Top UK accounting firm: No degree required for employment

Monday, December 07, 2015 by

One of England’s most renowned accounting firms and one of the largest recruiters of college graduates, Ernest & Young, has announced it will be removing their policy of requiring a 2:1 and the equivalent of three B grades at A-level in order to open opportunities for talented individuals, regardless of their background.

This move is one that is gaining steam across the western world, as prospective employers are slowly but surely realizing that the quality of education most are receiving through public universities are not actually properly preparing them to adequately enter the work force. With the average student debt in the United States hovering around $28,400, this is remarkable news to the next generation of millennials, who feel almost obligated to essentially pay for their future job.

With the world’s economic systems drastically evolving, there’s no better time than now to take your future into your own hands, by taking internships, reading books and utilizing the internet to learn the skills which will help keep you employed in the future economy.



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