US officials complain their propaganda is failing under Obama as Russian news outlets expose Washington’s inconvenient truths
06/10/2016 / By Jonathan Benson / Comments
US officials complain their propaganda is failing under Obama as Russian news outlets expose Washington’s inconvenient truths

The American military-industrial complex and its allies in D.C. are worried that people now have access to news from sources other than just those that push its own flavor of propaganda. Russian news sources, to be exact, are apparently threatening the interests of the establishment, claim some lawmakers, which is why efforts are now afoot to stop them.

Of particular concern is RT, formerly known as Russia Today, a global news outlet based in the former Soviet Union that presents a much different narrative about world events than the one constantly being pushed by the likes of CNN and Fox News. RT boasts an audience of some 700 million people globally, a number exceedingly higher than what even the most highly rated American news outlets can claim.

We’ve cited RT many times here at Natural News because, quite frankly, this particular news source offers up honest and critical analysis of real issues that never get a fair shake in U.S. corporate news – topics like vaccine safety, government corruption, the rise of corporate fascism, the dangers of the growing police state, the biotechnology scam, the inherent evil of the Federal Reserve and so much more.

Most everyday folks would see this type of alternative media as a good thing – a breath of fresh air in a cloud of journalistic pollution. And yet, American lawmakers are shaking in their boots, because the house of cards they and their predecessors have spent so many years building up might come crashing down if Americans begin to see the truth.

These self-appointed information ministers claim that RT and others are dispensing “anti-U.S.” propaganda, to which supporters of alternative media would rebut is actually “pro-freedom” truth that defies the lies of the American media machine. Nevertheless, the establishment in Washington isn’t happy about the change in media preference taking place throughout the world.


“It’s remarkable to see the sophisticated media offense that Putin is conducting across Eastern Europe, Central Europe, the Middle East and Latin America through Russia Today,” stated Representative Edward R. Royce, a California Republican and chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “We’re just not countering it effectively.”

Questioning American government lies isn’t propaganda, it’s due diligence

Accusing RT of being the mouthpiece of Putin is laughable, considering the American media’s unwavering support for anything and everything that comes out of the mouth of Dictator Obama. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, as this battle of two empires exposes not only the arrogance of many American politicians but also the hypocrisy in its approach to news distribution.

“Modern technologies have provided new avenues for disseminating lies and distortions to massive audiences,” added Representative Eliot L. Engel of New York, a Democrat who is working to ramp up the American propaganda machine to rival that of Russia’s. “Unfortunately, America’s ability to respond effectively hasn’t kept pace.”

Rep. Engel apparently doesn’t realize that the U.S. has used many of these same “modern technologies” to disseminate lies about anything that counteracts the interests of the American empire. And what Rep. Engel and his allies also fail to realize is that what they consider “unfortunate” is actually fortunate for the average American, who stands to gain from the diminished influence of the American propaganda machine.

“The term ‘propaganda’ is something that is lobbed at RT by certain political and media establishments that do not like to see their narratives of the world being challenged, as a way to invalidate inconvenient points of view,” responded RT spokeswoman Anna Belkina.

“It is also a charge that is rarely, if ever, put to the VOA [Voice of America], BBC World Service, Deutsche Welle, Euronews, or many other news outlets that receive public or compulsory funding.”

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