The story of the now cancer-free Amish girl that had to flee the United States to escape forced chemotherapy

It is a story that is at once sad and joyous at the same time – sad, for the bastion of medical authoritarianism the United States has become, but joyous at the outcome.

As we reported recently, some may be tempted to call this story a miracle, but holistic and naturopathic medical professionals know why a young Amish girl, who was 12 at the time, is no longer plagued with cancer – after her doctors testified in court that she would have been dead by last fall, when we reported the story initially, if her family were allowed to refuse her chemotherapy as they wanted.

As reported by the Medina Gazette, of Medina County, Ohio, Maurice Thompson, head of the libertarian non-profit group 1852 Center for Constitutional Law, said young Sarah Hershberger now shows no signs of being stricken with cancer at all and appears to be healthy.

“She had MRIs and blood work, and the judge over the last year helped facilitate at least one trip to the Cleveland Clinic. The MRIs did not show any cancer,” Thompson told the Gazette in October, adding that her family was continuing her treatment with less invasive alternative medicine.

“Once you have it, you’re never 100 percent out of the woods, whether or not you get chemotherapy,” he said. “I know how she looks isn’t really an indication of whether she has cancer, but she’s looking very healthy.”

What’s more, the cancer that she once had no longer showed up in any subsequent blood tests.

One of the most disturbing parts of this story is the lack of regard for parental rights, something that is becoming more and more prevalent in the “land of the free.” When Sarah was first diagnosed with cancer in 2013 her parents, Andy and Anna, initially agreed to chemotherapy. But they chose to end the treatments after their daughter’s condition worsened, fearing that eventually the chemo would lead to her ultimate demise, as it so often does.

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That’s when officials at Akron (Ohio) Children’s Hospital took action, responding to the parental decision with a legal bid to strip them of their rights to choose Sarah’s treatment option. Hospital officials sought court permission to obtain “limited guardianship” over her, which would have given them the power over her medical decisions, not mom and dad. And doctors testified to the court that Sarah would not live six months without chemo.

At first, since-retired Probate Judge John L. Lohn ruled that Andy and Anna were competent enough to make medical decisions for their daughter; but, eventually, an appeals court ordered him to find her a guardian, one who would succumb to the medical industry.

The Hershbergers decided instead to flee the United States so they could seek alternative treatments in Canada and Mexico. Some months later, deciding the point was moot, the hospital finally relinquished its guardianship.

The family responded by fleeing the country, choosing instead to seek alternative medical treatment in Mexico and Canada. Months thereafter, the hospital decided to relinquish guardianship, seeing no point in pursuing the matter further.

According to the Gazette:

“Thompson said Probate Judge Kevin Dunn — who replaced Lohn when he retired in 2014 — formally terminated Sarah’s guardianship on September 24. Thompson said the judge acknowledged that Sarah, who will turn 13 in November, showed no symptoms of cancer and that she appeared to be healthy.”

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