Why geo-engineering is activley destroying our living conditions on earth
08/31/2016 / By D. Samuelson / Comments
Why geo-engineering is activley destroying our living conditions on earth

This three-minute video is a primer for the must-hear discussion between Talk Network radio host Richie Allen and Dane Wigington, the fearless ambassador who is a tireless prophet declaring the devastating effects of geoengineering.

All life on earth is being impacted by the destructive activities of geoengineering. It’s bigger than GMOs, vaccines and, according to Dane Wigington, compares with nuclear war.  Here’s a taste of what you will hear from his compelling interview on Talknetwork.com:

“I want to make this clear what happens if we stay on this current path, it leads to certain near term total global extinction. That’s a mathematical certainty. We’ve lost 60% of earth’s wildlife populations in the last forty years. 60% The die off rates are cataclysmic.  It’s an unimaginable  accerlerated mass extinction right now.  . . . So those who are biting their lip, hiding in the corner in a cabin on the deck of the titanic, which we are all on, it’s not going to save you. We have one chance to change course. And we have to do it soon, or it won’t matter. . . Paychecks pensions, personal pursuit of pleasure whatever it is people are doing with their time, their energies their efforts, it’s not going to matter soon. And if they truly love their children, if they truly claim they care, then they need to take action now. We don’t have much time, we truly don’t have much time. The climate system is coming apart. Climate engineering is fueling that process, I’m not saying it’s the only factor. . . Climate engineering mathematically is the greatest and most immediate threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm.”


Does geo engineering manufacture droughts?

Dane Wigington stated, ” . . . the atmosphere is filled with white scattering particulates that are desiccants – which means they absorb atmospheric moisture. They disrupt the hydrological cycle, the rain cycle because they block light photons which create evaporation. They slow overall wind [and] they stop convection so this is the wrench in the works.  You have the same with volcanos, in 1992 when Mt. Pinatubo blew,  the particles put in the atmosphere from that volcano made that year the lowest rainfall year ever recorded on the planet by 50 %. Particles in the atmosphere absolutely destroy the hydrological cycle. So, when they saturate the atmosphere with these particulates, they can migrate the rain right over one area, and drop it on another area. They reduce the evaporation, you have less moisture in the atmosphere as a whole. This is conclusive peer reviewed science from too many sources to count. The drought is not a result of climate change, it is a result of geo engineering, period.”

 Is it true the environmental movement ignores geo-engineering?

Wigington went on to say, “We’re heading for Canfield ocean which means the dead, lifeless, super-heated, stratified, lifeless ocean. It’s important for all those in the environmental community; they are incredibly apathetic on this issue, I mean criminally so. Greenpeace, Sierra Club, these organizations are simply denying climate engineering, which is the epitome of hypocrisy because they want to protect their 501C3 [status]. All these global warming people like Bill McKibben, and so forth denying climate engineering, the single greatest climate disrupting factor of all. How do you talk about the climate and not talk about this issue first? You can’t. Shouldn’t we all concentrate on the single most disrupting factor of all? Which is climate engineering.”

Richie Allen and Dane Wigington discuss other critical issues: methane release, CO2, the media criminality and what each one of us must do to wake up our friends and family.








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