Another lie: Clinton involved in a ‘criminal investigation,’ not a phony ‘security inquiry,’ for email server

Thursday, June 16, 2016 by

( Though she has long said the FBI’s probe of her unsecured private email server she used as head of the President Obama’s State Department was just a “security inquiry,” not a criminal probe, Americans have just found out that, once again, Clinton was lying.

As reported by Fox News, it may have been a moment of extreme candor – probably by accident – but last week the White House confirmed that indeed, the Justice Department is conducting a “criminal investigation” into Clinton’s personal email use.

Chief White House spokesman Josh Earnest employed the term during a press briefing Thursday after being questioned by Fox News over whether President Obama’s just-announced endorsement of Clinton would have any effect on the outcome of the FBI’s investigation, as in, would it signal Obama’s intent to have her cleared.

Earnest rejected that and said that the job of career prosecutors and investigators is to follow all evidence to its logical conclusion.

“That’s why the president, when discussing this issue in each stage, has reiterated his commitment to this principle that any criminal investigation should be conducted independent of any sort of political interference,” Earnest said.

Shortly thereafter, the Republican National Committee honed in on Earnest’s use of the phrase “criminal investigation.”

“The White House’s admission that the FBI is investigating Hillary Clinton’s email server as a ‘criminal’ matter shreds her dishonest claim that it is a routine ‘security inquiry,’” RNC spokesman Michael Short said in a statement.

The following day, Friday, Earnest was asked to clarify what he said, but he refused, claiming that he had not yet been “briefed” by the Justice Department.

As a matter of fact, FBI Director James Comey rebutted Clinton’s terminology on the campaign trail in May. Asked by Fox News to speak to Clinton’s characterization of the investigation as a “security inquiry,” Comey said he doesn’t know what that means. “We’re conducting an investigation… That’s what we do.”

What’s more, Clinton’s campaign web site still claims there is no criminal investigation underway:

Is Department of Justice conducting a criminal inquiry into Clinton’s email use?

No. As the Department of Justice and Inspectors General made clear, the IGs made a security referral. This was not criminal in nature as misreported by some in the press. The Department of Justice is now seeking assurances about the storage of materials related to Clinton’s email account.”

Despite all of this Clinton has said all along that no matter what the investigation is termed, it won’t result in her being indicted, and she said so again last week during an interview with Fox News.

“That is not going to happen. There is no basis for it, and I’m looking forward to this being wrapped up as soon as possible,” she said.

On Friday, The Wall Street Journal reported that some emails being examined in the Clinton probe dealt with planned drone strikes in Pakistan and elsewhere, a program the U.S. continues to keep secret though the strikes are widely reported in Pakistan and elsewhere.

At this point anyone who says they are going to vote for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will do so simply because.

No other reason – just because. They like her, they want her, so they’ll ignore everything she’s done or tied to andvote for her – no matter how many lies she tells, how many violations of the law she committed, how many times she flip-flops on issues, how much improper money she raised for foreign donors while serving as secretary of state, how much she was paid to give a speech to an industry she claims to hate, etc.

In other words, Hillary’s voters are among the most willfully ignorant, sycophantic and morally bankrupt in modern history.



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