Bill Gates revealed as sociopathic liar about GMOs and vaccines… appears almost mentally ill with inability to utter any true statement
04/20/2016 / By D. Samuelson / Comments
Bill Gates revealed as sociopathic liar about GMOs and vaccines… appears almost mentally ill with inability to utter any true statement

I gotta admit, it’s tough to hear the lies spewed by the champions of GMOs. The playbook never changes. The sales tool is just repeating the lies over and over and over again. In the case of the genetic engineering of our food supply, four lies circulate; using GMO seeds means you’ll use less pesticide or herbicide, you’ll get more yield and it’s the only way to feed the world. Oh yeah, and it’s ‘perfectly safe’. The global scientists and researchers who combat these GMO myths with truths  have disproved all of these so called benefits. So where is Bill Gates getting his information from? Or is it just in his genes that he is a proponent of world wide genocide, except for those elites that he hangs with? Here’s what he said in a recent interview, as reported by

“In January, Bill Gates explained his support for genetic engineering in an interview with the Wall Street Journal’s Rebecca Blumenstein:

‘What are called GMOs are done by changing the genes of the plant, and it’s done in a way where there’s a very thorough safety procedure, and it’s pretty incredible because it reduces the amount of pesticide you need, raises productivity (and) can help with malnutrition by getting vitamin fortification. And so I think, for Africa, this is going to make a huge difference, particularly as they face climate change…

‘The US, China, Brazil, are using these things and if you want farmers in Africa to improve nutrition and be competitive on the world market, you know, as long as the right safety things are done, that’s really beneficial. It’s kind of a second round of the green revolution. And so the Africans I think will choose to let their people have enough to eat.’”


Unbelievable, really, to hear this Agenda 2030 prophet spewing about how the Africans will “choose to let their people have enough to eat.” What does this guy know about clean food and health? This is the same man who gave $1 billion dollars to the Global Alliance for Vaccines (GAVI).


“The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisations, which funds vaccination programs for children in poor countries, has helped prevent more than 5 million childhood deaths in the last decade. Gavi protects children from deadly sicknesses such as diarrhea, pneumonia, polio and tetanus.”

Gee, are those the poor countries in Africa, where the eugenicists are busy destroying their ability to grow their own seed, as well as give vaccinations that cause infertility? Well, ole Bill did reveal his modus operandi back at a 2010 Ted Talk concerning how vaccinations can help depopulate the planet. At least he’s consistent in his genocidal methods, right?

This brotherhood of darkness will close ranks more tightly as the truth is exposed about GMOs, and the link between the MMR vaccine and autism, as proclaimed in the new documentary VAXXED, From Cover up to Catastrophe. Andrew Wakefield, who became aware of the onset of bowel disease after children were injected with the MMR vaccine in 1995, has been in a firestorm from Big Pharma since. Daily Bell interviewed Wakefield in 2012:

Dr. Andrew Wakefield: …I left the Royal Free in 2001, nearly 200 hundred children with this [bowel] condition had been seen and diagnosed. The problem came of course, when the parent said, my child regressed after the vaccine. If the child had regressed after, let’s say natural chicken pox, we would not be having this conversation right now. There would have been no controversy, it would have been, ‘that’s extremely interesting, let’s have a look at it.’ There would have been no problem, but because it happened after a vaccine, all hell broke loose.”


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