The stats are in: Democrats are fading out nationwide

Friday, January 06, 2017 by

All over the United States, there are less and less people voting for candidates of the Democratic Party. If this wasn’t immediately apparent based on the fact that Hillary Clinton was soundly defeated by Donald Trump, you should also consider the fact that Republicans are controlling the House and Senate and it doesn’t appear as though that is going to change any time soon. Why? Because people are not voting for Democrats any longer.

One can assume this has a lot to do with the fact that the likes of Hillary Clinton offer absolutely nothing for the average American. They are only concerned with helping themselves and constantly put the American working class on the back burner. This continues to cost them election after election but they just can’t seem to learn from their mistakes. They do the same thing over and over and the results never change.

Kenneth L. Woodward of The Chicago Tribune writes, “If Trump pursued the politics of resentment in courting white, working-class voters and their rural cousins, Democrats succumbed to what I call ‘the politics of righteousness’ in overlooking their concerns and underestimating their power.” By refusing to respect Middle America, the Democratic Party ended up ruining any chance they had of being victorious.

Woodward goes on to say, “If Democrats want to recapture their old self-image as ‘the people’s party,’ their political self-examination will have to go deeper than strategy and further back than millennials can remember.” Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t seem as though the Democrats are going to be able to capture the spirits of anyone other than millennials and even they are getting tired of the same old song and dance.

It’s no wonder why so many young people are leaving behind the liberal mindset and coming to their senses. Everything they have been promised by the Democratic Party has yet to come true and they seem to be starting to realize that there is a lot more hope in conservatism and libertarianism than there has ever been in liberalism. That’s simply the cold, hard truth.

If the Democratic Party wants to achieve victory any time soon, they are going to need to change their strategy completely. But it is extremely likely that they are too far gone to come back from where they currently are. Nobody has forgotten how awful they have been for the past decade and that is unlikely to change in the coming years.




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