Health Ranger announces lab testing donation to Native American communities impacted by Keystone and Dakota pipelines
01/25/2017 / By Mike Adams / Comments
Health Ranger announces lab testing donation to Native American communities impacted by Keystone and Dakota pipelines

Yesterday, President Donald Trump signed executive orders to advance two oil pipelines that will transport oil across North America. Although pipelines are by far the safest form of oil transportation, sometimes they leak and cause environmental damage. To help Native American communities protect their water from the possibility of oil pipeline leaks, today I’m making a significant announcement concerning the donation of laboratory testing services of Native American land and water.

As of right now, the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center ( will sponsor the lab testing costs of Native American water samples to be tested at CWC Labs, where I serve as the lab science director. CWC Labs is an internationally accredited (ISO 17025) laboratory specializing in forensic analysis of food, water and environmental samples, and it will offer testing to the CWC using “at cost” pricing so there is zero profit earned in the testing services. As the lab science director at CWC Labs, I oversee mass spec analysis, liquid chromatography, time-of-flight and other instrumentation that can accurately detect and quantify heavy metals, pesticides and even fracking chemicals.

Until the era of oil is over, we have to monitor our lands and water supplies for possible contamination using the best tools of modern science

As a Native American myself, I share the concern about the contamination of land and water by oil pipelines. At the same time, I recognize the importance of energy independence for America as a crucial strategic resource. The unavoidable truth is that America’s economy still largely runs on oil, and the more oil we can acquire in North America, the less oil we have to purchase from foreign nations that abuse human rights, abuse women, abuse gays and are run by dictatorial tyrants. (Saudi Arabia, anyone?)


In terms of aggregate impact on human rights, the environment and military expenditures, any oil we can acquire in North America is far less costly than oil from the Middle East.

That means until we can develop the vastly improved energy storage technology to move beyond oil, we need to rely on the “least offensive” transport method available… and that happens to be pipelines, which are significantly safer than transporting oil by rail. Yet we must also hold the pipeline companies accountable by monitoring the quality of the water and land that might be impacted by pipeline leaks.

Since the completely useless EPA has no interest in protecting America’s environment — it’s a useless agency that should be gutted and closed — the job of real environmental protection falls to concerned citizens like you and I. That’s why I’m stepping forward with the promise of using good, solid science to monitor the water quality of Native American communities.

Help support our science donations by purchasing CHIEF Organics

Funds for the testing of Native American water supplies come from a portion of sales of our new CHIEF Organics product line. The entire product line, which currently features lab-tested ultra-clean whey protein and premium-grade magnesium products, raises money for the environmental testing of Native American lands and water sources. If you’d like to help support our mission of offering free lab testing to Native American communities, you can purchase CHIEF Organics products at the Health Ranger Store.

Importantly, note that we do not use taxpayer funds to conduct science in the public interest. Nor do we wish to receive any taxpayer funds. In truth — and this is a huge topic deserving another story altogether — every time Big Government gets involved in “science,” it ends up producing FAKE SCIENCE for political purposes, not genuine science based in truth. We cannot trust the government to produce any legitimate science. The EPA, FDA, CDC, USDA and other agencies exists as nothing more than front groups for corporate interests.

If you represent a Native American community and would like us to start testing your water, contact us via and we’ll give you instructions on how to submit samples.

Click here to listen to my full podcast at the Health Ranger Report website, or listen below.


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