FACT CHECK: Bill Nye is a mechanical engineer, not “Climate Change” specialist
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FACT CHECK: Bill Nye is a mechanical engineer, not “Climate Change” specialist

Don’t get your dinner from a gas station, don’t throw smoke bombs intended for your opponents into the wind, and don’t get your scientific information from a celebrity in a lab coat. Especially one who only has a B.S. in mechanical engineering.

(Article by Brandon Morse republished from TheBlaze.com)

These are pretty basic things people should know not to do, but the last one is something many will ignore when it comes to the case of psuedo-scientist Bill Nye.

Nye gained popularity in the 90’s when he hosted the kid’s show, Bill Nye the Science Guy. Admittedly, it was an interesting show that I tuned into often to watch when I was a kid. However, like many a Disney Channel star has done, Nye shed the shackles of a child friendly persona, and began engaging in behavior that should be too ridiculous to be consumed by the mainstream media, but is anyway.

What’s worse, is that some of this behavior is very anti-science for a guy who is oft referred to as “the science guy.”

The latest in Nye’s long line of non-scientific science came during his new Netflix series, when he had a song and dance number performed by actress Rachel Bloom. The song was called “My Sex Junk,” and it featured Bloom and some backup dancers singing and dancing about how sexuality is fluid, and transgenderism is sound science.

The clip of this performance was published to YouTube on Tuesday, and since it’s hit the web the video has gone viral, and attained a level of infamy that most of today’s more famous provocateurs would call “too much.” As of this writing, the video currently has over 100,000 views, over 11,000 “thumbs down, and only 175 “thumbs up.”


Watch the video for yourself, but be warned that it contains references to genitalia. A lot. Also, it’s really, really awkward.

I find it fascinating that Nye, the man who often complains that there are people out there ignoring “proven” science on climate, and pushes the importance of scientific discovery, is willing to completely ditch sound science and facts in the face of a political agenda.

Transgenderism, for all its promotion as today’s cause célèbre is not real in any world but the political. Science recognizes the disorder of gender dysphoria, but beyond this disorder, there is no scenario where a woman is actually a man, though she posses two X chromosomes, ovaries, and other things specific to female biology. Likewise, a man cannot menstruate or become pregnant, or give birth.

This is obvious to anyone still in grade school, but apparently not to Nye, the actor who touts himself as a man of science. For Nye, science and politics are the same thing. He said as much when he was recently on CNN, where he got into a debate with William Happer, a physicist at Princeton University. Happer – the actual scientist – got into an argument with Nye about how there isn’t any need for the global warming alarmism, and that we should be crafting and voting on policy based off of flawed computer models.

Nye fired back by first chastising CNN for having someone like Happer on, calling him a “climate denier.” He then went into spouting disproved claims about warming oceans, and mentioned that “science is political.”

The problem with Nye’s stance is that politics has agendas contained within it. Science, at least in its true sense, does not. Science is based off of fact, trial and error, and hard evidence. Politics is based off of opinion, philosophy, and and how much money you can get for voting a certain way. If Nye is truly a man of science, he should be willing to stand back, look at the evidence in front of him, and conclude that there is not more than two genders, or that throwing people in jail for being a “climate denier” is going a little too far.

In science, more debate is good, not less. A man attempting to silence others because he doesn’t agree sounds more like something a religious fanatic would do, not a man of science.

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