Foreign Minister: George Soros trying to destroy Hungarian government
02/07/2017 / By Daniel Barker / Comments
Foreign Minister: George Soros trying to destroy Hungarian government

Globalist billionaire George Soros has long been infamous for his behind-the-scene political manipulations in various countries, so it’s no surprise that his sphere of influence would also include Hungary, the nation in which he was born.

But Soros and Hungary’s current leadership appear to be headed for a showdown, as the political climate in that country continues to heat up and Soros’s meddling has become increasingly unwelcome.

In early January, the Hungarian government announced a crackdown on NGOs linked to Soros.

From Zero Hedge:

“[Hungary] will use ‘all the tools at its disposal’ to ‘sweep out’ NGOs funded by the Hungarian-born financier, which ‘serve global capitalists and back political correctness over national governments,’ Szilard Nemeth, vice president of the ruling Fidesz party, told reporters.”

Three weeks later, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto had an even stronger message regarding Soros and his attempts to influence elections and undermine the ruling government’s authority.

In a recent interview, Szijjarto said:

“[Soros] would like this government to fail, he would like to kind of fire this government because he doesn’t like our approach, doesn’t like our policies. We find it very anti-democratic if someone from abroad would like to influence Hungarian voters on whom to vote for.”

Szijjarto compared his country’s current situation to that of the United States and said that Hungary also has the right to protect itself from foreign influence.

“This is what we have heard a lot from the US for the last months – that external influence is so dangerous… So, it’s a good reason – if this is the American position, it can be our position as well,” he said.


Hungary is in an interesting position, geopolitically speaking. When Germany’s open door policy prompted a flood of migrants and refugees to use Hungary as a main thoroughfare to gain entry into northern European countries, the Hungarian government responded by building fences along the country’s borders and instituting strict border controls.

The country’s president, Viktor Orban, and his party have repeatedly rejected mandatory EU resettlement quotas on the grounds that they violate member nations’ sovereignty.

Szijjarto referred to intelligence reports stating that “there were organizations which helped illegal migrants find ways to Hungary, to find where they could violate our border, to find out how to apply for asylum status, and these reports have said that George Soros was in the background of these organizations.”

And there is much more at stake than just Hungary’s immigration policies. The country’s leadership has just announced that it hopes to become a key factor in building a new relationship between the EU and Moscow.

In advance of a rare visit to Hungary by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin this week, the Hungarian ruling party has reiterated its support for the lifting of sanctions against Russia and expressed its desire to become “one of the pillars of the re-establishment of European-Russian relations,” as one government spokesman put it.

Soros’s ultimate goals are perhaps known only to himself, but it’s clear that his backing of U.S.-based organizations such as Black Lives Matter and his support of pro-immigration efforts in Europe has far less to do with protecting individuals’ human rights than the advancement of his globalist vision – one that he seems to feel divinely authorized to pursue.

A revealing piece published by City Journal, titled “Connoisseur of Chaos,” recounts Soros’s Hungarian upbringing (during which the Jewish-born Soros briefly became what can only be described as a Nazi collaborator) and provides a glimpse into the evolution of his worldview and the type of strategies that made Soros one of the world’s richest individuals – “the man who broke the Bank of England.”

The article illustrates how his psyche is unaffected by pangs of guilt or remorse that might be experienced by lesser mortals.

When asked how he was able to live with himself after having assisted the Nazis in confiscating the property of Hungarian Jews and witnessing families being shipped to death camps, Soros replied:

“[I]t’s just like in markets – that if I weren’t there…somebody else would be taking it away anyhow.”

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