Al Sharpton cries over Trump’s presidency; claims the president is ‘not legitimate’

Thursday, January 26, 2017 by

Al Sharpton, a man who has spent his entire life dividing the country along racial lines while cheating the government out of tens of thousands of dollars through delinquent taxes, now claims that our new president is “not legitimate.”

The charge is fast becoming the angry Left’s new false narrative. They know this to be untrue, but hope that if they say it enough times, it will be repeated instinctively by the uninformed crowd when they are asked anything about the 2016 presidential election.

As reported by Breitbart, Sharpton elaborated further on the false narrative, claiming that “the process” by which Trump was elected – i.e., Russia hacked the election – was also “not legitimate.”

“I think that there’s no question that the process that elected him was not legitimate,” Sharpton said during an interview on MSNBC, a network that has so little viewership it had to cancel Sharpton’s nightly program recently because it had so few viewers.

Mind you, no one bothered to ask how this “reverend” divider of the masses and one-time (alleged) FBI snitch had the expertise to make such a claim. It was also unclear whether he was just repeating the same lie being told to the media by careerists within the Deep State who are #nevertrump fanatics. But we’re talking about asking one of the same media sources repeating the same CIA-fed lies that Sharpton again repeated, so we shouldn’t expect any real probing questions about Sharpton’s expertise. (RELATED: The only establishment media watchdog you need is

“When you look at the now evidence from the intelligence agencies that there was the influence from the Russians and involved in the public discourse at the time of the election, when you look at those that were expunged from being able to vote, clearly the process has serious questions about it,” our resident intel expert opined. “And to come from John Lewis, a man who was beaten on the bridge in Selma, Alabama, to get the Voting Rights Act that opened up the voting process to everyone, he has blood in this. He has some injury in this that open the voting process up. You should not take lightly his view at all.”

No one should take anything away from Lewis’ past, because he stood up for what was right. But that was 50-plus years ago; today, Lewis – like Sharpton – is nothing more than a shill for the far Left. Both men are using worn-out reputations that have no real relevance to today’s political issues.

That said, it’s important to understand where this narrative is coming from. Unable to derail Trump during the campaign, unable to steal his massive Electoral College vote, and unable to stop him from being inaugurated, the angry Left has latched onto the phony “Russia hacked the election” psyop that the Deep State has launched, Cold War-style, because they don’t have arrows left in their political quivers to launch at Trump.

Speaking of Lewis, if you recall, this “not a legitimate president” because he was elected “by an illegitimate process” began with him, in an interview with NBC News’ Chuck Todd recently. Since then, the belly that roared, filmmaker Michael Moore, has joined the “not legitimate” chorus, three chins and all.

None of these hacks are interested in the truth, and none of them have really sought it. The truth is, there is not one shred of evidence that Russia could hack the ballots, and no one in the intelligence community is making that claim anyway. The actual voting and vote-tallying processes were not hacked. And there is dispute about whether the information that came from the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign released through WikiLeaks came from Russia or a disgruntled source inside the DNC. (RELATED: What scam are they running today? Find out at

What’s more, no one has come forward and claimed that any of the damaging leaked DNC and Clinton data – most of it emails from Clinton campaign manager John Podesta – was false. It was all true, in fact.

What Sharpton and the other Leftist hacks are trying to say and do would be laughable were it not for the fact that they are attempting to alter what will be taught to children in five or 10 years in school. Those seeking and promoting the truth are fighting against forces that want school children in the future to be taught that 2016 was the year that a foreign government stole America’s democracy by interfering in the election process. There is simply no publicly released information to substantiate that claim.

But at least now you know why lackeys like Sharpton, Lewis and Moore are saying what they’re saying.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.



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