Bill Nye earns an “F” in climate change science… can’t even answer basic questions on live TV
03/05/2017 / By Jayson Veley / Comments
Bill Nye earns an “F” in climate change science… can’t even answer basic questions on live TV

There was a time when Bill Nye “The Science Guy” was actually entertaining and fun to watch. His science show was routinely played on television and in classrooms across the country, and for the most part, it resonated well with kids and young adults. But years have gone by, and now it appears that Bill Nye “The Science Guy” has become Bill Nye “The Phony Environmentalist.”

In a recent discussion with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Mr. Nye was questioned about climate change and the extent to which human activity was contributing to it. “To what degree is climate change caused by human activity?” Carlson asked Nye after spending a few minutes introducing the segment. “Is it a hundred percent caused by human activity, is it 74.3%? It’s ‘settled science,’ please tell us to what degree human activity is responsible.”

That’s when the fun started.

Nye’s immediate response was to deflect. He began by explaining the speed at which climate change is supposedly occurring but not how much of it is caused by humans. “The speed that climate change is happening is caused by humans,” Nye said. “Instead of happening on time-scales of millions of years, or let’s say, fifteen thousand years, it’s happening on a time-scale of decades, and now years.”

“To what extent is human activity responsible for that speeding up?” Carlson asked. This time, he got a response – sort of.

“A hundred percent!” Nye exclaimed. “If that’s the number you want. Humans are causing it to happen catastrophically fast.”


Are human beings really causing climate change to speed up? When John Doe goes to take his Hummer for a drive or plug in his air conditioning unit, is he bringing us closer to a global apocalypse? Of course not. Not only does real science paint an entirely different picture than the “doom and gloom” vision Mr. Nye is predicting, but as a matter of common sense, the whole concept of man-made climate change is silly. The idea that human beings can effect the weather any more than the sun can is simply nonsensical. (RELATED: Do 97% of climate scientists really agree that humans are warming the earth?)

After Nye announced that humans were causing the rate of climate change to speed up, Tucker Carlson continued his line of questioning. “Okay, so at what rate would it have changed without human activity?” the Fox News host asked. “You look annoyed that I’m asking these questions, but they’re very basic questions. They’re not denial.” (RELATED: You won’t believe how many scientists believe that man-made climate change is a complete hoax.)

“The last ice age we had was tens of thousands of years ago,” Nye said. “So bear in mind that in ancient dinosaur days there was more carbon monoxide, the world was warmer than it is now, there was an inland sea in what is now Wyoming.”

The entire discussion went on like this for almost ten minutes, with Carlson consistently struggling to get a straightforward answer out of Bill Nye. By the end, Carlson had accused Nye of “using the science of politics” and being a “popularizer,” not a scientist. In what appeared to be a final outburst of anger and frustration, Nye ended the debate by blaming Donald Trump for the recent leaks coming out of the federal government, a comment that had absolutely nothing to do with the issue of climate change.

Bill Nye has certainly created a name for himself over the years and there’s no doubt that he’s been extremely successful – for that, Nye should be congratulated. What is disappointing, though, is that facts don’t seem to matter to him as much as publicity. On the surface, this is not made immediately obvious, but much like other liberals and environmentalists, when they are confronted with the truth or even basic questions, their true identities are revealed.


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