Majority of anti-Trump protestors arrested didn’t even vote
11/18/2016 / By Mary Wilder / Comments
Majority of anti-Trump protestors arrested didn’t even vote

After Donald Trump was elected as the next president of the United States, heartbroken leftists rushed out to the streets in order to protest the republic of America for making such a decision. After being told by every mainstream media outlet that Hillary Clinton was going to win the election handily, the Regressive Left was shocked to discover that their candidate was destroyed. Middle America spoke up — and voted against the establishment that had abandoned them.

Unfortunately, the liberals didn’t want to accept the results of the election and have been protesting in public areas ever since — much to the chagrin of us people who actually have things to do and places to go. One of the cities which saw the most protesting (or rioting, as it could more accurately be called) was ultra-liberal Portland, Oregon. Following Trump’s victory, the city fell victim to leftist rioting, with people behaving extremely violently.

Kyle Iboshi of USA Today writes, “On Saturday, chaos unfolded in downtown Portland, as a protest devolved into a riot, according to police. Protesters blocked the streets, throwing bottles and other projectiles at officers and attacking a news crew. Some dragged metal barricades onto MAX train tracks, prompting transit officials to urge people to avoid traveling downtown.”

The people there were so fired up about Donald Trump being elected that they felt like they had to do something drastic. Strangely, many of these same people couldn’t even be bothered to vote. It has been revealed that 34 of the 112 protesters arrested didn’t return a ballot for this election and 35 weren’t even registered to vote. Only 25 of the aforementioned 112 actually voted for a presidential candidate.

It appears as though these people were just looking for excuses to riot — and didn’t actually care about a cause. When you analyze the Regressive Left through an honest lens, it isn’t difficult to understand why. They feed on attention and nothing gets more attention these days than pointless protests.

In America, we all have the opportunity to take a stand and that opportunity is through the voting process. Unfortunately, so many people take that opportunity for granted and completely ignore it. If these people actually wanted to keep Donald Trump out of office, they could have showed up to the polls and voted for Hillary Clinton. They didn’t. It’s safe to assume that they are simply too lazy to travel to the nearest poll and make a difference.

They’d rather throw a burning trashcan through the window of a pharmacy. That’s the leftist mindset that we’re all up against — and we’re going to have to combat it with logic if we want to destroy it once and for all.



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