The road to depopulation: climate change activists suggest carbon tax on newborns
08/26/2016 / By D. Samuelson / Comments
The road to depopulation: climate change activists suggest carbon tax on newborns

When the lie becomes big enough — and sufficient amounts of big money are there to support it — a whole lot of folks get big careers from pushing that big lie.

Propaganda trickles down from on high, similar to a scene from the 1956 film version of 1984, George Orwell’s classic dystopian look at a precisely controlled society where poor men, like the beleaguered Winston, must control his suspicions and participate in the recreation of history. Think about pre-programmed Common Core computers in kindergarten classes while observing Winston sending lies down the newspaper shoot, creating a new future while burning the past.

It’s our children and our grandchildren that are being indoctrinated with this big lie, which began to be codified at a Stockholm, Sweden United Nations conference discussing the “human environment” in June, 1972. But, as reported by The Washington Times, if it’s up to Travis Reider, mankind won’t be having as many children, or grandchildren.

Reider says procreating less is an imperative, because we have to “protect them from the ravages of global warming and reduce emissions.” Reider gets big bucks touting these doctrines at John Hopkins University where he is the “assistant director at the Berman Institute of Bioethics.” Reiter is suggesting punitive measures to assure a lower birthrate, like taxes on newborns.

Is this a slippery slope? Ponder a one-child system similar to the methodology once enforced in China. In Reider’s interview on, he even proclaimed that “the only thing that could save us” from global warming/climate change is to cut down global fertility by at least 50%. As history repeats its eugenic past, we see these ideas are coming from the same places — big bucks and the ivory tower men and women who play god.


Do you remember the first Earth Day? It took place two years before the U.N. Stockholm meeting. As the years rolled on, we didn’t see much emphasis on cleaning up PCBs, DDT, banning substances like depleted uranium, stopping genetic engineering, forcing Union Carbide to clean up after the Bhopal, India disaster or trawling all that plastic out of the Pacific Ocean. No, it’s all about climate change now. They blame it on that marvelous carbon molecule. Never mind that carbon is fundamental in photosynthesis and life itself. The proponents of climate change, in the guise of carbon control, want to control life — and your reproductive systems are supposed to shut down.

There may not be another younger generation who will understand that their outbound breath is not destroying the earth, and the rhetoric about climate change is really about totalitarian control of all energy and life. History shows us that people who comprehend big lies get mocked and ridiculed, and eventually eliminated for not acquiescing. This carbon climate change debate is one of the biggest lies ever concocted in the last generation, along with saying that genetically engineered food is perfectly safe. Getting your own organic and heirloom seeds and growing your own food is more important than ever — as is doing the research and having the courage to expose these big lies.

John Coleman is a meteorologist, scientist and founder of the Weather Channel. He’s also an octogenarian. This means his generation wasn’t inundated with GMOs or global warming propaganda. When Coleman studied meteorological science at his university, he was taught to critically think. One thing he doesn’t mention in this particular video is the potential link between chemtrails and HAARP to the California drought. But he knocks down the global warming argument with a two-by-four and reveals little known historical seeds that established today’s pervasive scientific dictatorship that is now telling you not to have children.




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