Marijuana and male breast cancer
07/15/2016 / By Claire Rankin / Comments
Marijuana and male breast cancer

The occurrence of male breast cancer varies throughout the world. In the UK it accounts for approximately 0.7% of all diagnosed breast cancer. In the USA there is an increasing incidence, especially among black males. Approximately 2190 men were diagnosed in the US in 2010, of those almost a quarter will die from the disease.

It is difficult to establish risk factors for breast cancer in males, although there is a proven relationship between obesity and male breast cancer. A poor, fast food diet lacking in the best quality organic nutrients, which often results in obesity, is thought to increase the risk from one to five times. This is due to the elevated levels of circulating estrogen associated with obesity. A link has also been found among males with a previous history of prostate cancer due to the type of medication used, as well as those undergoing gender re-assignment (although there is no well-substantiated data available). Environmental factors such as exposure to toxic chemicals can also be a risk factor and there also appears to be a genetic component in male breast cancer in about 6% of cases.

Conventional treatment for male breast cancer

The treatment for male breast cancer is the same as for female breast cancer. Many men are subjected to a mastectomy, sentinal lymph node biopsy, chemotherapy and radiation, depending on the severity of the case, followed by hormone therapy if the tumor is hormone sensitive. There is the perception that the prognosis is worse in male breast cancer, but this may be due to the later stage diagnosis.

Cannabis and male breast cancer

Your oncologist is not likely to prescribe cannabis for breast cancer and will probably recommend the usual conventional treatment. However, as with female breast cancer, cannabis oil has been remarkably successful, even in advanced cases.

Most male breast cancers are 90 – 90% estrogen and progesterone receptor positive. This means you have to be careful as to what strain of cannabis to use. It seems that estrogen receptor positive cancers may grow if the level of THC is high. Not much research is available, but it does appear that cannabis oil with a high ratio of CBD works better for estrogen positive breast cancer in both males and females.

Visit a naturopathic oncologist for the best advice on medical marijuana for your breast cancer. In addition, much has been written on reversing cancer or healing from cancers by juicing, incorporating the best, natural, whole foods into your diet, exercising regularly and taking full responsibility for maintaining your breast health.




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