GOOGLE CENSORSHIP BOMBSHELL: Supposed Natural News “violation” of Google webmaster rules also found running on Google’s own Blogspot network!
02/24/2017 / By Mike Adams / Comments
GOOGLE CENSORSHIP BOMBSHELL: Supposed Natural News “violation” of Google webmaster rules also found running on Google’s own Blogspot network!

As the whole world is rapidly discovering, Google completely blacklisted the Natural News website two days ago, de-listing 140,000+ pages of content in the internet’s most outrageous example of a politically motivated silencing of free speech.

In order to justify the censorship of the entire Natural News website, Google has cited an obscure technical rule that bans the use of certain third party advertising networks. Javascript for one of those networks was included in just 13 blogger pages buried in posts from 2013 – 2014 inside the subdomain. Intriguingly, the only reason that blogger even used that ad code was because Google banned Adsense from, forcing bloggers to find alternative ad code.

Now, Natural News investigators have found the exact same “violation” scripts running on none other than Google’s own Blogspot network.

Google runs the same code it just banned Natural News for running on a very small number of obscure old blogger pages on a subdomain

This proves that Google is selectively enforcing its “technical” rules against Natural News while allowing its own blogspot sites to remain active, indexed and fully represented in Google search results!

The third party advertiser code in question is known as “YESADVERTISING” and the domain name called by the javascript is This is not any form of advertising that we use on the Natural News root domain, but it’s something that a lone blogger added to her blog articles. Again, we can only find a grand total of 13 blog posts under the blogs subdomain that even used this code. Yet Google banned 140,000+ pages of our root domain!


A Natural News investigation has found that the Google-owned Blogspot blog known as “Breaking News Lines” is running the exact same code. You’ll find that site at:


Here’s a look at the website, clearly hosted by, a Google-owned property:

And here’s a look at the source code of Breaking News Lines which shows the javascript code from

Finally, here’s proof that Breaking News Lines remains indexed by the Google search engine:

Google allows its own sites to run the same code that it blacklists a Natural News subdomain for running

So now the truth finally comes out: Google is selectively enforcing an obscure rule to blacklist the entire Natural News site while extending immunity to its own web properties for running the exact same “violating” code.

Furthermore, while this code was running on some very old, very obscure articles (under that subdomain, not the root domain), Google used that justification to ban the ENTIRE website. Yet, when that code appears on the HOME PAGE of Breaking News Lines, they aren’t banned at all. They’re still indexed and served up in the Google search results.

It’s beyond just fishy. It’s deliberate censorship via selective prosecution by the same Ministry of Truth that grants its own sites absolute immunity.

This is proof that the so-called “violation” justification that was used by Google to engage in the outrageous censorship of the entire website is openly allowed by Google on its own web properties.

In other words, Google just announced to the world: WE can break our own rules, but we’ll destroy your entire website if YOU break them (even on a handful of obscure blogger pages in a subdomain).

Google just revealed its own lack of integrity, deceptions and censorship LIES

Google has just declared it is the Ministry of Truth, and like any dangerous monopolist in a corrupt society, it is never subjected to its own rules.

The total censorship of, by the way, continues, but so does the backlash.

Join the #SaveNaturalNews movement at this link.

Sign the White House petition at this link.

Most importantly, #BoycottGoogle over its brazen, outrageous censorship of Natural News, one of the most important free thinking voices on the internet today.

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