ANALYSIS: Why China LOSES any escalation involving Taiwan and the United States Navy
By Mike Adams // Aug 04, 2022

In reaction to Nancy Pelosi's visit to the independent island nation of Taiwan, communist China is having a bitchfit and launching missiles with flight paths over Taiwan while all but surrounding the island nation with live fire naval and air exercises. According to China, this is all part of the CCP's "reunification" plan to take Taiwan under control of the CCP, using military force to achieve its goals.


Taiwan is a key strategic supplier of 2nm microchips to western nations, providing critical components to Apple, weapons manufacturers, navigation, transportation and telecommunications industries. Without Taiwan's steady supply of microchips (and other goods manufactured in Taiwan), western economies would face devastating economic consequences. For this reason, Taiwan holds strategic value for the western world that is far higher in the "critical infrastructure" hierarchy than Ukraine.

Should China choose to blockade or attack Taiwan, the likely counterattack by western allies would involve not just Taiwan, but also Japan, South Korea, Australia, the United States, the UK, Germany and other western nations.

Russia dominates ground warfare, but the USA dominates maritime force

As I detail in today's Situation Update podcast (below), Russia is formidable when it comes to ground warfare. Russian artillery, Iskander missiles, tactical nuclear missiles and other ground-based systems are the best and most effective in the world. But when it comes to maritime conflict, the United States Navy is irrefutably unrivaled.

The US Navy operates 11 aircraft carriers and 9 helo carriers, whereas Russia has but one carrier and China has only 2 aircraft carriers and 1 helo carrier. China's Liaoning carrier was purchased from Ukraine in 1998 and is an old Soviet design, which was re-engineered with Chinese technology (largely stolen from the USA) and finally made combat ready after 14 years of retrofitting. The Liaoning is not considered by naval experts to be any real challenge to a Nimitz-class U.S. carrier.

China's second carrier is the Shandong, a more modern carrier launched sometime around 2020. Even though it is a step up from the Liaoning, it is no match for US Nimitz-class or Ford-class carriers.

Currently in the area of Taiwan are three US carriers (and accompanying strike force groups): The USS America (a helo carrier), USS Tripoli (another helo carrier) and USS Ronald Reagan (a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier). The USS Abraham Lincoln is currently in the Hawaiian island area and is within reasonable reaction distance to Taiwan, if things go hot.

US Nimitz-class and new Ford-class carriers are by far the largest, most heavily armed and most capable warships in the world. Each one holds around 6,000 crew (including officers) and is powered by redundant nuclear power plants that allow the ships to run for 20 years without refueling. (This is an astonishing but true fact. They don't use diesel fuel, they run entirely on nuclear energy.)

The US Navy's Carrier Strike Groups (CSGs) are fully capable of defending against incoming missiles of all types, although we don't yet know the final answer on China's hypersonic missile capabilities vs. US carrier anti-missile defenses. Those details are likely classified.

China, of course, has plenty of land-based nuclear missiles, and the only real way China could stop the US Navy is to detonate nuclear missiles at altitude, over US carriers (if they could even gain access to that area).

China is vulnerable to Taiwan's missiles as well as the US Navy's firepower

Taiwan, meanwhile, has ground-based missile systems that can take out the Three Gorges Dam in China, which would plunge China's economy into collapse, lead to mass flooding and starvation, and possibly even help topple the Xi Jinping regime due to social unrest and mass uprisings that would take place over subsequent months.

On top of all this, the US Navy has nuclear-capable submarines with ocean-launched ICBMs that can destroy entire cities such as Beijing.

Thus, anything China wants to threaten to use against Taiwan or the US Navy, allied forces can threaten back at a much larger scale. Any escalation by China, it turns out, will only result in China paying a very heavy price.

For example, if China attempts to attack a US aircraft carrier, the US Navy may respond by sinking one of China's two existing carriers. Should China lose a carrier, this would have devastating consequences for China's international reputation, and it would show that the US is fully capable of throwing its weight around, even far from home ports.

Here's a partial infographic showing the capabilities of the new Ford-class aircraft carriers now being constructed for the US Navy:

Why the US is trying to provoke a war with China

Given the disastrous US pullout from Afghanistan under traitor-in-chief Joe Biden, the United States currently suffers from a catastrophic loss of reputation in terms of its military capabilities. This is influencing many nations around the world seeking to move away from the petro dollar and embrace the BRICS nations alternate monetary system, spearheaded by China and Russia. In order to reshape America's standing among the international community, the United States needs to achieve victory in a significant military conflict that sends the message that America can still dictate terms to the world.

Put another way, defending the petro dollar status -- which is what allows the Federal Reserve to print more money and export inflation around the world -- requires the United States of America to be "credible" in its projection of power around the world. If the US military can't win military conflicts, then the world loses faith in the dollar currency.

For this reason, we believe, Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan was designed to provoke a military escalation from China in order to justify US entering a war with China.

Right now, the US almost seems to be taunting China into a provocation, hoping that China will lash out in a reckless way that will justify America's heavy-handed response that could either sink a Chinese carrier or achieve some other highly visible defeat of China's military.

Notably, China has a massive military in terms of ground personnel, but even if you have 100 million armed soldiers on land, that does absolutely nothing to alter the conflict on the high seas. Thus, America's Navy maintains key advantages when the conflict can be waged in the oceans rather than on land. Taiwan's existence as an independent island nation means that if China hopes to take Taiwan, they must engage in naval warfare first, presenting a nearly impossible barrier to the taking of Taiwan, unless the US Navy abandons the defense of Taiwan.

China would prefer to weaken America through unrestricted warfare, and topple America from within

This is why China's key strategy in global warfare is to first take down the United States of America. This is in the process of being accomplished through:

  • CCP infiltation of the establishment media in the United States (Reuters, AP, NYT, WashPost, etc., are all puppets of the CCP, and many of them take money directly from the CCP to run pro-China propaganda disguised as news).
  • CCP blackmailing of the Biden regime due to Hunter Biden's laptop evidence involving under-age, trafficked Chinese prostitutes.
  • CCP infiltration of academia, now abundantly evident in the libtard class of school teachers and college professors becoming full-blown Marxists.
  • The development biological weapons via gain-of-function research, even in collusion with corrupt, treasonous US operatives (Anthony Fauci, the NIH, the NIAID, etc.) in order to achieve economic destabilization and depopulation.
  • CCP bribery of US governors such as Newsom, who has received billions of dollars in illicit kickbacks from the CCP via money laundering operations disguised as PPE purchases for covid. GOP governors are also on China's payroll. (Georgia, anyone?)
  • CCP control of Big Tech and censorship of anti-CCP content in the United States.
  • CCP ownership and control of pop culture, such as the CCP owning or influencing nearly all of Hollywood and the entertainment industry.
  • Pushing LGBT themes, transgenderism, grooming, pedophilia and other twisted perversions on the US population while specifically prohibiting such expressions in China itself.
  • Colluding with Mexican drug cartels to smuggle fentanyl into the United States via the open southern border, taking the lives of over 60,000 young, military-aged American males each year due to overdose and substance abuse.
  • CCP sabotage operations targeting the US economy and fiat currency system. Port lockdowns in China, for example, weaken the US supply chain and are causing havoc among US retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. Amazon just clocked a $2 billion loss for the second quarter, and Walmart has just fired hundreds of top executives.
  • CCP infiltration of America's telecommunications infrastructure (Huawei) and cyber systems in order to establish cyber dominance and backdoor access to take down key infrastructure components at will.

Why China has been forced to accelerate its schedule

This process of taking down the USA via infiltration, cultural warfare, financial warfare and bioweapons takes time, of course. Thus, China's preferred strategy in all this was to wait another several years for America to become weak (and divided) while China produced more aircraft carriers. However, this timeline has been accelerated against China's wishes. The accelerating has been caused by:

  • Trump's highly effective trade war against China, involving tariffs and trade restrictions that, predictably, Joe Biden is rolling back in China's favor.
  • The fact that Joe Biden's time in the Oval Office is quickly coming to an end. Once Biden is removed (by whatever means), China loses key leverage against the Biden Crime Family, over which China has enormous quantities of blackmail material.
  • China's own collapsing domestic economy (Evergrande and Ponzi property developer collapse, bank bail-ins, domestic uprisings against property developers and banks, etc.) is driving the CCP into a corner where they need a war in order to quell rising domestic unrest and financial instability. China is mired in debt, and much of the Chinese economy has been built on a Ponzi scheme.

Thus, China appears to be forced to accelerate its attack against the United States, bringing it forward from 2035 into the current year, 2022. As we have previously reported, leaked audio from Chinese generals reveals that China is in the process right now of loading maritime ships (both military and merchant ships) in preparation for a very large-scale assault to take place seemingly within just a matter of months. This also explains why China just announced another lockdown of one million people, stemming from four "positive" cases of asymptomatic covid. These lockdowns have nothing to do with public health; they are designed to clear the streets and allow massive military movements involving equipment and personnel, loading transport ships and repositioning domestic military equipment in preparation for war.

In have interviewed JR Nyquist, Dr. Yen Li-Meng and whistleblower Jennifer Zhang on these issues and more. (See my interview video channel here on According to the best and most credible information we have right now, China is gearing up for an attack on the continental United States.

China's real military strategy is now being revealed right out in the open

As I have repeatedly stated in podcasts, China is unlikely to assault Taiwan with amphibious landings. Rather, China is going to blockade Taiwan with naval and air forces. In fact, this blockade has now begun.

The real attack by China will likely target the continental United States, with beach landings in California, coordinated with treasonous CCP puppet Gavin Newsom. Once Chinese troops land on the beaches, they will seize California's ports and dock larger military transport vessels to unload tanks, artillery and other land-based military equipment that will serve the PLA's invasion and occupation of America's western states (at least, that's the plan).

Understand that Gavin Newsom's effort to criminalize AR-15s and other rifles in California serves a dual purpose: He wants to make sure armed California citizens can't fight back against the impending Chinese invasion.

How will China make it to the West Coast of America with all these ships? Many will be disguised as merchant vessels and container ships. Parked offshore, containers outfitted with medium-range tactical nuclear missiles can open up and fire these missiles at strategic targets inside CONUS, such as California's National Guard bases, hydroelectric dams, railroads, power stations and other critical infrastructure.

The US Navy, meanwhile, will likely be given a stand down order by treasonous Pentagon officials who are following orders from Joe Biden, a fake president run by the CCP via blackmail leverage. It will be up to individual Navy commanders to break ties with the treasonous "woke" Pentagon and defend America against China's invasion force, even at the risk of being fired upon by other US vessels who are following orders from the swamp. Thus, the risk of a US military civil war is very real and quite high. China is counting on this, knowing that Joe Biden would authorize the use of nuclear missile strikes against US Carrier Strike Groups that do not obey orders to stand down.

This is why "white hats" in the US military must immediately arrest all traitors, including fake president Joe Biden and the entire cabal of Democrats who rigged the 2020 election in order to put themselves in precisely this position where the United States of America could be successfully invaded and occupied by China. All the Democrats who participated in the election rigging of 2020 -- from the lowest-level local Democrat mule to the highest-level operative -- must be arrested and charged with wartime treason.

What happens if China lands troops in California?

Once China lands troops in California and unloads heavy military equipment via California ports, it will be up to armed citizens to wage guerilla warfare against an invading enemy in order to save America from being overrun. This will be made extremely difficult by the fact that the US military, under orders from treasonous Biden, has sent the vast majority of anti-tank weapons, artillery weapons and other military resources to Ukraine. These various munitions are in low supply and cannot be manufactured by the United States in any sort of timely basis due to the fact that America's industrial might has long since been offshored to countries like China. Thus, Russia's Special Military Operation against Ukraine achieved a key strategic goal of occupying America's military resources in the Ukraine theater of war, making America extremely vulnerable to an invasion by China.

Once the invasion begins, California will fall quickly, and Chinese forces will push eastward, ultimately hoping to seize the fertile farmlands of the Midwest in order to produce abundant food supplies for the Chinese people. (China is currently unable to produce enough food to feed its population and must import the food from other countries.) As part of this goal, China intends to execute every living American, including those who went along with China's invasion. China's admitted goal, in other words, is full-scale genocide.

In this scenario, the United States of America will be fighting a determined, domestic guerilla war against both occupying enemy forces and the treasonous, rogue US government which will unleash US military troops against the American people in order to aid the communist Chinese. This is why the woke Pentagon is rapidly purging Christians, patriots and Trump supporters from the ranks of the military. When the Pentagon orders the military to start executing American citizens on American soil, they need to make sure all the remaining troops will say, "Yes sir!" and carry out the executions on command.

Understand that the Biden regime will be working alongside communist China to overrun CONUS and execute all Americans on sight. This plan has been in place long before Obama was placed into power, by the way.

This can all be stopped, but it would require removing the traitors from power

The above scenario describes where things are headed if they stay on the present course. This course can be altered, but any such alteration would require removing the traitors from power in the United States federal government. This includes treasonous actors in the US State Department and the DOJ. The coming mid-terms, should Republicans win a majority in the House, could be a turning point which might avert the worst case scenario. However, it's now rather obvious that Democrats are trying to start World War III before the midterm elections so that they can suspend the elections, declare military control over the entire country, and maintain an authoritarian military dictatorship for years to come.

Joe Biden's deliberate takedown of America's food infrastructure and energy infrastructure is all part of the engineered takedown of America. Everything is proceeding according to plan.

In summary, the Democrats have already come to realize that if they allow democracy to function, they lose power because most of their ideas are abhorrent to the American people, and their economic policies are catastrophic. The only way the Democrats can maintain power is to suspend elections, start a war, declare an emergency and use the cover of that emergency to carry out targeted assassinations and arrests of patriots, conservatives, Christians, gun owners, dissidents and anyone else they find sufficiently annoying to the regime.

The FEMA camps are very real. The illegitimate occupying Biden crime cartel plans to commit genocide against the American people and turn over the country to the communist Chinese.

This is the reality we're all facing under the tyranny of the Biden regime and Biden's controllers (Obama and key globalists).

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