Why is Google News still running fake news sources like CNN and WaPo while banning REAL news from the new media?
01/20/2017 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Why is Google News still running fake news sources like CNN and WaPo while banning REAL news from the new media?

In the wake of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s second loss in seeking the presidency, the ‘mainstream media’ blamed it not on her poor candidacy but instead on a rash of “fake news” published by independent alternative media sites that were being fed “Russian propaganda,” including our site.

Even though the original perpetrator of that hoax, The Washington Post, later published a sort of-kind of retraction, social media and major news aggregator Google, along with Facebook, announced they would no longer publish ‘fake news’—that is, news that their editors simply don’t like because they are opposed ideologically to the news site and/or media company publishing the story.

So, Google is against fake news—but you can still find plenty of fake news stories in Google News feeds, so what gives? [RELATED: Keep up with all the Google- and Facebook-censored news at Censored.news]

For instance, a recent search of Google News using the phrase “Russian hacking U.S. election” turned up hundreds of stories from so-called ‘mainstream media’ sources reporting as fact that the Russian government hacked the November elections, via stealing data from the Democratic National Committee and handing it to WikiLeaks to influence the election in favor of President-elect Donald J. Trump.

Two problems with those claims, which have also been made by the Obama administration using the “assessment” of careerist bureaucrats in the intelligence community:

1) They are completely unproven and unsubstantiated, and;


2) Even today the intelligence community, Democrats and the White House admit there is no way to tell if the leaked damaging information (which no one has denied is true) had any effect whatsoever on the election outcome.

But you find stories like this all over Google News feeds, and on news feeds picked up and distributed by Facebook. (RELATED: See more examples of fake news from the left-wing media at MediaFactWatch.com)

There are other examples, including the recent fake news involving bogus, fabricated charges that Russia backed Trump because Moscow has ‘incriminating evidence’ against him, including of a perverted sexual nature—again, completely unproven. In fact, these charges—contained in a 35-page ‘dossier’—have been floating around media newsrooms for months, and no one would touch them until CNN did, followed quickly by Buzzfeed, which published the entire dossier.

The Washington Post has become nothing more than a fake news operation, shilling for and protecting Left-wing Democrats, as Mark Dice notes in his own special way in this video:

The hack establishment media is not interested in fairness. It’s not interested in informing. It’s not interested in unbiased reporting. And, until Republicans came to power again in the White House, was not interested in holding the administration to account. But there are solutions for those who crave honesty, truth in reporting, freedom from censorship and news information they can trust.

Censored.news is a news aggregation site listing alternative media sources that are quickly becoming the new ‘mainstream’ media. The news sites listed here are likely to be among those soon to be targeted by Google, Facebook and other Left-wing aggregators not because they produce “fake news,” but because the regularly publish truths and facts the Left finds inconvenient. Rather than debate on the merit of ideas, Google and Facebook would rather censor and ban facts they don’t like.

As for sharing news, information and ideas without having to worry about the heavy hand of censorship, Share.NaturalNews.com is a growing Internet social community of like-minded individuals who cherish freedom, liberty, and above all, real freedom of speech and expression. Join today by clicking here [Full disclosure: I’ve already joined!]

Finally, to complete the freedom of expression and speech circle, search for your information via independent, non-corporate owned alternative media at GoodGopher.com, which protects your privacy and refuses to allow any links to the establishment media, the real purveyors of fake news. [RELATED: Stay up to date on all the fake news revelations at NewsFakes.com]

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.





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