Anticipating Planned Civil Unrest: The Growing Market for Riot Control Technology
05/09/2016 / By David Risselada / Comments
Anticipating Planned Civil Unrest: The Growing Market for Riot Control Technology

In my last article I discussed the use of the Hegelian Dialectic in the creation of a national police force. Program 1033 is a deliberate attempt to militarize police, turn them loose on the citizenry and then create the demand that something must be done to reign in out of control cops. The solution of course, is the federalization of local police forces. The Hegelian Dialectic is also known as the problem-reaction-solution strategy and it is a tactic being used in almost all levels of society in an effort to discredit our culture and offer another form of government as a solution. Throughout the duration of the Obama presidency there has been one crisis after another that tears at the heart of what defines American values. The overall goal is to convince the American citizenry that American culture is unfair, bigoted and violent and Communism would be a better alternative.

Many fear that the end game of the Obama administration is the deliberate instigation of violence in order to enact gun control and ultimately, martial law. Our entire society has been turned upside down and the government has deliberately labeled patriotic Americans, veterans, pro-life groups, evangelical Christians and anybody else that opposes his control as potential extremists while virtually ignoring the real threat we face from violent jihadists. It’s almost as if he is hoping to push us into acts of violence so he can force his will upon us.  The violence that we have witnessed over the past couple of years, the Ferguson and Baltimore riots and the more recent anti-Trump rallies have all been organized and funded by George Soros front groups in an effort to meet this end. Rioters in the recent California anti-Trump rally were paid fourteen dollars and fifty cents an hour by such groups according to this Craig’s List ad.


Clyde Lewis, on his national radio show Ground Zero, brought another interesting element to this story that could ultimately prove this is all being done on purpose, not only to seize political power, but to make a lot of money. It also supports the conclusions found in the Report from Iron Mountain where a fictitious crisis would have to be created in order to keep control of the masses and fuel a peacetime economy. One of the main points from the Iron Mountain report was that war was an effective means of controlling the people to desired ends and an excellent way to keep the economy going. The social controllers feared that without war there would be no way of achieving the control they desired, so a fabricated crisis would have to be created.  Looking at society today we have a militant black power movement, ISIS, global warming and a growing effort to violently disrupt legitimate political campaigns.

The element that Clyde Lewis brought to the table was a report published by the Sandler Research group which discusses the expected growth of the Global Riot Control Systems industry. According to this report, the industry is expected to rake in over three billion dollars in sales over the next four years. The United States, China, Thailand, Iran, Egypt and Russia are all making preparations to employ this type of technology in anticipation of massive civil unrest.  According to the report, North America has one of the largest markets for this type of technology as the United States already has a militarized police force capable of employing the use of riot control gear. A great example is the preparations the city of Cleveland is making in advance of a possible, brokered GOP convention. According to Jean Anne Esselink of the, Cleveland is expected to spend fifty million dollars on crowd control equipment in the event of a, shall we say, discontented response to such an event.  Interestingly, the event has been called a National Special Security Event and the fifty million dollars is being provided to the city of Cleveland through a federal grant.

Because the RNC has been designated as a National Special Security Event, the riot and crowd control gear will be paid for by a $50 million federal grant. Mayor Frank Jackson’s administration told the City Council last month that the city plans to spend roughly $30 million of the federal funds on personnel and $20 million on equipment. (Esselink)

Why is the United States preparing for such civil unrest? The answer is simple, they are preparing to steal your liberty and your nation’s sovereignty, and they are becoming increasingly concerned that you will not tolerate it. They know full well that ignoring the people’s vote and installing a candidate of their choice is wrong just as they know the American people are awakening to the massive corruption that has become Washington D.C.  They have deliberately incited racial and political violence while using it as justification to build a militarized force and clamp down on our freedoms. They have discredited our culture and destroyed our children’s future with a national debt of over $19 trillion dollars which can never be repaid.  They have sold our country out for their own profit and now they fear we are no longer blind to their criminal acts. As more of us continue to awaken the more desperate they will become, at which point we will see a vamped up effort to employ the police state against us. Looking at the projected time frame where the growth of the riot control industry is expected, I would say our time is short.

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