The cell phone radiation-induced cancer time bomb is about to explode
07/22/2016 / By D. Samuelson / Comments
The cell phone radiation-induced cancer time bomb is about to explode

In 2008, J. Leonard Lichtenfeld, MD, MACP was the Deputy Chief Medical Office for the American Cancer Society’s national office. He admitted he was no expert in radio frequencies (RF), or electromagnetic radiation, but he wanted to respond to a memorandum from the University of Pittsburg Cancer Institute that suggested a possible link between the use of cell phones and brain cancer. Included were warnings for children to not use cell phones unless it was an emergency. Dr. Lichtenfeld opined that the report was not conclusive, and reiterated the philosophy of the American Cancer Society who believed that “current evidence doesn’t link cell phones  to cancer.” Today, if you visit the Brain Tumor Netowork, a portal for brain cancer information and support, you will find the same conclusion. They just don’t know exactly how brain tumors are caused.

The International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC) called out cell phone carcinogen properties in 2011

In May of 2011, IACR officially and scientifically classified cell phone electromagnetic waves, or radio frequencies (RF) as a “Possible Human Carcinogen,” for a brain cancer type called glioma. IARC also encouraged schools, parents and governments to consider “precautionary behavior.” This created a bit of a ruckus with their parent organization, the World Health Organization (WHO), who had chosen to classify the same RF at a lower risk designation called “Probable Human Carcinogen.” The IARC urged physicians and researchers to comb through The Seleten Scientific Statement. This statement came months earlier and included warning about the effects of electromagnetic waves on DNA. It was the work seven scientists from five different nations and was compiled by the prestigious Karolinksa Institute in Sweden.


Is there an Electromagnetic Lobby that pushes dangerous frequencies for everyone?

Lloyd Burrell, who has a website called Electric Sense, produced a comprehensive article in 2014 that lists not just one, but forty-four very distinct studies, facts and commentary from around the globe that show devastating links between the “microwave radio frequencies” coming from these phones entering into our unprotected bodies. And while it seems intuitive to understand increased risks for brain tumors like Glioma, Meninglioma or Acoustic Neuromas, Burrell includes peer reviewed studies from Germany, Israel, Sweden, Australia, Germany, Brazil, the U.K., U.S., Norway, Finland, Turkey, China, Austria, Bavaria and Belgium that indicate cancers of the breast, mouth and pituitary gland have also occurred. He also included studies indicating damage to DNA, the brain’s blood flow and memory. And, his blog includes a long list of side effects and illnesses (other than cancer) coming from cell phone frequencies. Irritability, headaches, fatigue, confusion, ADHD and a damaged immune system are just a few.

As with all untested technologies and chemicals, children are our most vulnerable.

As reported by, the “leading cause of death of cancer-related deaths in children under 14” are brain tumors, and, if under 20, a brain tumor is the “second leading cause of cancer-related deaths.”  With the proliferation of parents handing the cell phone to their toddler to play with, or, buying one for their first grader, what will the future bring? Burrell’s article also address the “latency period,” which could be simply explained by a few questions. How many cigarettes are smoked till one gets cancer? How many cans of Mountain dew will be ingested before there are holes in your intestine? How many hours are required to put a cell phone next to your ear until a brain tumor appears?  The graph below accompanies Burrell’s report.  As you can see, the continued dependence of electronic devices seems ready to explode in a epidemic of disease. Don’t expect your cell phone provider to give you any warnings.

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