Hillary’s ridiculous claim that she ‘will not add a penny to the national debt’ is absurd and impossible
10/26/2016 / By Mary Wilder / Comments
Hillary’s ridiculous claim that she ‘will not add a penny to the national debt’ is absurd and impossible

Hillary Clinton is no stranger to lying to the American people in order to make herself sound more fit to hold the presidency of the United States. After all, her entire campaign has been based on a number of lies, scandals and other forms of corruption. But when you take a look at the promises she has made, it is clear that she has absolutely no way of fulfilling them. Nobody should believe, for even a second, that she will be able to make any of this happen.

For the libertarians and conservatives of the country, one of the things we are most concerned about is the rising debt that the federal government continues to accumulate. By spending money on things that we don’t need, our country has slipped further and further into a debt of trillions and trillions of dollars. Hillary Clinton’s claims that she “will not add a penny to the national debt” is absolutely unbelievable, given the fact that she also wants to increase taxes and continue to spend money on things that the American people do not want or need.

Russell Berman of The Atlantic writes that even if Hillary Clinton is able to enact all of the policies she desires, “the national debt will still go way up during her time in office. The national debt now stands at about $19.7 trillion, and if policymakers wanted to keep it there, they’d have to approve hundreds of billions of dollars in immediate spending cuts or tax increases—neither of which Clinton is actually proposing.”

In summation, there is virtually no way that Hillary Clinton is telling the truth here — and it just goes to show just how out of touch and delusional she is. She seems to think — or at least wants the American people to think — that she can destroy the country financially without causing the national debt to increase. Having someone like that as the figurehead of our country would be extremely dangerous for reasons far beyond the economy.

This is a dangerous woman that couldn’t be any less fit to be president. Yet, that appears to be exactly what is going to happen come November 8th. So many people have bought into the myth of Hillary Clinton that we are doomed. The only way to combat this corruption is by getting out to the polls and sending a message to the establishment. We don’t want to add to the national debt and we don’t want President Clinton, part two.






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