Where’s the outrage? Alec Baldwin outed for filming a sex scene with an UNDERAGE actor
04/12/2017 / By Jayson Veley / Comments
Where’s the outrage? Alec Baldwin outed for filming a sex scene with an UNDERAGE actor

Comedian, actor and well-known democrat Alec Baldwin has found himself in the midst of controversy in recent days after a producer has come forward with a rather serious accusation. Dana Brunetti, producer of the 2006 indie movie Mini’s First Time, launched a series of tweets last week claiming that Baldwin, who starred in the film, was aware that his co-star Nikki Reed, with whom Baldwin filmed sex scenes with, was 16 at the time and not 17. The allegations come in response to statements made in Alec Baldwin’s new memoir Nevertheless, where he claims that he was outraged when he eventually learned the truth about Reed’s age. According to Baldwin, he was unaware that his female co-star was 16 until much later.

“My first indie film was Mini’s starring @AlecBaldwin who knew @NikkiReed_I_Am was 16 (not 17) and he didn’t mind,” Brunetti said on social media. The House of Cards producer goes on to write, “in fact, @NikkiReed_I_Am was 1 of 4 actresses @AlecBaldwin had approved and her being the only 1 of those 4 repped by HIS own agency CAA.”

While there still may be some truth to Baldwin’s claim that he was outraged at the producers for hiding the truth from him, Dana Brunetti makes it clear that he was not one of those producers. “The only time @AlecBaldwin ever yelled at me was on the phone and it was about one of the producers who worked with the financier.”

Brunetti goes on to post eleven tweets in total, eventually concluding that Alec Baldwin was well aware that Nikki Reed was 16 and not 17, and that there was no outrage or yelling whatsoever. If these claims are true, and Baldwin really did know all along that he was acting out sex scenes with an underage girl, then it would appear that the 59-year-old has some explaining to do.


Could you imagine if similar allegations were directed towards President Donald Trump? What if a producer of The Apprentice came forward and announced that Trump had been sexually engaged with a 16-year-old girl? It’s not at all a stretch to say that in such a situation, the political fallout would be astronomical. The liberal media would be talking about it endlessly for months, interviewing political pundit after political pundit, all of which would be undoubtedly calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Of course, if Donald Trump or any president really were engaged in such acts, then impeachment really would be the most appropriate response. But the point here has to do with hypocrisy – the liberal media is silent when Alec Baldwin is accused of acting inappropriately alongside a young girl, but would be sounding the alarm bells if a Republican were accused of the same thing.

Alec Baldwin isn’t the only one who has come under fire for this sort of thing as of late. In February, political columnist and gay Internet personality Milo Yiannopoulos was accused of advocating pedophilia after video footage was uncovered of Yiannopoulos claiming that a sexual relationship between an older man and a younger boy was normal.

“This arbitrary and oppressive idea of consent, which totally destroys the understanding that many of us have of the complexities and subtleties and complicated nature of many relationships,” Milo said in the video. He went on to say, “In the gay world, some of the most important, enriching and incredibly life affirming, shaping relationships between younger boys and older men” can be beneficial in the lives of those young boys.

Milo Yiannopoulos was originally set to deliver the keynote speech at CPAC 2017, but was later disinvited after a wave of outrage over the statements made in the video.





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