Child mutilators say their mutilations are “evidence-based care,” but where’s the evidence?
10/09/2022 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
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Child mutilators say their mutilations are “evidence-based care,” but where’s the evidence?

Are you a male interested in science-backed “gender affirming” surgery? That’s where surgeons create a vagina from a section of your bowels, and use tissues from your amputated penis to create a clitoris. Seattle Children’s Hospital wants everyone to know that it is their “mission” to do this to little boys who are confused by Leftist social media and now think they want to be a girl.

It’s an all-ages show, so step right up to the 3000-mile circus (the whole Leftist gender-fluid country), and get those irreversible surgeries to “affirm” all that gender confusion by making life WAY more confusing. What’s most confusing is that these child-mutilating surgeons and their hospitals claim all this work is based on science, but they don’t believe there’s a difference between men and women, or boys and girls, such as claiming men can get pregnant. If you don’t believe it, just watch Fox News tell Resident Biden all about it.

In other words, the misinformation specialists are hard at work confusing children by pretending there’s no difference between males and females, while sawing off their private parts (which may never work again) to make them look like the other gender, biologically-speaking.

Seattle Children’s Hospital brags about being… “the only pediatric academic medical center with fellowship-trained plastic surgeons who provide gender-affirming surgery” in their region, and they’re doubling down now that they’re getting lots of resistance from normal people and responsible parents in this country.

“We will continue to offer evidence-based gender-affirming care because it is lifesaving care and is aligned with our mission to help every patient live their healthiest and most fulfilling life possible,” they claim. “Lifesaving care?” Really? So the teenager was going to commit suicide if he didn’t get his penis turned into a vagina, or her breasts cut off and a fake penis added to her crotch? These are “unique needs” of adolescents and teens, they further claim.

Non-functioning sex organs and infertility are “side effects” of dangerous “gender-affirming” surgery promoted at Seattle Children’s Hospital

Just because surgeons use a scalpel and a mask, and do the surgery adolescents are saying they want, doesn’t make the procedure or results “science-based” or even safe. So if social media starts saying that gorilla-human-hybrids are now popular, should all the teenagers rush to the closest children’s hospital and get an ape’s tail permanently sewn between their buttocks?

Seattle Children’s Hospital website will do just about any kind of “revision surgery” on adolescents that has to do with altering gender looks, like double mastectomies, Adam’s apple removal, and “bottom surgery.” These victims of voluntary mutilation can suffer total loss of libido, proper ability to urinate, and permanent infertility.

Trying to change one’s gender by undergoing dangerous surgery is not by any means “lifesaving care” or necessary. It also doesn’t ‘affirm’ the opposite gender because biologically one remains the same gender from birth to death. It’s just a huge, perverted distraction from everything in this world that actually matters, like family, health, safety, and livelihood.

Still, if the insane, gender-fluid Leftists had their way, the entire country would be chock full of deformed trans-humans and it would look like the Island of Dr. Moreau, where we would all be like violent Neanderthals, having sex outside everywhere, all day, like the animals on the Discovery Channel.

Be happy with what your parents and God have given to you. Don’t take things for granted, and keep those morals and ethics in tact. Tune your internet channel to for updates on the gender-confused insane Left pushing mutilating sex surgery on kids across the nation.

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