HEALTH RANGER REPORT: What you need to know right now, in a concise format.
07/12/2016 / By Mike Adams / Comments
HEALTH RANGER REPORT: What you need to know right now, in a concise format.

( Health Ranger Report for July 12, 2016

* Told ya so! Bernie Sanders just endorsed Hillary Clinton, selling out Sanders supporters just like I publicly predicted on a Health Ranger Report podcast last December! Sigh… it’s so easy to see these things coming, yet the uninformed public still thinks we have an actual democracy in America where nominees are decided through an honest process.

* Due to Black Lives Matter extremist violence and calls for murdering cops, a sharply heightened risk for police safety means a mass exodus of police resigning from their departments is now under way across America.

* Many U.S. cities are now already plunging into social chaos where police are wholly unable to maintain anything resembling law and order. Chicago and Detroit are already lost. Los Angeles, Houston and Miami are all on the verge of falling into chaos.

* Black Lives Matter extremists consist of arsonists, looters, violent criminals, instigators of extreme violence and mass murderers. BLM is itself an extremist, racist domestic terrorism organization funded by George Soros and intended to destabilize America to prepare it for a “cultural revolution” overthrow of law and order.

* The BLM-inspired massacre in Dallas demonstrated that a single shooter can occupy the entire police department of a major metropolitan city. This means that a timed, organized assault by just 100 Black Lives Matter terrorists can essentially shut down police response across every major U.S. city in America.

* For this reason, a police presence for protecting innocent citizens is now a distant pipe dream. NewsTarget readers are advised to discard the outmoded idea that police officers have any real capability of protecting individual citizens… even when they intend to.

* The current posturing of Black Lives Matter extremists indicates that BLM mobs are extremely likely to target victims based entirely on their skin color, inciting acts of extreme violence (including murder) of fair-skinned people merely because their skin color is white.

* All NewsTarget readers are advised to immediately acquire personal firearms for self-defense where local laws permit. More importantly, safety and competency training are absolutely required.

* The recommended all-purpose pistol firearm for both men and women is a Glock 19, which fires the 9mm round, a relatively weak but still usable round when purchased in a hollow point configuration.

* Home defense is best accomplished with a shotgun and “00” ammunition. For home defense, even the small, easily managed 20 gauge shotgun is more than sufficient, and it is easily handled by men, women and even the elderly. Reliable manufacturers include Remington and Mossberg.

* For home defense in an urban setting, an AR-style rifle is not recommended or needed. Such rifles tend to over-penetrate intended targets and may pose risk of injury to neighbors in a close quarters environment. They are extremely useful, however, in more rural settings where engagement ranges of enemy combatants may be significantly longer.

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