Spring cleaning: 5 easy ways to detoxify your gut and give your body a break
05/02/2017 / By Bridgette Wilcox / Comments
Spring cleaning: 5 easy ways to detoxify your gut and give your body a break

Spring is the season when nature bounces back from the chilly winter months and your body is no exception. According to an article on MindBodyGreen.com, the body knows that the season for renewal and rejuvenation is nigh — making it ideal for doing a quick and gentle detox. Get your body ready for spring and cleanse it from all the holiday eating by trying out these simple steps, as listed on MindBodyGreen.com:

  • Wake up with fresh celery juice – Celery is as rich in antioxidants as it is low in calories, carbohydrates, and fat. According to LiveStrong.com, it contains flavonoids that keep certain ulcer-causing bacteria at bay. Also, almost 95 percent of it is water, so its juice is one of the best things you can drink first thing in the morning to re-hydrate your body. It can also be easily blended with other fruits and vegetables to superpower its health effects. Pineapple, carrots, beets, lemon, and ginger all work well with celery, and each combination gives you a different health boost.
  • Eat food rich in pre- and probiotics  Probiotics have long been associated with healthy digestion. According to the MayoClinic.org, probiotics can keep your gut flora in check. Prebiotics, meanwhile, are the food that makes probiotics flourish. Both of them can be found in yogurt, kefir, and other fermented dairy products. Fermented veggies such as sauerkraut and kimchi are also high in probiotics. Incorporating these food items in your spring diet can improve your digestion immensely.
  • Go vegan – at least for a while  Animal byproducts such as meat, eggs, and dairy take more effort to digest. Staving off these foods for a while can give your digestive system a rest. At the same time, avoiding chemical-filled processed foods will also be easier on your stomach. Focusing on eating organic, plant-based whole foods will ensure that you get enough nutrition even as your gut gets the break it deserves.
  • Take a break from gluten and soy  Even people who aren’t sensitive to gluten or soy can benefit from taking a break from these proteins, which are tougher to digest and can sometimes cause irritation in the gut. Going gluten- and soy-free for a while helps boost the effects of your spring detox.
  • Zone out and try meditation  This isn’t the most obvious choice when it comes to doing a tummy detox — but as earlier mentioned, the brain and the gut are deeply connected, so clearing the mind also means clearing your stomach. Meditation can also help you feel more energized as you train your body to absorb nutrients from your food more efficiently.


It doesn’t take complicated science or measured diets to give your stomach the spring cleaning its due. Following these easy steps for a few weeks is really all it takes. Research reveals the strong connection between the gastrointestinal tract and the brain. An article published in Harvard Medical School’s Healthbeat reveals that the brain and the stomach directly affect each other. For instance, even the thought of eating releases the stomach’s juices even before any food is ingested. It also reveals a correlation between stress and gastrointestinal disorders, which explains the common sensation of wanting to throw up before nerve-wracking events. This strong connection between the brain and the gut means that a spring tummy detox might just put you in the right mindset to take on new challenges that the new season brings.

Read more about ways you can detoxify your body on Detox.news.

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