Warnings become more dire as ‘Bidenflation’ forces massive changes in eating habits as food shortages become more pronounced from coast to coast
By News Editors // May 03, 2022

It seems the MSM  is trying very hard to finally catch up to the reporting by Independent Media regarding inflation, the rising of prices from food to gas and just about anything else consumers have the need to purchase.


(Article by Susan Duclos republished from AllNewsPipeline.com)

Of course it is blatantly obvious that they are using that "reporting" to offer the White House "spin," blaming everything under the sun, except the Biden regime's policies which have made the food shortages, the gas and food prices, and other retail price spikes at the fastest rate in four decades, according to CNBC.

Magny is one of millions of people starting to shift where her dollars go after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. Consumer prices have increased at the fastest clip in four decades. The cost of everything from housing to a latte is on the rise, begging the questions: When — and where — will consumers cut spending?

Some companies are already feeling the impact as they try to pass higher costs along to customers.

Not only are Americans wondering what they can do without, as the CNBC report asserts, but other reports indicate that people have had to actively change their eating habits, what they eat, the brands they purchase, due to spiking prices, with others forced to change those habits [due] to a shortage of the product itself.

The survey also asked respondents if the rising food prices caused them to change their eating habits, and 55 percent said it has. Half of Democrats say this is the case for them, and 62 percent of Republicans and 56 percent of independents said the same.

Despite having documented, with images our own readers have supplied, the food shortages, empty shelving, missing sections of products, now we see that the MSM prefers to ignore the past two years and claim that "food shortages" are coming in "six months" or so.

If what we have seen in the images sent us, which we have published over the past two years, aren't "shortages," we hate to see what the "New World Order" means by "food shortages."

Once again, ignoring a problem that America has been suffering from for more than a year-and-a-half, other reports are declaring "Biden must change course to preempt food shortage."

You cannot "preempt" something that is already happened. All one can do is change course and focus on what it will take to reverse the trend.


Meat sections like the one above are becoming a more common sight as the shortages start reaching some areas of the country that had previously not seen or felt the pain of the shortages to date, while prices, as shown in the image below have become so high, especially for those that commute to work and are spending a small fortune on gas, they are unaffordable to many now.

Hence the earlier citations of people doing without or changing their eating habits.

The warnings of food shortages in 2022, include meats, dairy products, eggs, fruits and vegetables and other products made with produce, canned goods, imported products, pet food shortages (which are already being seen nationwide), bottled water and sodas, paper goods including toilet paper, paper plates, paper towels, and pasta products, which once again, we have already seen documented in reader images.

See more at "Here Are the Groceries You Might Be Missing On Store Shelves Due to Food Shortages In 2022."

Many of those did not include the expected increase in shortages due to the war in Ukraine.

Note - We will provide links to items to help mitigate the pain of these shortages at the physical grocery stores, towards the bottom of this article. Does no good to report a problem without offering some type of solution.


Unfortunately one of the things Joe Biden can be considered "strong" on, is policies that are making inflation, including gas and food prices," worse for Americans, where even the most Biden-friendly media, CNN, admits could go on for years.

After nearly doubling last year, energy prices are expected to jump more than 50% this year before easing in 2023 and 2024, the World Bank said. Food prices will soar by 22.9% this year, highlighted by a 40% rise in wheat prices, according to the report.

“These developments have started to raise the specter of stagflation,” the World Bank warned. “Policymakers should take every opportunity to increase economic growth at home and avoid actions that will bring harm to the global economy.”

Prices are expected to stay at “historically high levels” through the end of 2024, the World Bank said.

Of course being full of democrat sycophants, CNN tries blaming Russia for our woes, despite admitting the problem has been ongoing for two years, worsening since 2021, when the war in Ukraine hadn't begun yet.

The Data Is Clear:

U.S. Inflation Calculator has the visuals, showing more than mere words and reports can adequately represent, and as reported above, things will be getting worse, not better.

The average price of food in the United States jumped 8.8% in the 12 months ended March, the most since May 1981 and after rising 7.9% previously, according to the latest inflation data published April 12, 2022, by the U.S. Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

The graph below is a breakdown on what items saw the most price increases.


When we encourage readers to grow as much of their own foods as possible, supplementing their fresh homegrown produce with a handful of freeze dried meats for casseroles, stews, salads, soups or other meals, it is so they do not have to worry about changing their meal choices, or paying an arm and a leg just for a slab of beef or a chicken breast and vegetables.

It is planting season, so what a better time to get what you need to get your gardens growing, double up on your favorites and those fruits and vegetables that grow faster than others, and with very little space needed, produce your own herbs, and grind your own flour.

Learn to can, and store your foods, and be as independent as you can from the policies that are slowly starving many Americans.

Indoor Gardening:

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NoteSome items listed above have been removed or replaced from previous pieces after seeing they were either out of stock, or that the estimated delivery date was more than a month and sometimes two-plus. 


When most hear about incremental food price increases, it doesn't resonate as much as seeing a visual that shows how much of an increase is actually calculated, with a breakdown of  what prices rose more than others.

A look at the graphs up above in the article, makes it very clear that for some, feeding their families is becoming almost impossible.

For others, the cost is still causing them to change their habits and to make hard decisions on what they can or cannot do without.

Producing as much of your own product as possible, stocking up on other products while they are still available whether locally or for online purchase, is more than just "doomsday" prepping, but has become necessary for surviving the upcoming shortages and continued price hikes.

PLEASE send images of any changes you notice at your grocery store to [email protected]

Read more at: AllNewsPipeline.com

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