CNN claims racism after Adele beats Beyonce in Grammy awards
02/16/2017 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
CNN claims racism after Adele beats Beyonce in Grammy awards

Not that anyone of any substance even cares about this latest made-up controversy, but racism is apparently back — at least in the minds of those who wanted their artist of choice to win the Grammy album of the year for 2016. Beyonce, who is black, apparently didn’t get it, and Adele, who is white, did. So in typical form, social justice robots everywhere are playing the tired and exceptionally worn-out race card in response, including, perhaps not surprisingly, fake news icon CNN.

In a recent article, CNN’s Lisa Respers France is rather frank in her questioning of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, whose members choose Grammy award winners every year. Because some people believe Beyonce should have won album of the year, but didn’t — even though none of the songs on Beyonce’s most recent album were hit singles, while three of Adele’s were — it’s somehow Jim Crow all over again.

Agitated keyboard warriors were quick to take to Twitter and other forms of social media to bemoan Beyonce’s loss, conjuring up imagery of slaves having to pick cotton while being beaten with whips. It doesn’t seem to matter to any of them that numerous African-American artists, including Lauryn Hill, Carlos Santana, and many others have won the Grammy album of the year in years past — no, this is clearly a case of Beyonce being subjected to the same abuse as Rosa Parks being sent to the back of the bus.

Remember Beyonce’s anti-white Super Bowl half-time show? So do the millions of Americans who chose Adele’s album over Beyonce’s

One would think, based on all the ridiculously misplaced virtue signaling taking place following the Grammy awards, that Beyonce was literally told to sit on the “colored” side of the auditorium as Adele accepted her undeserved award on the white side. In reality, though, it was simply a case of Adele’s songs and album being liked by more people than Beyonce’s, which makes sense as Beyonce’s songs, album, and overall persona these days are quite ironically tinged with racist overtones.


Remember Beyonce’s halftime show at last year’s Super Bowl when she and her all-black, all-female dancers gave Black Panther salutes in full Black Panther attire? Yeah, so do millions of Americans who are sick and tired of this type of politically-correct reverse racism. It’s no wonder that they preferred the much softer, and much gentler, overtones of Adele’s music as opposed to Beyonce’s this year.

But you’ll find none of this in CNN’s account of the situation, which offers more than its fair share of undeserved support to the lunatics crying racism over Beyonce’s loss. While France correctly points out that some of the outrage is far over the top, she simultaneously and somewhat more subtly plants the idea that the Grammy award-choosers still need to “diversify” to accommodate more black artist award wins.

Grammy award-winners win because they create music that the majority of people like, period. And the majority of people, it seems, do not like the constant racist overtones in Beyonce’s music because, quite frankly, this racism is directed at many of them.

CNN’s France does deserve credit, though, for including a poignant quote from Harvey Mason Jr., a six-time Grammy Award-winning songwriter, that illustrates this point and completely dispels the myth that somehow racism was involved with Beyonce’s loss. He told CNN that the Recording Academy simply votes based on what the fans choose, and in this case the fans overwhelmingly chose Adele.

“Most people don’t care who sings what,” Mason told CNN. “There is no ‘black music’ or ‘white music.’ Make good art and people will listen to it.”

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