Crazy California congresswoman calls Trump’s cabinet picks “a bunch of scumbags”
02/26/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Crazy California congresswoman calls Trump’s cabinet picks “a bunch of scumbags”

In a perfect world, Left-wing Democrats would be seen for who they really are: Divisive, authoritarian hypocrites who are so angered by their rejection they can’t control their own emotions.

That is especially true when the subject comes to discussion of President Donald J. Trump and his Cabinet. In a recent interview on “All In with Chris Hayes” on MSBNC, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., this week’s poster child for term limits, laid into the administration with unusually vile comments that are so far out of line she really should be censured by the entire House, The Gateway Pundit noted.

During the interview, the unhinged Waters began reading off a list of Trump Cabinet members who are connected to the ‘oil and gas industry’ – code words purposely used in order to gin up instant dislike and distrust of them by Left-wing sheep supporters of Waters and her ilk. Anyone who is “connected” to industries that power our cars so we can get to work and our homes so we can live a modern life, you see, are evil.

She then went on to call all of them “scumbags.”

“I just think the American people need to know what is going on. This is a bunch of scumbags. That’s what they are. They’re all organized around making money,” she said.

If you haven’t read any news reports about Maxine Waters refusing her salary or donating it to charitable causes, it’s because she hasn’t and doesn’t. But the president himself has done so. Also, his Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, is taking just $1 in salary. (RELATED: Donald Trump lays out historic plan for first 100 days in office: End corruption, stop the crooks in Washington and unleash economic abundance for America)


As for Waters, she’s not the wealthiest member of the House by far, but she ain’t hurting, either. While she somehow gets away with listing her net worth as -$14,991, she and her husband own four properties – in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Kern County and Washington, D.C. Her LA home is in Windsor Square and it’s valued at $1 million (which, technically, makes Waters a millionaire, and, thus, in the top echelon of Americans).

This is, of course, beside the point. Left-wing Marxist types who are in power love to pretend like they hate money and an elevated net worth, but how many of them do you ever see actually giving up their lifestyles? Yet, the sheep who worship them are convinced that because they talk about the “evils” of wealth, they have credibility, even if they, themselves, are wealthy.

And what’s wrong with that? What is it about liberals and their disdain for the American dream? And why do their supporters so hate the notion of being successful?

Of course, it’s all political. Democrats empower themselves by dividing Americans into groups and even subgroups, using identity politics to pit the poor against the rich, blacks and Hispanics against whites, the educated against the uneducated, and so on. They can’t win converts and supporters with their ideas, which all center on more and bigger authoritarian government, so they play on petty jealousies, sow mistrust, and create tension among the masses.

Waters, then, is operating straight from her party’s playbook. But once again, she shows why Democrats have become a regional party, and why the vast majority of ZIP codes reject the party and the far-Left Marxism it represents. (RELATED: New EPA Head Appointed By Trump May Finally Begin Dismantling The EPA’s Overbearing, Totalitarian ‘Authority’)

Most Americans believe in and support the country’s founding economic principle of free market capitalism. They don’t want big government liberals telling them how much they can earn, what form of employment is “acceptable,” and what industries should be allowed to exist. They don’t accept that government should be picking industry winners and losers. And they are given hope by a president and Cabinet who are living the American dream so many of us revere. We can’t all be millionaires and billionaires, but Trump and the people he has surrounded himself with would love it if every American could become as successful as they have been. That’s why Trump’s all for cutting taxes and getting rid of regulations, rules and any other obstacles that are preventing more Americans from doing better.

As Waters proves, Democrats would rather criticize success than do anything to help more Americans achieve it. Frankly, that’s pathetic.

But it’s what I’ve come to expect from them.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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