30-odd must-have tools for the homesteading family
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30-odd must-have tools for the homesteading family

(Homesteading.news) If you’ve lived the simple homesteading life for any length of time at all, you know that a big part of managing your land, your herds and your food stocks depends on having the right tools to get your various jobs done.

But have you ever found yourself in a situation where you thought you had all the tools you’d ever need, only to get started on a job and find out that you lacked the proper equipment? You’re not alone, that’s for sure.

Your own two hands will get you far, of course, but not always far enough. And some items – like an apple slicer – are so narrow in use as to be nearly useless (you can slice your own apples in no time).

So, without further ado, below is a list of 25 must-have tools for the homesteader that ought to be in your shed, barn or basement:

1. Knives: There is always going to be a use for a good set of knives. In particular, though, you really only need one good all-purpose knife for slicing, dicing, shaving and cutting.

2. Axe: Ideal for a number of things like chopping wood.

3. Along with your axe you’re going to need a splitting maul.

4. Along with your splitting maul you’ll need a heavy-duty sledgehammer, which can also be used for other jobs.

5. A regular hammer

6. Drills: Cordless or non-cordless, but both will come in handy. Get a couple sets of tips as well – not just drill bits but screwdriver tips of various types (flathead, Phillips, square-tip, etc.).

7. Barrels: These can be used to collect rainwater, create a gray water collection system, or for storage.


8. A wagon: Not the kid’s “Radio Flyer” but a good, heavy grade wagon with inflatable wheels that you can either pull or pull behind a piece of power equipment – like a…

9. Riding mower (great for cutting grass and, of course, for hauling things in a wagon)

10. A small sawmill: These will come in handy if you’re a builder or you’re going to use a lot of wood. A side note: You may also consider a hydraulic wood-splitter if you’re a high-volume user of wood (or if you plan to make part of your living by cutting and selling wood).

11. Pliers: Needle nose, regular and specialty pliers will certainly come in hand.

12. Nails – of various sizes. Nails for construction and home use are the most common types that you’re going to need.

13. Screws: Again, of varied lengths and sizes.

14. Staple gun: Quickly attach fabrics, plastics and other thin materials. Punch and done!

15. Solar panels: Anytime you can harvest the sun for energy and power, that’s a good thing. You can make your own, too – click here (Helpful hint: You’ll need a staple gun!)

16. Wind turbine: Again, for power/electrical generation. Make one: click here.

17. Tape measure: One word – invaluable!

18. Small tractor: If you consider this, think also about various attachments – like a front-end loader and road grader blade (for fixing your driveway or plowing snow in the winter).

19. Pipe wrench: Sooner or later you will likely have to deal with well pipes; there is nothing better than a good pipe wrench to fix them quickly.

20. Wrenches: A combination wrench set is an absolute must. So is the following item.

21. Ratchet set: Like your combo wrench set, you’ll get lots of use out of your ratchet set.

22. Rake: Heavy duty grass, leaf and gravel rakes will see a lot of use.

23. Hoe: Of course – for your gardens!

24. Extension cords – of various sizes

25. Ladders: A simple 7-foot folding ladder along with an extension ladder should do the trick.

26. Shovels: Flat and curved, as both have various needs and functions.

27. Rope: About 100 feet should do.

28. Crowbar: Can you life every heavy thing by yourself? Probably not; a crowbar will become “the great strength equalizer.”

29. Allen wrenches: Like your other wrenches, you’ll find you’ll need this a lot.

30. Level: When you build things they have to be straight and square.

There you have it! While this may not be a complete list it will certainly get you started and hopefully remind you to pick up a few things you don’t yet have (but are soon going to need).

Bonus items: Eye protection, earmuffs, garden hoses, a T-square and a circular saw.

H/T: Pioneer Settler

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