Top 10 ways the Obama administration sabotaged the healthy food and natural medicine industries
12/30/2016 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
Top 10 ways the Obama administration sabotaged the healthy food and natural medicine industries

The last five U.S. Presidents, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and the nefarious Barrack Hussein Obama have all literally opened the doors wide for the corporate invasion, absolute corruption and literal takeover of the media, U.S. agriculture, our regulatory agencies like the FDA, EPA, USDA and CDC, and of course, Western medicine.

Even if you don’t like Donald J. Trump, one thing is for sure, just like he first said when millions of people were still in doubt, everything is rigged. Now we all know he’s right, because we’ve seen the insidious planning and the resulting devastation.

We’ve seen all the “white-collar terrorists” inside the Washington D.C. beltway making billions of dollars by enabling evil corporations who then manipulate information, scientific research, disease research, chemical agriculture, medical studies and the news on all of it. The bottom line is that the fake news networks have been outed and lost massive ratings, including CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and major online shill outlets like, The Washington Post, New York Times, Boston Globe, Slate and the Associated Press.

Nonetheless, through all of these decades of deceit, Obama takes the cake. Obama ran the final relay in the race to destroy America, our Constitution, our food quality, our natural medicine and our beneficial lifestyles in general. Obama, over the past eight years, has systematically dismantled and sabotaged conventional food and natural medicine, and here’s exactly how he’s done it.


Top 10 ways the Obama Administration crippled decent food and real medicine

#1. Obama appoints Michael R. Taylor, former Monsanto lawyer and chemical-food promoter and biotech insider, as senior advisor “Food Czar” – head of the FDA

How bad is this? Michael Taylor led the food and drug law practice for Monsanto. He dismantled the Delaney Clause – the federal law put in place back in 1958 to protect U.S. food from having chemicals added. Taylor presented arguments to purposely counter food safety concerns to enable Monsanto to load up crops with known carcinogens. He removed government oversight of biotech safety and labeling. That was all before Obama made him head of the FDA. Chemical agriculture is now the staple diet of 200 million Americans, including cancer-causing and Alzheimer’s-causing GM corn, soy and canola. Thanks a lot Obama.

#2. Obama’s heavily-armed FDA goons raid organic farmers’ businesses SWAT-style

Like never before in U.S. history, a now heavily-armed FDA conducts SWAT-style raids as part of government-sponsored terrorism against innocent Americans who run small businesses that are competition for the chemical-laced Big Food, Big “Ag” industry. What’s worse is that it’s all done in the name of “protecting” the public from the healthiest foods, vitamins, plants and fruit extracts that exist. How absurd, right? It’s all just a corporate-led onslaught of government-approved crime to harass and scare people, and to ruin anything and everything organic. It’s all fear and intimidation tactics to destroy the natural products industry and hand Big Pharma a monopoly over medicine.

Example: June 30, 2010: Various federal agents raid Rawesome Foods (California), a private, raw food buying club, and steal computers, raw food products and other materials. They hold members and workers hostage for many hours before finally leaving with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of product. Then, on August 3 of 2011, a slew of agents conduct a second raid and confiscate everything in sight. They handcuff and arrest founder James Stewart, without warrant, and proceed to destroy the shop’s entire food inventory.

#3. Obama’s heavily armed goons raid cancer treatment pioneers SWAT style

Is there a motive for politicians, including the President, to murder pioneering cancer researchers working on a universal cure for cancer? Absolutely; it’s called money. The cure for cancer would cripple the cancer industrial complex that has tens of millions of Americans convinced that the only way to fight cancer is with massively expensive chemical doses of chemotherapy (that usually kill you anyway). Medical researchers are finding out the hard way that finding the cure for cancer is a death sentence in itself, thanks to President Obama giving the green light to SWAT raids.

Dr. Bradstreet is one such victim – the man who was working with a natural molecule called GcMAF, which has even been shown to reverse autism. Though GcMAF is legal in other nations around the world, it’s an “unapproved” drug in America, land of the chemical-medicine giants. The U.S. government conducted a massive raid on Bradstreet’s clinic just days before he was found dead floating in a river, allegedly shot to death for discovering a cure for cancer.

#4. Obama’s heavily armed goons at the FDA raid natural supplement manufacturers SWAT style

#5. Dozens of cancer cure doctors found mysteriously missing, “suicided” or murdered in a short period of time

#6. Obama helps push through the DARK Act to prohibit states from labeling GMO, helping Monsanto to become an even more powerful, evil biotech giant

Nicknamed “Deny Americans the Right to Know,” House Resolution 1599 bars U.S. states and local governments from passing GMO labeling legislation, and restricts food manufacturers from practicing their 1st Amendment right to show non-GMO claims on their products. A totalitarian anti-food freedom movement led by Obama.

#7. Obama selects former Iowa governor, corporate shill and massive biotech proponent, Thomas James Vilsack, as Secretary of Agriculture

#8. Obama’s EPA and CDC do nothing to stop children of Flint, Michigan, from receiving brain damage from lead-poisoned tap water

The EPA participated in a massive cover-up of lead in the water supply in Flint, Michigan, so that they could save the city money, after city officials switched the drinking water from Huron to the Flint River, without informing the public. This was just as bad, as this water was contaminated also, with high amounts of brain-damaging lead from old lead pipes – and the EPA knew it. The city officials never disclosed a single warning, and children became brain damaged. Thanks to Obama’s EPA goons, this went on for months, exposing thousands of children.

#9. Obama’s crooked CDC gives $60 million in taxpayer money for fake research regarding ZIKA microcehaly hoax

Per the CDC’s own website:

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will begin making awards totaling nearly $60 million to states, cities, and territories to support efforts to protect Americans from Zika virus disease and adverse health outcomes that can result from Zika infection, including the serious birth defect microcephaly.”

The hoax? Not one single scientific study has ever tied Zika to birth defects in humans. Zika, for 50 years, has only been recorded as a mild form of the flu that most normal human immune systems beat within days  – no vaccine or medicine required.

#10. Barrack Obama sabotages Michelle Obama’s totalitarian “Head Start” school lunch program with tasteless, costly food

Monsanto basically runs the FDA, so why would they ever have children eating healthy food at schools? They wouldn’t. According to the USDA’s own statistics released, a million students per day refuse to buy lunch at school because the new “healthy” food is so bad, they’d rather starve. Schools have tossed over a billion dollars worth of food in the trash as a result of Michelle Obama’s “rationed” food-for-the-poor-kids failed plan. Fact: Lunch sales dropped 40 percent due to Head Start rules. More than 25 percent of school lunch programs nationwide have lost money due to Head Start. The food portions are too expensive and too small, and tasteless to top it off. Thanks Obamas!

We won’t even talk about Obamacare, the endless, bottomless pit of chemical-medicine that costs an arm and a leg, and does nothing to cure anyone of anything. It’s time to dedicate yourself and your family to organic food and organic, natural medicine, and never look back!

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