Cyber terrorists can now bring entire cities to a standstill in an instant… leaving virtually every modern city vulnerable
07/12/2016 / By D. Samuelson / Comments
Cyber terrorists can now bring entire cities to a standstill in an instant… leaving virtually every modern city vulnerable

Robert Hannigan is the Director of the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHK). That agency name is chalk full of Orwellian intent. This communications group was not created for government transparency on the behalf of British tax payers. No, this is another arrow in the quiver of a global scientific dictatorship. GCHK is actually an electronic surveillance and eavesdropping unit, comparable to the U.S. National Security Agency, (NSA) whose ever expanding infrastructure still collects whatever data Americans generate while transacting or communicating. We’re a long ways from the Nazi’s use of IBM punch cards, a pre computer technology that packed a horrific punch. In today’s ever connected infrastructure, the power systems of the electronic grid, the military industrial complex’s entire system of command and control, numerous educational facilities and offerings, internet commerce, transportation infrastructure, medical data, financial markets and infinitum is connected to the vast cyberspace network and is vulnerable to attack.

Cyber attacks are coming that are much more devastating than what happened to Sony Pictures

In 2014, Sony Pictures was the recipient of a cyber attack that wiped out half of its network, erasing all data on approximately half of its personal computers and servers. Fortune Magazine called this attack, “a landmark event [that] struck terror in boardrooms and throughout corporate America…” But attacking a movie studio, embarrassing clients, ruining a movie release and having to rely on fax machines is a piece of cake compared to what Mr. Hannigan, the GCHQ Director foresees. The Telegraph reports:


“Terrorists and rogue states are gaining the capability to bring a major city to a standstill with the click of a button… Hannigan said the risk to cities like London would increase as more physical objects, such as cars and household appliances, are connected online – the so-called ‘internet of things.'”

Was the internet created to fail, like fractional reserve banking or electricity?

The “internet of things” (IOT) recently added a new smart refrigerator that takes its own picture, plays music, provides recipes and so much more. Barbie dolls have been designed to record conversations of the children who own them. Televisions have built in cameras and recorders so whoever is behind the screen can monitor who is watching the screen. The smart home of the future – indeed the “smart town” will have remote control and monitoring of your CO2 levels, your coming and going, your water and electricity use and when you have inefficient windows, the environmental police can come knock on your door. Your home will be equipped with microphones so any discussion about “no vaccines” can be squelched by education. All of this smart technology could end in a flash via an intense lightning storm. Losing a few days of food from your SMART refrigerator is nothing compared to an EMP or cyber attack that could destroy a town’s water system or nuclear power plant.

Having all things connected means all things are easier to destroy with the push of a button

Here’s a thought to ponder. Who’s behind the internet curtain? It’s been leveraged as a social monitoring device, a dehumanizing force, a WiFi command and control grid and an economic engine to make trillions as the market bulls up, and probably much more when the internet – and your local city – collapses. The brotherhood of darkness works like that. Creating things in order to destroy, rebuild and control the aftermath. Like Iraq.

The admonition to “come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plaques” seems more appropriate than ever.

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