept, more than 100 hours of video and audio recordings reveal that the FBI created a fake documentary crew in order to gather information about the Bundy family and their operations. The Intercept reports:

The FBI office in Las Vegas called on an undercover agent using the name Charles Johnson to take part in an operation that would reveal how the Bundy protests were organized and whether anyone had violated federal law. They came up with the idea of creating a fake documentary production company whose filmmakers would interview Cliven and the protesters.

Of course, the practice of impersonating journalists is controversial to say the least and certainly uncommon, as the fake crew member Charles Johnson would later testify in court. Johnson explained that instead of attempting to expose a crime that had not yet happened, the purpose of the fake documentary was to uncover information “after the fact.”


The production company that the FBI came up with is officially called “Longbow Productions,” and the website is still available online for the public to see. The site really doesn’t include much content, and as a matter of fact looks like it was completed in just a couple of hours. “Longbow productions started out as a two man team,” the website explains in the “about us” section. “Charles and Ron began a small-time film company that worked with several acts around town. After three short years, we ended up with over 15 employees and we expanded into a full service production company.”

Longbow Productions also claims that they “are involved in nearly all aspects of cinematic endeavors,” including specials and events, product promotion, commercials, documentaries, videos for web, location videography, video editing and casting. The fake company even pledges to save clients thirty to fifty percent when they choose them as opposed to a big production corporation.

Some may consider it to be peculiar how the mainstream media never seemed to care about the fake production company the FBI created to spy on the Bundy family. In reality, however, there is nothing peculiar about it – the mainstream media is, and always has been, incredibly one-sided. They are more than happy to report on things that damage the reputations of conservative thinkers and the Republican Party, but fall silent when faced with a story that makes the American left look bad. A story about the use of extremely controversial methods to acquire information about the Bundy family would be a bad PR move for the left, considering the fact that generally speaking, the democrats stood against the Bundys. The public would look at the left and think to themselves, “wow, I didn’t know these people standing against these Nevada ranchers were so shady and slimy.”

It’s also interesting how the mainstream media is always eager to criticize the practice of undercover journalism done by activists who seek to expose the horror that goes on inside abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood, but when their own side uses undercover journalism, it’s not an issue. The hypocrisy of the mainstream media truly knows no bounds.






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