Defeat likely spells the end of Clinton Dynasty
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Defeat likely spells the end of Clinton Dynasty

Hillary Clinton’s second defeat in her quest for the White House — capped by a humbling concession speech Wednesday — may be the farewell for a family that has been Democrat royalty for nearly three decades.

Article by Daniel Halper

The comeback kid, now 69 years old, is unlikely to get off the mat following her knock-down, drag-out battle with Donald Trump, Democratic strategists told The Post.

“Over,” a party insider said of Bill and Hillary Clinton, who between them have held public office for nearly 30 years. “No one wants to see anyone named Clinton ever again.”

With Hillary defeated, Bill plagued by recurrent “bimbo eruptions,” and ChDelsea reportedly devastated by the toll that failure in public life has taken on her parents, it’s game over for the Clinton Dynasty, sources said.

“The Clinton world is done,” another Clintonista told The Post, snarking that if Hillary could be stopped by Barack Obama in the 2008 primaries, and then Trump in 2016, she has no business ever running for elective office again.

“She was beaten by a community organizer who was senator for 25 minutes, and a reality-TV show host,” that source explained. “They don’t create adjectives to describe this. It’s an incredible moment in history.”

Some other woman will have to take up the mantle of first female president, Clinton told weepy supporters in Wednesday’s emotional speech.

“We have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but someday someone will, and hopefully sooner than we think,” she said.


And while it’s unclear if Clinton is stepping down willingly from the national political stage — or being pushed off by her own party — the decision to exit stage left has been met with sighs of relief on both sides of the aisle.

Clinton will be 73 if she tries to run again in four years. Her age coupled with the fact that she has now tried and failed twice to reach the White House has even her own staffers acknowledging that this was her last campaign.

“She will aim to stay relevant on the international stage, but her political career is at its end,” another Clinton source said.

A few Clinton insiders wondered whether the surname has been so tarnished by loss and scandals, that even Chelsea is tainted, should she ever mull a run for office.

Chelsea was crushed by her mother’s surprise loss, one insider said.

“How’s Chelsea going to live?” another insider asked The Post. “Is she going to give speeches, go on boards? No one wants her anymore . . . You think NBC’s going to hire her now? Because she’s good on camera? Give me a break.”

Meanwhile, Hillary’s prospects for continuing to collect $500,000 for Wall Street speeches are dim.

When her concession was broadcast on TV screens on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday afternoon, traders greeted her image with loud booing.

With Wednesday’s stock market rebound, Wall Street signaled with clarity that it has moved on.

“Lock her up!” some shouted from the floor as Clinton’s speech played.

“Ding-dong, the witch is dead,” a trader sang, according to CNN.

The traders’ booing was in marked contrast to the boo-hooing from at least some Clinton supporters.“There’s a lot of sadness,” Mark Buell told The Post, as he and his wife, fellow Clinton friend and fund-raiser Susie Tomkins Buell, left the New Yorker Hotel after the concession speech.

“Everybody is trying to process it,” he said, holding his wife, with both seeming to struggle to control their emotions.

“Everybody went from a state of elation and confidence to total disbelief,” he said.

“Very sad,” he added. “A lot of tears.”

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