SICK! BuzzFeed editors caught laughing it up about murdering President Trump… cheering it on and hoping it would happen
05/12/2017 / By Jayson Veley / Comments
SICK! BuzzFeed editors caught laughing it up about murdering President Trump… cheering it on and hoping it would happen

Ever since it was made clear that Donald Trump had a real chance of becoming the 45th president of the United States, liberals have been growing increasingly angry, hostile and flat out nasty. Hillary Clinton, “the chosen one,” was kept out of the Oval Office thanks to the electoral uprising of millions of patriotic Americans, and as a result, far left activists and websites are lashing out unlike ever before. Just one of these many websites is BuzzFeed, which certainly hasn’t been subtle about their disdain for Donald Trump.

In recent screenshots provided to Big League Politics by a former BuzzFeed employee, the website’s current social media director Maycie Thornton is seen writing about how she wishes someone would assassinate President Trump, with all of her little friends laughing along.

The online conversation started with a few brief comments on how then President Barack Obama “slayed the f*** out of Donald Trump,” to which a user named leochiquillo replied, “I miss Obama already” followed by a sad face emoji. It was only minutes before Maycie jumped in, joking about how if Trump were to defeat Hillary Clinton, the staff would have to “up our BuzzFeed Canada game.”

Others began to express how fearful they were at the possibility that Donald Trump really could become the next president of the United States. “It’s super scary that America could elect Trump,” said a user by the name of Nick Guillory. Another user said, “I keep telling myself it won’t happen, but like I don’t know! Its def gone farther than I thought it would.” That’s when Maycie came in with her vile comment.


“Maybe someone will assassinate him,” she posted. Nick Guillory apparently thought the comment was a hoot, writing, “lol Maycie!!!” Another user in the conversation, Kari Koeppel, said, “lol Maycie I have thought the same thing.” (RELATED: Read about CNN seemingly encouraged their viewers to assassinate Donald Trump).

Sick, isn’t it?

There are many points that must be made here. The first, and perhaps the most obvious, is that BuzzFeed is turning into a truly contemptible website. Most people probably remember the phony 35-page dossier that BuzzFeed published about Donald Trump, which was riddled with nothing but lies and propaganda regarding Trump’s personal life and his alleged connection to Russia. Even more shocking was the fact that BuzzFeed editor in chief Ben Smith defended the decision to publish the unverified information.

“The instinct to suppress news of this significance is precisely the wrong one for journalism in 2017,” Smith wrote in a New York Times piece. “In a democracy, the justification for shielding the public from something like this must be overwhelming,” he continued, adding the “Trump dossier was legitimate news: a document that was already influencing decision makers at the very highest levels.” Later on in the piece, the BuzzFeed editor in chief wrote, “Sometimes it means publishing unverified information in a transparent way that informs our users of its provenance, its impact and why we trust or distrust it.”

The second point is one that ties in with the first. Despite their ongoing push for more acceptance and inclusiveness in America, the reality is that at their core, most liberals are anything but. When it comes to their feelings towards virtually any minority group, such as gays, transgenders or African-Americans, leftists are understanding and compassionate. But when it comes to conservatives, most of them are full of nothing but resentment and vitriol.

The third and final point that needs to be addressed has to do with hypocrisy. It goes without saying that if a conservative or a member of the Tea Party had publicly or privately wished for the assassination of Barack Obama, the liberal bloggers and news hosts would have a field day for weeks. There would be an endless discussion about racism in America, and there would more than likely be an investigation launched by the Justice Department into whoever made the remarks. But because BuzzFeed is widely accepted to be a left leaning website, there is no outrage whatsoever. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

And so it goes…


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