Delusional snowflake celebrities just released the most pathetic and “cringe-worthy” victim song ever recorded: “I Will Survive” sets new, nauseating low (even for Hollywood)
01/14/2017 / By Mike Adams / Comments
Delusional snowflake celebrities just released the most pathetic and “cringe-worthy” victim song ever recorded: “I Will Survive” sets new, nauseating low (even for Hollywood)

Natelie Portman, Chris Pine, Matthew McConaughey and other pathetic “snowflake” liberals have just released yet another cringe-worthy video featuring stupid celebrities belting out a nauseating rendition of a song to try to attack Donald Trump. (RELATED: See more hilarious celebrity fails at

This is all on the heels of Meryl Streep’s widely criticized attempted verbal assault on Trump, which earned her a massive backlash against fans who have said they will no longer watch her movies.

As this “I Will Survive” song demonstrates (see video below), Hollywood celebrities have lost their pathetic minds… they’ve curled into whimpering little balls and are cowering under the covers, shivering with self-induced delusional paranoia combined with the kind of bubble-minded psychosis that can only be found in Hollywood.

I think I speak for pretty much the entire world when I say to these celebrities: Please #STFU and go back to making movies. You look incredibly stupid when you try to act like a real person. You’re really only interesting to watch when pretending to be someone else.

Advice to famous Hollywood snowflakes: Never let the public see who you really are… they will be sorely disappointed.

With some notable exceptions, most celebrities are not smart, not informed and not important

Expecting an actor to know anything about geopolitics, the structure of government, the history of liberty vs. tyranny or the giant scam of the fiat currency debt-based money supply is like hiring your local pool cleaner to perform brain surgery on your skull. Famous actors are usually not informed people. With some notable exceptions, they live in bubbles of sheer delusion that are laughably disconnected from the real lives of real people.

Some of the exceptions, by the way, include Suzanne Somers who is incredibly well informed on the scam of the cancer industry, and Rob Schneider who is similarly well informed about the dangers of injecting children with mercury via toxic vaccines. There are others as well, but for the most part, famous Hollywood people are truly among the most misinformed, disconnected and delusional people on the planet. (RELATED: Find more news about truly stupid people at

Listen to them murder the song “I Will Survive” in the most pathetic, cringe-worthy rendition you’ve ever heard (and then stop renting, buying or seeing the movies starring these delusional, pathetic whiners).

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