Official U.N. news service called for Americans abroad to ‘end Trump,’ retracts tweet
10/11/2016 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Official U.N. news service called for Americans abroad to ‘end Trump,’ retracts tweet

The global elitist establishment continues to attack and attempt to destroy Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, which is likely emboldening tens of millions of Americans to vote for him because each desperate act by the globalists reaffirms Trump’s “outsider” status.

In recent days the official news service for the United Nations actually tweeted out a message that was quickly pulled, calling on “8 million Americans abroad” to “stop Trump,” Politico reported.

Published at 9:14 p.m. on Sept. 29, the unprecedented criticism of a U.S. presidential candidate by the United Nations News Centre focused on American expats, urging them to utilize a voter registration tool on the website of an activist organization called Avaaz that says, “U.S. citizens abroad could defeat Trump…if they voted.”

Of course, there is no evidence showing that the statement is valid, even if many expats did register to vote. Certainly a sizable portion of them would likely support Trump given that many left the country under President Obama’s administration, of which Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was a major part.

Politico reported that the tweet was deleted within 20 minutes without explanation.

Of course, when contacted about the tweet, UN News Centre officials denied that it came from the agency.

“That tweet did not originate from the UN News Centre and this was the reason for it being taken down,” Ari Gaitanis, chief of the U.N. News Services Section, which oversees the twitter account, told the news site. “We’re looking into its provenance.”

Sure you are, Ari. And we’re sure you’re gonna find the scoundrel who was responsible and see to it that they are punished. Forgive us if we don’t hold our breath.

This represents a new low for the UN. The fact that its “news” agency would even send such a tweet ought to tell you all you need to know about the organization itself – that it is inhabited by globalist robots and drones shilling for their authoritarian masters.

The prospect of a Trump presidency used to entertain these clowns, but after he vanquished 16 other qualified Republican candidates to capture the nomination, the globalists have gone into overdrive in what has so far been a vain attempt to destroy, discredit and sabotage him and his candidacy.

When the premier globalist institution makes clear its displeasure for any U.S. presidential candidate, from either major party, that’s about as irresponsible as it gets, considering the United States houses and protects its headquarters, as well as provides the bulk of funding and military support.

Then again, it’s likely the UN wouldn’t be making its displeasure for Trump known had the organization not had at least the tacit approval of the Obama administration.

Strange times, indeed.


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