Is the ‘Brexit’ vote a sign of things to come in America?
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Is the ‘Brexit’ vote a sign of things to come in America?

( Though it may not seem like the two are related, the current “Brexit” vote in Great Britain – in which citizens will soon consider a measure requiring the country to leave the European Union – has a number of similarities with a certain rising political sentiment in the United States.

In case you haven’t been following the Brexit issue in the news, a rising number of Britons are fed up with the EU and want the country to leave it. They are tired of the cost in sovereignty. They are tired of Left-wing economic policies that limit growth. And they are really getting tired of the unlimited number of migrants – most of whom are from Islamic countries whose citizens find Western democracy distasteful.

To the last point a large and growing plurality of Britons appear concerned that they are losing their culture. They believe that as more immigrants from foreign lands saturate their country they are also supplanting British culture that has endured for centuries. Traditions – as well as language and customs – define a people. Muslims, who are already self-segregating in parts of Britain and especially London, are increasingly opposed to British legal standards and social mores, and are instead setting up their own tribunals to manage their own population.

Up to now many official British institutions – police, the courts and government agencies – have largely looked the other way as the Islamacization of the British island has continued apace. But fewer are willing to do so any longer.

Hence, Brexit. Now, no one will say this is the reason, least of all “official” Britain, meaning the political elites who run the country. But the sentiment is there.


Granted, there are other reasons (listed above) for many in Great Britain who want to leave the EU, but with the rise of right-leaning political leaders not only in Britain but in the whole of Europe – and mostly in countries where Islamic migration is highest. Coincidence?

You can feel the same thing happening in the United States. Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump has tapped into it and has made pausing massive immigration (legal and illegal) into the country a centerpiece of his foreign and domestic policy. Voters responded during the GOP primaries by turning out in record numbers to support him.


The Obama administration has gone out of its way to ram its open borders and immigration policies down our throats. There is no longer even a semblance of restraint as migrants pile up along the U.S.-Mexico border, many of them confident that they will manage to slip into our country unimpeded.

Trump’s rise on the back of American frustration with President Obama’s migration policies mirrors the rise of Brexit supporters in Britain as immigration into that country, as part of EU policies, continues virtually unabated. Like their American cousins, many British feel helpless to stop the onslaught and believe the only “fix” is to get out of an arrangement they see as destructive to their heritage.

They are right, of course. That is precisely what is going on and that is precisely what the ruling elites in Britain and the EU want.

The same is true in the United States. A majority of Americans, when polled, routinely oppose the elites’ mass immigration policies, and yet their “leaders” continue along the same path.

It’s no accident. But most Americans’ opposition to it was wholly predictable. We, too, like Britons, fear a loss of our heritage, our cultural norms and mores, our traditions.

The problem is, there is no “union” for Americans to leave. Some of us tried that once and it didn’t work out so well. But that was then; could it happen again?


A couple months ago no one seriously thought that Britain would ever be on the brink of abandoning the EU. And now, it’s too close to call in the polls.

Something drove Britons to change their minds. That something is mass migration and the erosion of British culture.

The same thing is taking place in America. If it continues – and it will if Trump loses to his likely Democratic rival, “Crooked” Hillary Clinton, because she favors the Obama policies – this won’t end well.

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