Horrifying episode of Dr. Phil reveals the shocking truth about elite pedophile rings
03/29/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Horrifying episode of Dr. Phil reveals the shocking truth about elite pedophile rings

It took a daytime relationship and advice program to do the work of the so-called “mainstream media,” but Dr. Phil just did the country a huge service: He exposed a sometimes deadly and very secretive, highly organized underworld of elite pedophilia.

As reported by The Free Thought Project, Dr. Phil, on a recent program, featured a former child sex slave who went by the name “Kendall,” who described how she was literally born into, and grew up in, an elite sexual slavery environment.

Kendall told millions of viewers that she was never destined to be anything but a sex slave because her parents had her for the specific purpose of giving her over to a trafficker whom she referred to as her “owner.”

She said when she was born she was sold as property to an elite pedophile ring which had as its clients some of the world’s most powerful. She went on to describe some of her first memories of being given over to different groups of very wealthy men and women, who then took turns with her. (RELATED: Massive Human Trafficking Ring Busted In California… 500 Arrested In Police Raids)

Her appearance on Dr. Phil was her first in public after escaping her owner. She talked about how she was forced to take part in sexual deviancy that would simply shock most people. Kendall said she was forced to commit rape against kids as young as five years old; she even said her owner once forced her to kill an infant.

She said she knows the difference between those who were born to be sex slaves and those who were kidnapped and then forced into the life. She said those who are born into such a horrific existence are much more docile and much more accepting of their surroundings because they have never known anything else.


At one point, Dr. Phil asked her to estimate her age when she was raped for the first time; she said it was “before I could talk – I was used to it by the time I was two.”

What’s more, she said she doesn’t really even know how old she is because for her entire life she’s been little more than a sexual toy for the most deviant on earth, having been trafficked around the world. Of those who paid to take advantage of her, she said, some were actually high-ranking law enforcement officials, major sports franchise owners and even high-level U.S. politicians.

While in captivity she said she gave birth to three children, all of which were then taken from her and by her owner. She believes they are being groomed to become sex slaves as well. “I was allowed to get pregnant, because men paid for that,” she explained.

As reported by The Free Thought Project, Kendall said some of the pedophiles she was abused by over the years were very wealthy, to the point that they owned large pieces of land or entire islands. “They would buy us just to hunt us,” she said.

In remembering one of her most fearful moments, she said that pedophiles would host a “hunting party” on their land, forcing many children to run and hide as they were considered “prey.” The hunting party would then rape and sometimes torture the children when they were found, she added.

As The Free Though Project noted further:

The activities described by this woman are so profoundly disturbing they can be almost hard to believe, but Dr. Phil confirms that his team not only investigated Kendall’s case for four months, but also consulted with law enforcement experts who confirmed her story. Dr. Phil said he “100% believes” that she is telling the truth.

One of the more disturbing revelations she made was the claim that pedophile politicians would dress her in sophisticated designer clothing and have her hair and makeup done to give her the appearance of class. She said she was trafficked to high-profile politicians and sometimes taken to political parties. (RELATED: US State Dept. caught in massive human trafficking operation)

Kendall said the politicians were very careful to hide what they were involved in. She confirmed that many elite U.S. political leaders who have been engaged in trafficking in children for years, which has consistently been covered up and hidden from voters.

“Perhaps the reason these crimes have been so steadfastly hidden from public view, is that high-level law enforcement officials have also been implicated as being part of the elite pedophile network,” The Free Thought Project noted.

Former Democratic Rep. Dr. Cynthia McKinney, Ph.D., warned in a tweet after President Donald J. Trump vowed to crack down on child trafficking that the effort would ensnare members of both political parties.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for NaturalNews.com and NewsTarget.com, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.




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