Full transcript: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny reveals the 20 mechanisms of COVID vaccine injury
By Mike Adams // Mar 01, 2024

Introduction: In a recent interview with Mike Adams on Brighteon.com, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny discussed her extensive research into the dangers of Covid-19 vaccines, highlighting 40 mechanisms of injury caused by these injections. These mechanisms include neurological degeneration, penetrating the blood brain barrier, which has led to personality changes and cognitive function erosion in many individuals who have received multiple doses and boosters. Dr. Tenpenny's research is based on peer-reviewed publications and journals, providing evidence-based information about the adverse effects of these vaccines. To access her course on BrighteonUniversity, visit BrightU.com and register for free to watch the full presentation, with optional digital download purchases available to support Dr. Tenpenny's work and the platform. The course begins streaming on March 9th.

Full interview transcript:

Mike Adams: Welcome to today's interview on Brighteon.com. I'm Mike Adams and our guest today is Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. Just an extraordinary human being who has contributed so much knowledge and information to what humanity now understands about the dangers of Covid-19 vaccines. In fact, a new recent study of big study just came out that talked about how the injury mechanisms are now even better understood, causing turbo cancers and suppression of the immune system. And I saw how the mainstream media was out there, gaslighting on CNN and saying, “Well, we knew this all along, we knew it always caused these things. So, there's nothing new here. Really? You said it was safe and effective?” Well, joining us today is Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. And she has a course with us on BrightonUniversity that started out as 20 mechanisms of injury and now has expanded to 40 mechanisms. So welcome, Dr. Tenpenny to the show today.

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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Thank you so much, Mike. It's my pleasure to be here.

Mike Adams:Oh, it's great to have you on. You are quite the researcher, you have really dedicated the last several years to researching and educating people about the dangers of Covid-19 vaccines. And I'm sure you saw that recent news report that I just mentioned. Do you see that as kind of a little bit of a vindication of some of the work that you've done?

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Well, yeah. And it's been more than a couple of years, Mike. As you know, I've been studying problems associated with vaccines since September of 2000. So, I've been doing this for almost a quarter of a decade that I've been talking about problems with vaccines, but I was actually one of the first people that came out talking about the actual mechanisms of injury of the Covid-19 shot, as your listeners will know, and will remember, the Covid vaccines came out of caught they're not vaccines, we'll call them bioweapons, the Covid injections came out. Pfizer was released in December of 2020. And then Moderna and J&J and AstraZeneca was released after the first of the year and 21 in January of 21, in February, so we'll just put the stake in the sand and say, the vaccines the Covid shots came out at in the beginning of 2021. And since I've been studying problems associated with vaccines for 23, 20 years at that point in time, I said, well, this is just a lateral move, what is in these things? What are they doing what could possibly be the reason that they're hiding this behind an EUA, and emergency use authorization instead of coming full forward? With all the real research and things like that? Well, I started digging into it and I found not in not too short of an order after that I found published in the medical literature, the first 20 mechanisms of injury of the Covid shots of how they can make you sick or even kill you. And we decided that we were going to do a educational webinar to get that information out. So, this was at the beginning of 21 in May of 21. I did a big webinar and we had 1000s of people that came on the webinar with us and went through the first 20 mechanisms and then bad planning. On my part we did that on Saturday morning of Mother's Day weekend. And I had many people that said to me, “oh, man, I really missed it. I really wanted to see it.” And but you know, we had all these commitments that were things that we were doing and so, my team and I decided that we would do a second webinar in July of 21 in between May and July of 21. I discovered 20 more mechanisms of injury. So, in July of 21, we did the full, we did a review of the first 20 and then I release of the second 20. So totally, I had found 40 mechanisms of injury by July of 21. So, is in response to your question, how do I feel? You know, I've watched this since that time, all the way through the rest of 21, all of 22, all of 23. All of these more research articles and news headlines and different people talking about “Oh, we found well how the Covid shots injure you and I went,” Yeah, I talked about the exact mechanism back in in July of 21. News coming out, say, you know, making it sound like it's a brand-new thing they just discovered. What they actually did was bury and ignore the real things that were happening for these last three years.

Mike Adams: Yeah, and I want to mention Dr. Tenpenny. When you talk about 40 now, mechanisms of injury, these aren't 40 things that you just thought up. These are 40 things that are incredibly well researched that are reflected in the medical literature that are evidence-based mechanisms of injury, correct?

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny:  Absolutely. And what mechanisms of injury means, it means how does this disrupt your cells? How does this disrupt your immune system? How does it affect your heart? How does it affect your brain and your central nervous system and your neurological system? How does that happened? That is what a mechanism of injury is. Not just the outcome of the injury, not just to say, myocarditis. These were ways that I showed of how we got to the myocarditis. How we got to the dementia? how we got to the front of frontal temporal lobe dysfunctions that we had, we saw the personality changes and people that have had two shots and a booster. I mean, this laid out how it happened. And these were all came directly from peer reviewed publications and journals. They were just buried, you just had to do the research to find them.

Mike Adams: Yep, exactly. So, let me give out the website, it's going to be BrightU.com, which is BrighteonUniversity. So, it's the word bright, followed by the letter U, BrightU.com. So, if you go to BrightU.com, you can register to watch this entire series for free. You just enter your email address, you'll be able to get all 40 mechanisms of injury, the full presentation, the updated presentation, and some bonus items are available for purchase, which is optional, of course, but go register at BrightU.com. This begins streaming on March 9th, that's a Saturday and it streams for about looks like 11 days different chapters each day. So go ahead and register for that you can watch it all for free or you can optionally purchase the full digital download and you can help support Dr. Tenpenny’s work as well as supporting our platform. So, Dr. Tenpenny let me ask you about, like some of the highlights of some of the things I have a list here that you provided us of these 40 mechanisms. And I'm just looking at one of them is neurological degeneration, penetrating the blood brain barrier. And you mentioned personality changes earlier. I've seen this I think most of our audience, they've seen this as well, they've noticed that people who have taken multiple jobs and boosters, they have changed. They have lobotomies in essence, some kind of brain damage. And in some cases, personality changes, they have become more angry, more animalistic, more like their higher cognitive functions that define a human being seem to have been eroded by this, what have you found out?

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Well, I found that out early on that whatever was in the, you know, the lipid nanoparticles and the spike proteins and things that were in the original injections and continue to be in the injections that they could cross the blood brain barrier. Now the blood brain barrier is put in place just like it's called the name of it to keep things out of the brain that don't belong there. You know, that are in your circulation that don't belong in the brain and on the one hand, that's a really, really good thing to protect your brain. On the other hand, if you have like a brain tumor or something and you're trying to get medicine into the brain, that can be a inhibiting barrier. But there, the blood brain barrier is there to protect your brain. What's in the Covid shots, particularly the spike proteins, were able to cross the blood brain barrier and go in and cause disruption of neurological connections, particularly in your frontal lobe. And your frontal lobe is what the area of your brain that lives sits behind your forehead. And it talks and talks about emotion. Emotive language inhibitions like things like you want to say, but then you think, “Oh, that maybe I shouldn't say that.” That's your frontal lobe that stops those things.

Mike Adams: I don't have that part functioning. I just say whatever needs to be said, I've managed to turn that part off.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: So, you know, when you hear people and they have, you know, aggressive road rage, or they just, you know, suddenly they're spouting off things that you that they that they would have never done before and with some cruelty and not really thinking it through of maybe even the way that they're saying it, that they could say the same thing, but without delivering it without sledgehammer. That's frontal temporal lobe dysfunction, that's frontal, temporal over here on in your temporal area, dysfunction, and the spike protein can cross the blood brain barrier and could go in and cause disruption in those neurological connections. And I'm like you, Mike, I have I've heard countless stories of people who've said that, you know, my parents got both jabs and a booster, and they're just not the same people. They just can't relate to them the same. They don't seem to have any empathy. There, you know, when I tried to talk to them, they seem really angry and aggressive. That is a Covid vaccine injury. In fact, when Pfizer came out with that first tranche of documents that they were required to do by law, and in that was that first one of the first documents that had over 1200 diseases and conditions and syndromes that they knew were part of those side effect profile. Even before they released the jabs, I've used that document and have said to people who approached me and maybe like the same, they approach you and they go. Do you think that the Covid Jab can cause and then just fill in the blank with whatever condition there's that you can possibly think of? My answer, that is always yes. Because they had 1200 things, I'm sure you can find a related syndrome or condition on that list. And if they isn't on that list, then you know, it's something that could be very well cross related to the things that were on that list.

Mike Adams: What's important to, I think, is that these 40 mechanisms of injury, they can create bizarre combinations of symptoms or syndromes. I mean, even just 40 based mechanisms, the way that they proliferate throughout the body and affect different organs and different systems can be very complex. I know of someone, for example, who has suffered some kind of severe neurological chronic pain ever since taking the first jab. And she only took the first jab, nothing after that. But she felt a neurological deadness for a couple of weeks, that was probably the shot, carrying out the nerve damage and doing the phlebotomy. And then after that she has suffered painful, a painful existence ever since. But she can't put her finger on it. It's not like, you know, a limb hurts or a specific organ hurt. It's like neurological pain on fire from the moment you wake up all day long, every day.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Yeah, well, again, you know, could, can you fill in the gap from that, you know, one of the things that I did when I when I put together these 40 mechanisms, and is that I divided things into category. Now, category one vaccine injury is people who die, sudden deaths like within in this as well documented that they died within a big peak on the bell curve, within the first 48 hours of getting their jabs.  That's, you know, category 1, sudden death from heart attack strokes, blood clots, within the first 24 to 48 hours, we've kind of passed that window. Now, unless people are still getting jabs that category 2 is what is classified as spike protein disease, that spike the spike protein exists. And because of the messenger RNA replication, that it goes on and on forever, it doesn't stop because it's been genetically it's been synthetically modified our regular messenger RNA in our body breaks down really quickly are at, we've got enzymes that break it down really quickly. And if they were to inject a shot that just had regular messenger RNA into our system, it would be degraded very quickly, I mean, within a matter of hours, and certainly within a matter of a couple of days. But they figured that out, and they synthetically modified it, and they replaced in a nucleic acid called Euro dill was pseudo-Euro dill. And when they put pseudo-Euro dill in there, it allows the messenger RNA to not only stay in existence, and then wrapped it around a lipid nanoparticle to stay in existence. It allows it to replicate over and over and over again indefinitely. In fact, there have been some, there were some autopsies that were done within the first 8 to 10 to 12 months on people who had died. And they found that the messenger RNA with the pseudo-Euro dill in it, we're continuing to replicate and create spike proteins. So, Category 2 is spike protein disease. And that can be neurologic and be cardiovascular, it can affect your lungs, your kidneys, your reproductive organs, that all happens. And that is also because that happens in perpetuity when people first when I first came out this and people are going oh, yeah, Dr. Tenpenny, tinfoil hat conspiracy theory, when do you think you're gonna start seeing all these deaths. And I said at that time in 2021, I said, it's going to be three to five years out that we're going to start seeing a hockey stick puck of deaths and happening around the world. And that is where we are and what we are seeing right now.

Mike Adams: That's exactly where we are a cancer deaths are skyrocketing. That's all born out in the statistics. And so-called turbo cancers appear to be one of the effects of this spike protein disease that you call it. But also, we're seeing a lot more deaths of younger people from probably, you know, heart conditions, myocarditis and clots. A lot of new information about clots is coming out now, again, you know, two years after I was talking about this with Dr. Jane Ruby, you know, back a couple of years ago, and then it kind of went away, and now it's back. But it's still getting worse. That's the thing.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Well, that's category 2, Mike. That's a spike protein spike up, but then there's a lot big class of people out there that say, well, I got the jabs and I seem to be okay. You know, I don't have any problems. I'm not dead yet. And I don't have any of these underlying health conditions. And my response to that is where you from, perhaps fall into category 3, which is autoimmune diseases, because it can take months to years for autoimmune diseases to really ramp up and become a real problem. And early on, I spoke to a couple of immunologists who said to me, you know, Sherry, we are in big trouble for the next 10 years we are in within the next 10 years, we're going to see rampant autoimmune disease unlike anything that we've ever seen before. So that's, you know, so now we've got sudden death, big ramp up of deaths within three to five years, ongoing more, slower kill off factors up to 10 years and then category 4 is some of what you mentioned about the turbo cancers that are happening primarily in leukemias, lymphomas, breast cancer, you see it also in prostate cancer. Those are some of the top 4, you also see the big infertility problem that has happened and that's happening all over the world because the spike protein gets involved in with the ovaries and testes and young people The myocarditis, which has become common, and we talk about it commonly now. So, you've got four categories. And the reason why I think this is so important to keep talking about it, and to go back and review it and keep it on people's mind is two things. The first thing is that, for some unknown reason, there's a big swatch of humanity that's been living underneath a rock. And they're just now finding out about these things. And the second thing is that, if we know about it, we can talk to people about no longer don't get any more boosters, you know, you've already damaged your immune system to a certain degree. And we know what it does with the toll like receptors, which shuts down your body's ability to fight regular garden variety, influenza and different things like that. And that's why people who've had the Covid jabs tend to get sick more, they have more the flu, they have regular Coronavirus infections, they have RSV, they have all these different things, because their immune systems have been so damaged, even with one shot. So, it's like you, we have to keep people aware of this. And I'm thinking to maybe category 3 is that at some point, Mike, the underlying is going to show up. And we're going to tip over over the top, and people are going to get it and they're going to be enraged about it. And they were going to really force transparency and accountability for what our government has not only allowed, but what they've actively been involved with doing less.

Mike Adams: Well, that's why this topic and your content is so critical. And that's why for those of you watching, it's really a great idea to become familiar with this, watch the free presentation, the multi part series. Again, go to BrightU.com register for free. But you can also tell a friend about it. If you have a friend who's just now realizing oh my gosh, these things cause damage. Maybe they're not as safe as we were promised. I mean, obviously they're not. Tell a friend about it. They can watch the series even just ask them to watch day one, what is that again, March 9th, coming up. If they can just spend one hour, because see each episode loops over and over again for a 24-hour window. So, they can log in, they can go toBrightU.com at any time on March 9th, day or night, and they can watch episode 1, ask them to just watch one episode and see if they want to continue with episode 2, which airs the next day, March 10th, and so on. And they will learn a wealth of information. Now, Sherry, I've noticed something else as an employer. You know, we work with a large number of people recruiting people hiring and firing people routinely. It's all part of business, you know, operations, I've noticed that the number of candidates now who are cognitively intact, is dropping rapidly. I've also seen previous employees who got vaccinated who lost their ability to do their job, they were good at something before 2021, then they got the vaccine. And then they could no longer do it. Their brains were literally damaged. And then the candidates that we get right now, like, recently, we're advertising for a customer service position, we got hundreds of resumes, 99% of them were from people who did not have the cognition to be able to do the job. And that's not even a difficult job. I am seeing a real cognitive collapse around the world because of these vaccines. Is that something that is confirmed by your research?

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Yep, that's what we were just talking about earlier about the spike protein going across the blood brain barrier. And you know, once you have done things to mess up your cognition, and you know, if you think about the brain is a big circuit breaker, and there's all these neurons that come together and they have to fire in order in certain sequences. Once they once those sequences, let's say that they were glued together like this, and then suddenly because of the shot, they're now like this, you know, now we've either got to get them back to where they were, or we've got to create new pathways to get them into an indirect circuitry so yes, that doesn't surprise me at all. And because the Covid shots also with the myocarditis people, they say that even one person I'm sorry If only you've had only one of the shots, it can cause some level of mild myocarditis even though it may be asymptomatic. And a lot of people that may be listening to this may think I don't want to know that that's way too depressing. And you know, I've had these shots I, I just don't want to know about this. But it's important to feel the pain and move through it anyways, because this was just round one. And right now, we're the new cycle, and everything is kind of quiet. And I look at this as kind of being the call the inhale before the next exhale, the call before the next storm. And if you are aware of what they have injected into your system, and they're, you know, honestly, I don't think I think that people can detox to a certain degree, they can get out maybe some of the nanotechnology, maybe the graphene oxide, you know, maybe other contaminants that were in there. But the problem is, that some of the stuff because of the DNA contaminants, because of the messenger RNA contaminants, it goes inside of your cell and CO mingles with your DNA, and happens, it's like, how do you literally detox from that? I think that, you know, there was somebody who said, a pretty well-known researcher said a week ago, in one of their subsets, they said, you know, the day of total detox is over, you know, we're not going to be able to do it. Now, we can always get better. And we have to continually detox from because if you think of this way, if you've got an empty bucket, and you detox down to the empty part of the bucket, but it's going to slowly fill back up again, you got to keep it down, and you got to keep it down. So, it's always good that you can detox with, there's all kinds of things out there that you can detox with. We have a bunch of selections at our website, one website, which is drtdetox.com, that people can go and look at different things. So, I always encourage people to detox. But I think that looking for the Holy Grail and seeking for the golden ribbon that's going to completely get these Covid shots out of your body. I honestly, it's my personal opinion. I don't think that's possible.

Mike Adams: Yeah, that's, I have a question for you about that. But let me also mention your main website, which is drtenpenny.com. Just drtenpenny.com, but dr Instead of the word doctor, so a lot of links there for all your content and books and programs as well. And then again, for this event coming up March 9th, it's BrightU.com, where people can register and watch the entire series for free. But I want to ask you, in your research, for how long will the spike protein continue to be manufactured by the cells in some people's bodies? You know, I've never had an answer.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Yeah, there isn't one, though. Nobody knows. Honestly, quite frankly, Mike, you know, you do a lot of research in your labs and different things like that. Who is funding research like that? Nobody. There's nobody.

Mike Adams: That's true.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: And so, you know, nobody really knows, and nobody really cares. And they all the people that would care, the scientists that would want to do that kind of research, they lose their funding, if they try to do it, because, you know, in people so we know from early autism, or I'm sorry, Autopsy studies, we know from early on, that it was 8 to 10 to sometimes 14 months that they were still replicating. This question that comes up on top of that is how long does this shedding phenomenal go on? You know, the mission of Spike protein or have whatever it is that was in the lipid nanoparticles or whatever it is that that was passing from person A to person B, and causing them to have all kinds of side effects, including abnormal menstrual cycles and those things how long does that shedding phenomena go on? Nobody knows the answer to that either. I mean, if somebody does, I've never seen it published. And I have my head in this literature every single day. Now, again, who's studying it? First of all, people don't believe it. I mean, the scientists don't believe it. The mainstream propagandists say it doesn't exist. So why would we try to create something to prove that it does exist and then track how long it happens? There's no answer to that.

Mike Adams: You know, it's even worse than that in France, they just pass a law. I'm sure you're aware of this where you can go to jail for three years for saying that you don't like the mRNA Covid injections. You can be fined, imprisoned?

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Yeah. What does that tell the general people? What do you what does that tell you about what's coming next and why you need to know about it.

Mike Adams: Right, right. Exactly. I mean, forget about the science. The science is supposed to be able to hear criticism and hear new evidence and self-correct based on new evidence. Now, it's not the science, it's the prison. If you don't agree with us, you go to jail. And the problem is the government's narrative is always changing. You know, at first, they said that the vaccines are safe and effective. And then later on it came out, they said, well, they don't actually prevent transmission or infection. So, what? Because when we said that two years ago, we got deplatformed. So now you're saying what we said, but it's okay because you say it. But does that mean you're gonna let people out of jail in France? If you put them in jail, but then the narrative change? And then did they get released? Is there like a prisoner release program because the narrative change? You know, how's this going to work? This is insane.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Yeah, and you nailed it right on the head. I mean, it's absolutely the truth. And it's, if it starts in France, you know, it makes you wonder what is burbling underneath the surface for the rest of the countries in the EU, and the countries in North America. And so, you know, we've got to know what they are trying to inject in our body what it can possibly do. And maybe there are some people who are listening to this and we'll who will, will be watching this whole series I'm on Brighteon is, you know, once they find one of the mechanisms of injury, that they may be able to find something to unbundle it to reverse it. You know, there are there are certainly medicinal spices and herbs and Homeopathics and Ayurvedic medicine and lots of nutritional sorts of things, you can always make yourself healthier, with everything that I do everything that you do, and you promote, through your sites and through your educational programs, everything that I do, we can always get healthier but you know, so I think the idea of looking for, you know, the magic bullet that's going to completely remove this stuff from our system. If we made the fear-based mistake to get these shots, I think that that's looking for, you know, the needle in the haystack, I think that we need to look at each of the things that this can do. Like if it can damage your heart, then you need to do things to make your heart healthier lives when you 10 and you know getting regular blood tests keeping your cholesterol in check, not super low, I don't I think cholesterol is less than 200 or silly. But keeping it less than 300, for sure. Changing your diet getting things that if you are reading a label and it says B E foods contained herein that means bio-engineered, which is a combination of the made it genetically in the lab, or they made it genetically modified by inserting an organism, you don't want to eat that kind of stuff. If you can't read the 27 different additives on the label, then you probably shouldn't put it in your mouth. I mean, there's all kinds of things that we can do, because the body has this incredible ability to heal itself. So, if we're doing things to heal the heart, heal the lungs, heal the kidneys heal your brain, and you're taking the right things to try to maximize the areas that have not been adversely affected, then at the end of the day, your overall body is going to be better, healthier and moving back along the continuum of wellness.

Mike Adams: I think that's a very rational approach to this. And I'm glad you said that total detox is probably not possible. I don't want people to have unrealistic expectations that they're going to just do one thing like, Oh, I'm gonna take, I mean, I've heard people talking about like carbon 60, or, you know, different kinds of… They think like, that's gonna take care of everything. That's probably not Yeah, it's gonna be a multi layered, it's gonna be a lifestyle change approach, that you're gonna have to continue for a long time. And you can get better every single day. And, you know, even I was telling you, like, on the phone the other day, you know, I almost accidentally almost cut off my index finger, like nine months ago. And man, I use nutrition, I leaned on it very heavily in order to heal and regrow nerves and regrow skin and blood vessels. And even a partial tendon severed. And it worked. It worked for me. But then again, I have a really strong base of good nutrition every day, and I don't do processed foods, and I don't do you know, a bunch of fried foods, and I don't take any medications. So, like, I'm sort of starting at third base, like, already, you know what I mean? Whereas the average person is so suppressed, and then they take vaccines on top of that, and then their immune system is just shot. And it's, I mean, you're you and I are trying to educate people, but I feel sorry for people who don't know.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Well, like I said, at the beginning, you know, people have been, you know, living underneath a rock for the last three years and they don't understand all the different things that have happened with these jabs, not only from a health perspective, from a geopolitical perspective, from a government perspective, I mean, there's still a lot of people that you know, it's easier to not know it's much easier to put your head in and be like an ostrich and put your head in the sand and ignore all these things. Because once you know what you know, you can't unknow it. And once you know it, you are really compelled as an individual and as a human collective to try to do something about it. Even if that just means onesies, twosies like with you and your family, like eating better and cleaning up your diet and getting rid of your, your junk food in your house and replacing your snacks with, with whole organic fruits and vegetables and you know, organic if you want popcorn, you can have organic popcorn, that's non GMO and things like that. I mean, there's still ways that you can eat and it can be tasty, and it can be healthy. And it doesn't have to be polluted with all the garbage they put in our food. That's the first, that's the foundation. That's the first step.

Mike Adams: We have a new macaroni and cheese, instant meal at our store. That's non-GMO, organic lab tested, just like six simple ingredients. And people love it. It's like, it feels like you're kind of cheating and having like a junk food, but it's not. It's actually really delicious and really helpful. But sorry to interrupt, I just had to had to throw that in there. Because we're trying to do tasty foods that are healthy and clean, too.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Yeah, because people think if they, if they're, if there's new to this discussion, if they think you, you say you've got to clean up your diet and stop eating junk food. They're like, what am I going to eat? Or I can't tell you how many patients in my office over the years that we've tested them and found out that they are, you know, gluten or dairy sensitive, particularly gluten. And I've had people sit in my office and cry, literally cry and go, what am I going to eat if I can't eat? you know, cereal and bread and donuts and all these sorts of things. And so, it's, you know, it's a process and you have to start somewhere. And it doesn't have to be an all or none process. I mean, if you improve your diet by 10%, this month, and another 2% The following month, and you know, it's like, by the end of the year, you've made enormous changes. You've figured out ways to spice your food with good herbs and spices. And you've been able to you know, do things differently, that you know, a year from now you'll look back and go oh my gosh, I can't believe I ate all that garbage before. But right now, if you try to go from point A to point Z in one leap, nobody will do it. It's not sustainable.

Mike Adams: Yeah, exactly. And so much pressure.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Yep, exactly.

Mike Adams: The marketing and promotion of processed junk foods is so insane in our society. But let me shift gears, I want to ask you a bigger picture question here, given the fact that you've uncovered these 40 mechanisms that are part of your series here? I'm sure. Well, I mean, you didn't contradict me if necessary. But I think that you would say that these mechanisms were well known by those who released these vaccines. You already mentioned Pfizer and the 1200 effects. But how do you explain the fact that they knew these things were going to happen? And then they push the vaccine anyway? You know, what? You mentioned bio weapon earlier, it seems like it's not just a weapon, it's the most evil thing that you could do to human population is to inject them with this.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: That sums it up. You know, that was one of the other questions that I got early on, on top of this sort of snide questions about, well, when do you think all these deaths are going to happen, Dr. Tenpenny? And then I would get the bigger question of like, what do you think is the big picture here? What is the overall agenda and from early on in 2020, when they first released this even before I was, as I was putting together the 40 mechanisms of injury? I said, it's a global depopulation plan they've been talking about if you go to the World Economic Forum site, they talk about all sorts, they have all kinds of videos talking about that the we have to decrease the population on the planet. Bill Gates have talked about it in, in in different TED Talks that he did, you know that we've got a low in that lower the carbon level, which also means we'll lower the oxygenation level, because it'll kill off the trees, but we need to get, you know, they would say we need to get 3.5 billion people off the planet. And by about the middle of 2022, I said, Man, you know, unfortunately, if the numbers are true, and there really isn't any way that I know of, to really check these numbers, if it's really true that more than 70% of the entire global population has had at least one jab to 70%. That's, that's a real, I said, they're gonna get it. That's what their target was, was to get rid of, you know, what Kissinger called the worthless eaters years ago, you know, decades ago, he referred to, for two people at the lower end of the economic scale. As worthless eaters, they were just taking up space and being a drain on the environment, and we needed to need to stop that. And they tried population control from different perspectives and it didn't work. And that's part of the reason why I say, you know, the depopulation, if they're going to all the separate to kill off all these people from the top down, they're going to make the young people in fertile. So, they can't refill up the pot of humanity from the bottom up so that they can sustain their global depopulation. I bet that they really felt like we had already depopulated the planet. Because remember this, we don't have any data from, you know, little tiny countries like Bangladesh, or, you know, Afghanistan or even from Iran and Iraq, which are large countries, but they don't keep databases like what we do.

Mike Adams: I don't trust population data out of China in particular.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Well, there's another country, right? And so, we don't really know. But when you start to ask around, and almost everybody, you know, knows at least one person that's died from this jab. Well, if you take the entire population, and everybody says, yes, I know one person, and they're not talking about the same one person. Where does that leave you in terms of statistics?

Mike Adams: Well, that's a really interesting question, because I've heard from other researchers that there's a pretty good case to be made that at least 20 million people have been killed by vaccines worldwide and out that we know about exactly, and that was even several months ago for those numbers. And, and I know that those estimates were very conservative. And I've heard other estimates of 50 million plus maybe more. But it whether it's 20 million, 100 million or a billion, it's still the highways in LA are still jammed up, you still can't find parking, you know, it's the globalist have not achieved their goal yet. Right? So, do you think that it's just that this is a slow acting long term, kill off mechanism? Or do you think that they failed somehow that it wasn't as aggressively weaponized as they wanted, and they're gonna release round 2?

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Both. I think that this is a slower mechanism, because if they would have killed off everybody all at once, I'd have been far too obvious. You know, and so in, when I just laid out from the 40, mechanisms of injury, you know, we've got a three-to-five-year span, you know, and that wasn't like, all of a sudden, a whole bunch of people would just drop dead. I mean, it's like onesies, twosies, threesies, you know, all the way through three to five years. And then we've got, you know, up to 10 years, where we are creating really significant autoimmune diseases, and the drugs that they use to treat the autoimmune diseases, the in and of themselves are really dastardly. And so, the first thing that you said, were they, you know, is this sort of a slow kill off? Well, that's what we're seeing right now, you know, that every week, you know, all the material that have been put out by Dr. William MCES, by Ed Dowd by you know, all these people, these researchers that crunch all these numbers, we're seeing that now. And the second thing is do you think did will they release a second thing? The I think the only thing that they're waiting for is the passing of the WHO treaty. And I think that they were not expecting the level of blowback that they've gotten, you know, from the people that really took it to heart and went and spoke to parliament's all over Europe, and showed them the data and got them involved in saying, you know, these people really want to take over your sovereignty. And people are refusing, you know, in your countries in Europe are saying, wait a minute, I don't want to be part of this, you know, you've got to do more than this. And Tedros has ringing his hands and beside himself. And I think that they were waiting to put that in place, because then there would be absolutely no recourse ever, for anything that they've done or admonish to the populations to have done them.

Mike Adams: That's really interesting that you mentioned that because I think that Covid in human history Covid was the event that woke up billions of people to the reality that their own governments are terrorist organizations.Governments have been weaponized against them, and that their own governments are at war with them. And the who is no better example of a quasi-government globalist organization that is at war with the human race.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Yeah, well, WHO, WEF, you know, BIS Bank of International Settlements if you get to talking about the economics. I mean, all of that, just about every three-letter agency that you can talk about. I mean, the FDA has been co-opted by, by big pharma, the USDA has been co-opted by big food and big egg, you know, the EPA has been co-opted by big chemical. And then you could just keep going for three letter agencies, the FBI, the CIA, you know, the, all the different agencies around the world that unfortunately, many of these organizations if you go back historically in time, they were put together to do good things. And then over time, they just became more and more corrupt to what we're seeing today.

Mike Adams: But you still have this group of people, maybe it's 40% of the population, maybe it's 30 or 50, I don't know, who believe everything that the government tells them. They believe that vaccines help them. They keep getting sick with the flu every year, but they keep going back and getting more flu shots. They keep catching Covid. And they go back and get more Covid boosters. They're gullible. And some of these people I know you've seen this. They're high IQ people. I've encountered this in the AI community of machine learning experts, high IQ mathematics experts, you know, science experts, completely gullible when it comes to trusting government and trusting vaccines and trusting Big Pharma. Those people are committing vaccine suicide.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Yes, they are. And I don't think that making those choices have anything to do with IQ.

Mike Adams: I agree with you, yeah.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Years ago, many years ago that probably more than 10 years ago now, I was on a cruise with my now deceased husband, you know that. And we were talking, we were standing somewhere on the cruise ship, it was some wine and cheese party thing. And we got to talking about, you know, vaccine problems with one of the people who was working on the ship. I think that they were there as a vendor. And, you know, this woman got out, I'll never forget it, because it's so resonated with me. She got really defensive about, you know, these whole things she goes, she but you know what, you got to trust somebody, she said, like, I'm trusting the captain of this ship, it knows what they're doing, I don't have to go up and learn his job just to qualify him as the right person and if I'm flying on an airplane, I have to trust that that pilot has been trained and knows what he's doing. I have to trust that the doctors have learned what they have been doing what they're supposed to do. I can't like just abandon a trust in my government. Oh, my gosh, isn't the government elected by the people? I can't not abandon trust in that. And I think that if, you know, she went on and on. But that gives you the idea. I think that that's where a lot.

Mike Adams: Totally gullible.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Well, Gullible and also like, one year, I had my physician's assistant said to me, we were had gone out to dinner after work. And I was early on when I was getting into a lot of these things about vaccines. And I'll never forget her saying to me, you know, I, if I really believed that my government was not protecting me, and my government was good was out to get me. She said, I don't think I could get out of bed in the morning, I think I'd be so fearful of every single thing that because I wouldn't be able to trust them. I don't know how I would live. And I think people get into the space of if, if I question them, then what do I What do I do? What do I fill that void with? And that's where we come in, for our job is to fill that void for those people.

Mike Adams: I think you're exactly right, I'm sorry to keep interrupting. But back on the metaphor, the story, she was saying, you know, if the boat captain kept deliberately trying to ram the boat into lighthouses. You would say there's something wrong with his boat captain, right? Or if the pilot of an airplane crashed the airplane, he would kill himself off, and he would no longer be a problem. But the pilot of a vaccine pushing government can kill off people, and they themselves never suffer any consequences whatsoever, right? I mean, just on and on so many examples of this. Or, if…

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: That's where you and I come in, to fill in that void, that when people suddenly start to wake up, and they say, I can't trust this, you know, people are poor of it, you know, it's just human nature to a poor a vacuum, you need to fill it with some. And that's where our educational programs and the things that you offer on Brighteon, what we offer on learning for you at drtenpenny.com. All the podcasts that I do all the interviews that you do, we are filling people with a different way to think about just about everything in life, whether it has to do with their food, with supplements, with the government, with their money with, you know, gold and silver with all kinds of things is to so they don't feel like oh, I have to navigate back towards these nefarious things in these critters that are trying to kill me. If I'm moving away from them, what can I move towards? And what can I fill that void with that will protect me protect my family will feed me will keep my money safe. It's our job in the things that you do at Brighteon and what we do as in our things, and with other guests that you have on your shows do. It's our responsibility to keep moving forward and put information in front of people to fill that gap. So, they don't feel like they're stepping out into thin air.

Mike Adams: Exactly right. And kind of summarizing what you and I have just talked about Sherri, I would say that belief in false authority will get you killed.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Absolutely. Well said.

Mike Adams: If you don't have that discernment, it doesn't matter how high your IQ is. You can be a brain surgeon. You can be a rocket scientist. You can be a mathematics genius, if you are too gullible and you believe in government and Big Pharma and the FDA and the CDC, they will convince you to take actions that will get you killed or have you lobotomized and by the way, one of the reasons that we don't hear from people who are killed by the vaccines because they're dead. I mean, they kill off their own victims who don't talk. It's kind of like, you know, the mafia is like, yeah, “the dead guys don't talk, you know, they don't spill secrets, take them out and sink them in the river,” you know, and but this is the vaccine industry, this is the killing off people. And then those people can never bear witness against what happened to them because they're dead.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Yeah, I mean, sure. I think that's a good analogy.

Mike Adams: Okay, okay. Let me remind people, the website is BrightU.com, where you can register to watch this full program. And it begins March 9th, you can watch the whole thing for free. Just register with your email address at BrightU.com You also have the option to purchase the full digital download plus a bonus items. Sherri, what are you including with the bonus items, by the way?

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Well, there are our printout pages that you can have that we'll just go through and list the 40 mechanisms, and also links, there's active links on these downloads that you can do that can take you directly to the studies, they actually published studies where I found all this information. So, you can see I'm not doing it for free, there's actually a book that we put together about it, there's a whole the whole video, as you know, as people can get them watch the whole video from beginning to end. And then once you own it, you can share it. And so, it's um, you know, that's those are some of the things the key things, there are some other things that we're going to put in there, that will be surprises.

Mike Adams: Okay, so people can buy the full download, they can download it, and then they can put it on a thumb drive and give it to a friend and say, watch this?

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Yes, I think that, that's important. Because, you know, we can we can sell our goods, and hopefully, you know, you're buying those things will support me, and we'll support Brighteon. And you know, because that's how we make a living, you know, this is what we do. And so, you know, we get paid for our time and paid for our knowledge, information and our research. And then but also anything that you buy as a commodity, I mean, you could buy something from the grocery store and give it away. I mean, you can buy something, you can buy somebody lunch, and you know, give it away. It's always it's like sharing things forward. And so, if you've got really good information, I mean, you can send them to the site and have them buy their own. If they can't afford it, you know, host a party at your house, I mean, download it, and have a pizza party, you know, with organic cheese, vegan cheese or something like that at your house, or have organic popcorn and have a Popcorn Party and have people come over and they're watching it, then you can stop it along the way, and have a open forum discussion about what they've learned and what they can do and ideas. And you can play it at your church, you know, you have a church basement thing some night, where you invite everybody from your church to come in for an hour, or I think the whole webinar is about two to two and a half hours when you buy the the download all in one piece. And you could do it in two different nights, you can invite in, you know, people from the community and say, this is what happened. This is what's going on, if you're questioning any weird symptoms or things that you're having in your body, this is what happened. And this is why you need to know about this. So, you don't allow it to happen. Again.

Mike Adams: Well, stated. Well, thank you so much, Dr. Tenpenny for all that you are doing and continue to do for humanity. This, the world would not have nearly as much knowledge on this, if not for you and your dedication to this. So, we thank you so much.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: You're welcome. It's been my life mission. I mean, I've been at this now for, you know, over 24 years. And so, I think that I kind of know a little bit about the topic.

Mike Adams: Yeah, you do. You are a real champion for human knowledge and truth telling. And, you know, look, they've tried to silence all of us, they are failing, especially with projects like this, BrightU and your website, drtenpenny.com. People can connect with the truth. This is reality-based information that you need to know in order to navigate and survive what's happening in our world. And they're probably going to release something else. So, it's critical to have this information before they do so. So that you know how it's going to work. They'll probably crank it up on the next one is my guess they're probably thinking, well, we didn't we didn't kill the billions that we wanted. So, you know, turn up the gain of function on the next one. Release that like level 10 You know, ah, that's gonna be a wild ride. But we're out of time today. And thank you so much, Sherri Tenpenny. God bless you. It's always great to speak with you.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: Thank you so much, Mike. It's been my pleasure and I hope that we can bring lots of good information to your audience.

Mike Adams: No, you are doing so indeed in spades. Well, thank you so much, Dr. Tenpenny. Have a wonderful day. And for those of you watching, thank you for watching today. You can repost this interview on other websites dates and channels and platforms as well. And be sure to register at BrightU.com and the full stream of this begins of March 9th with one new episode each day for 11 days after that starting on March 9th at BrightU.com Thank you for watching today God bless you. I'm Mike Adams, the founder of Brighteon, take care.

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