Are deep operatives in U.S. intelligence executing a ‘counter-coup’ against an expected Clinton theft of the election?
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Are deep operatives in U.S. intelligence executing a ‘counter-coup’ against an expected Clinton theft of the election?

( For months now there has been a steady leak of emails from WikiLeaks that everyone has been led to believe were hacked, if you believe the Clinton campaign, by the Russians. The emails have detailed, among other things, just how corrupt the mainstream media is when it comes to backing Democrats; how Hillary Clinton’s closest advisors and big-money supporters have been plotting for months about how best to swipe the election from Donald Trump; how callous they treat constituencies like African-Americans; and, yes how careless and stupid Clinton herself was in handling email via a private server she set up in the basement of her home.

But all that said, believing that the Kremlin was responsible for the hacks would mean you’d have to make some basic assumptions that don’t add up.

First, you’d have to believe that Trump would be a more preferential president for Russia than Clinton, even though any information the Kremlin allegedly gleaned from Clinton’s server (which the FBI has even said was likely hacked) could be used against her as president, to Russia’s advantage. For another, you’d have to assume that Russian President Vladimir Putin prefers Trump because he thinks he can best the real estate mogul and his experienced national security/foreign policy team on the global scene.

In the first instance, a major world power would love to have the goods on a compromised U.S. president – information that could be dropped on a moment’s notice if said president were to pursue a foreign policy objective in competition to said major world power. In the second instance, Putin may pride himself as a great judge of character, but there’s no evidence to suggest that Trump’s foreign policy team isn’t up to the task.


So – if it’s not the Ruskies leaking emails to WikiLeaks, then who is it?

It could very well be members of our own U.S. intelligence services.

A few days ago noted intel operative Steve Pieczenik posted a video in which he claimed that America’s intelligence agencies were “sick and tired” of watching Bill and Hillary Clinton get away with breaking law after law to enrich themselves via the Clinton Family Foundation – while at the same time compromising national security, disregarding intelligence-handling procedures and basically selling out every element of principled government just to make millions of dollars.

Pieczenik claims that the Clintons pulled off “a civilian coup” Nov. 1, via “corruption and co-optation.” He says that American law enforcement and government institutions – the Justice Department, the FBI and other agencies – have been totally subjugated by the political chicanery of the Clinton crime machine, including President Obama himself. Further, Pieczenik says that intelligence operatives have gotten together “informally” to “launch a counter-coup,” using Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as their outlet. And he says what is happening now is nothing short of a “second American revolution,” using the Internet instead of weapons.

Watch the short video here:

If true, then what we’re about to see over the next few days and weeks could produce profound unrest and chaos as the power brokers are outed and fight like hell to limit the fallout and remain in power. We already know that Team Clinton is working to steal the election – via voter fraud, intimidation and outright corruption. If Trump were to pull off a victory before the data dump is complete, it’s hard to say whether or not Clinton supporters will simply accept defeat and move on. After all, when it comes to violence, Clinton supporters have been the worst.

Plus, there is no question the military and intelligence communities are livid with Clinton for a) compromising the very security they are charged with providing; and b) giving away secrets like the time it takes for our country to launch a nuclear weapon after the president gives the order, which she just casually revealed in her last debate with Trump. So one wondered just how much more the intel community was going to take before it acted.

Looks like perhaps the IC has finally had enough and has picked a side – #neverhillary.

Get yourself, your supplies and your Plan A, B and C together, while you still can. It may be about to get bumpy out there.


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