Oath Keepers rolling out nationwide intelligence effort to halt a leftist attempt at overthrowing the government
11/21/2016 / By Don Wrightman / Comments
Oath Keepers rolling out nationwide intelligence effort to halt a leftist attempt at overthrowing the government

The Oath Keepers have been on their toes since before the election on November 8.  Some spent their time monitoring polling stations to ensure that no fraudulent activity was occurring, while others have continued to prepare for the upcoming battle against the left wing’s attempts to overthrow the government. The Oath Keepers are comprised of current and former military personnel, police officers and first responders. They all have formal training and have pledged to defend the Constitution against all foreign and domestic enemies. The Oath Keepers have unleashed NavyJack – Operation HYPO. They have strategically placed many of their men inside of the paid to protest organizations in efforts to collect information regarding tactics, motivations, schedules and logistics.

Over the past few days, the anti-Trump protests have taken the streets in hundreds of cities and college campuses nationwide. A recent rally in Portland, that was scheduled to be a peaceful protest, quickly turned violent. That protest became a riot and resulted in the vandalization of local business, shattered windows, damaged cars, severed electrical conduits and objects being thrown at police officers. The Oath Keepers fear that what we’ve seen thus far from the protests across the country is only the beginning. Could this all part of a leftist attempt to overthrow the government? Inciting a color revolution would certainly facilitate that.

There are some parallels to what is happening in the US to what has occurred in the Ukraine and Poland. George Soros’s Open Society Foundation used “democracy-building” projects in Eastern Europe, allowing Soros to plunder the wealth of the former communist countries. Soros committed over $25 million to Clinton’s 2016 campaign, however, a 4-year presidential salary fails to cover $2 million. Compile Soros’s involvement in the 2016 election with the discoveries exposed through Wikileaks emails, and it paints a much broader picture. Exchanges between the power wielding Soros and former Secretary of State clearly show that Clinton was just a puppet for Soros. Although his candidate lost the election, Soros has refused to give up on globalization efforts.

The nationwide protests and riots are orchestrated in part by a rogue party of the political elite. They are determined to divide the American people and inspire a revolution. Soros, who has proved successful in the past, is trying to replicate his success in Eastern Europe right here in the United States. The Oath Keepers are currently hard at work infiltrating the protests and warn that globalists are trying to initiate a color revolution in the United States.  We must be prepared.






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