Democrats who berated use of Obama’s middle name now using Sen. Jeff Sessions’ to imply Southern racism
01/25/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Democrats who berated use of Obama’s middle name now using Sen. Jeff Sessions’ to imply Southern racism

If the angry Left is anything, it is as hypocritical as it is nonsensical and shrill.

When our first black president was elected in 2008, the Left and the discredited ‘mainstream’ Washington media adopted several new ‘rules’ for how Barack Hussein Obama was to be mentioned and discussed.

Talking about his middle name was taboo. After all, we were hip-deep in fighting the war on terror against Islamic radicalism, and, well, the name “Hussein” conjured up one of the central figures in that war, Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Too close for comfort, so angry Left-wing Democrats insisted no one could address Dear Leader by his middle name. (RELATED: See how the ‘mainstream media’ remains unhinged during Trump’s presidency at

In a 2008 opinion piece in the Chicago Tribune by Eric Zorn laid bare the “controversy” over the use of Obama’s middle name, calling it “over the line” and “so ugly”:

How bad — how ugly, how far over the line of decency — is it to invoke Barack Obama’s middle name in attacking him.

It’s so ugly and so far over the line that not even Alan Keyes in his most overwrought, spittle-flecked moments did it during his 2004 Senate run against Obama in Illinois.

Because the angry Left deemed use of his middle name an invective and out of bounds, frightened Republicans like Obama’s 2008 GOP ‘opponent,’ Sen. John McCain of Arizona, quickly repudiated other conservatives who used Obama’s full name, acceding to the Left that it was in insult.

Other Republicans chimed right in, as CNN happily reported at the time.

“The RNC rejects these kinds of campaign tactics,” Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan said in a statement. “We believe this election needs to be about the critical issues confronting our nation.”

Never mind that, as then-state GOP communications director for Tennessee Bill Hobbs noted, many people in the Middle East were supporting Obama because they believed his middle name “gives him a connection” to the region.

And indeed it did. Obama has regularly sided with Islamic nations, including Iran, over America’s traditional ally in the region, Israel—even to the point of screwing the Israelis one last time, politically speaking, on his way out the door.

That was then. Now, as President-elect Donald J. Trump prepared to take office, one of his Cabinet picks is being singled out for derision and attack by the angry Left…because of his middle name.

Trump’s attorney general pick, the imminently qualified Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., has already done well during his Senate confirmation process, as expected, even though he has been falsely attacked as a KKK supporter (he prosecuted the KKK as U.S. attorney for Alabama) and inherently racist because his middle name is Beauregard.

Born in Alabama and named after one of the Confederacy’s first prominent generals of the Civil War, Democrats and Left-wing pundits in the media are using Sessions’ middle name in a derisive, suggestive fashion—just as they accused Republicans of using Obama’s middle name in a similar manner—to attach a negative connotation. (RELATED: We keep the spotlight on the lying mainstream media at

A ‘story’ published by The Huffington Post is emblematic:

Thirty years ago, in 1986, the Senate Judiciary Committee shot down President Ronald Reagan’s nomination of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III to be a federal judge over allegations he made racist comments and called civil rights groups “un-American.” On Friday, President-elect Donald Trump offered Sessions the position of attorney general of the United States.

Jefferson, you may recall, was the first name of the Confederacy’s only president, Jefferson Davis.

Writing for The Intercept, a person named Alice Speri—who likely has never met Sessions or Trump and cannot point to a single piece of evidence to back up her breathless claims, was even more hysterical in her use of Sessions’ full name:

If anyone had doubts that Trump’s presidency would return white supremacy to power, Friday’s announcement that the president-elect has tapped Alabama Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III (named after a Confederate general) to head the Department of Justice should settle the question.

There is no other way to describe Jeff Sessions but as a career racist.

So there you have it: Proof that Sessions is a racist bigot, because it’s all in his name—except when Barack Hussein Obama was elected, when use of his middle name was an insult and degrading (and racist/bigoted).

Sen. Sessions is one of the most decent men in Congress today. He will make an exemplary attorney general. Angry Democratic hacks who say otherwise are just bottom-feeders who have little-to-no professional accomplishments of their own to speak of.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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