Mass awakening: Chuck Norris and other celebrities are speaking about chemtrails
09/27/2016 / By Vicki Batts / Comments
Mass awakening: Chuck Norris and other celebrities are speaking about chemtrails

As time goes on, and the truth continues to trickle out, more and more celebrities are speaking out about chemtrails. The legend himself, Chuck Norris, has authored several aritcles about the existence of chemtrails and geoengineering. One of his most recent articles was an exclusive entitled, “Sky Criminals” and was published on

Norris explains that geoengineering is the process of man attempting to modify earth’s climate through artificial means. One technique for climate modification is to spray aerosols into the atmosphere. These sprays are what we call “chemtrails”. Norris questions the innocence of such endeavors and says, “But is the origin of it all so unintentional and innocent? Or are there deliberate sky criminals who are also chemtrailing above us with other chemical agents?”

Of course, Chuck Norris is not the only major celebrity to raise concerns over chemtrails and the threats they may pose to humans and the environment. Fellow actor Vin Diesel recently shook things up when he posted a picture of himself standing below a massive chemtrail. Diesel formed an “X” with his fingers to mimic the crisscrossing pattern that appears to be popular when lining the sky with these aerosol sprays. Though his image had no words, many feel that it was an acknowledgement of the insanity going on up above.

Prince — who passed away in April 2016 — surprised the world when he brought up chemtrails during an interview on a popular talk show. Prince is not the only musician to do this, either. Billy Corgan, frontman for the Smashing Pumpkins, has been known to speak about chemtrails. It has even been reported that he once educated an entire audience about the harmful chemicals being sprayed into our skies at a concert venue in Arizona.

Kylie Jenner, who is an American socialite, model and reality TV-show starlet, has also spoken out about chemtrails. In May of 2015, Jenner reportedly sent out a massive tweet questioning the purpose of chemtrails.

Hopefully, more celebrities will come forward and continue to bring awareness to the existence and potential dangers of chemtrails. It seems that they are more concerned about the health of our nation than our own government.


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