Same cereal company that doesn’t want GMOs listed on the label also doesn’t want positive ID required for voters
12/30/2016 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Same cereal company that doesn’t want GMOs listed on the label also doesn’t want positive ID required for voters

What is it with American corporations these days being headed up by a bunch of Left-wing kooks? Is it going to take eight years of fiscally responsible policies enacted by Congress and President-elect Trump to root out these idiots? Let’s hope so.

And let’s hope the effort starts with Kellogg’s. As reported by Breitbart, this company is responsible for financially backing several “progressive” causes including the promotion of false narratives like so-called “white privilege” and “institutional racism,” as well as efforts to defeat voter ID laws and beat back GMO labeling.

But no matter how progressive the company’s Left-wing executives become, it’s never enough for the liberal snowflakes who work for them. The company has now been accused of just standing idly by while employees at one of its New England distribution centers are being daily subjected to alleged mistreatment and racist name-calling, with one black employee even claiming he was harassed with a picture of a baboon, Breitbart reported, noting that the hashtag #dumpkelloggs is now beginning to trend.

Not very ‘progressive’

[As an aside, in the early 20th century, white Irish immigrants were also compared to apes and baboons in political cartoons of the period, as you can see here. So while this kind of treatment isn’t right no matter which ethnic group is targeted, you should know that it hasn’t historically always been directed at people of African descent.]

Several employees at the cereal maker’s Franklin, Mass., distribution center, where the shipping of the Keebler cookie line originates, have filed formal complaints and even a few lawsuits over what they claim are incidents of racial and sexual abuse by managers, a report by a local Rhode Island NBC affiliate said.


Employees say they were regularly subjected to racial epithets, comments about their sexuality, and images of black faces, baboons and other animals hung throughout the warehouse. In addition, they say they were frequently threatened with being fired and even had to deal with physical abuse in some cases—all while Kellogg’s managers in the company’s main Michigan-based headquarters were aware of what was going on but did nothing to intervene.

That doesn’t sound like a good little progressive company, now does it?

Habitual harrassment without any managerial intercession

Complaints by up to a dozen employees allege that “their workplace is riddled with bullying, racial slurs and unfair work practices,” the Rhode Island affiliate reported.

Sylvester Cyler, an African American employee who has been with the company for a decade, told reporters that he’s been called the ‘N’ work and a “monkey,” even though he has filed complaints dating back to 2013. He says nothing has been done to stop it.

In a filing with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD), he says one manager “got in his face” and called him a monkey while threatening to fire him if he lodged a complaint.

“Nothing was resolved because of the grievance and Arthur continued to badger me,” Cyler said in his filing. “He threatened to fire me. He got in my face, pointing his finger in my face and called me a monkey.”

Cyler isn’t alone, Breitbart reported. An immigrant from Angola, Rui DaCosta, who also works for the company, has also filed complaints claiming that he has faced a plethora of racially charged comments and slurs, as well as sexual harassment.

Remember, this is the company of “tolerant” liberals who lobby for every Left-wing cause that comes down the pipeline. So out-of-touch has Kellogg’s become with most of America that a recent call to boycott the company’s products drew hundreds of thousands of supporters signing a petition within a few days.

That effort was in response to the company’s decision not to spend advertising dollars on news and information sites that promoted GMO labeling; and ironically enough, liberals are the ones who are most concerned about the issue.


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