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Martyred 79 years ago today, the life of WW2 anti-Nazi activist Sophie Scholl speaks to today’s deceived Antifa youth
By News Editors // Mar 07, 2022

Even the most ardent World War 2 aficionados may have never heard of Sophie Scholl. Scholl, a  young German woman who first rose through the ranks of the Hitler youth as a teenager, became one of the most renown ’anti-fascists’ in history. She came to the realization that all the hope and ideals wrapped up in the black flag (which was the black scarf that the teenage girls of the Hitler youth wore) was just sand pouring through her fingers. She changed her life and instead of joining in with the evil of Hitler (the fascist), banded together with likeminded students in the White Rose to give Adolph’s war machine a big black eye. My prayer and reason for writing this article is to petition the youth of America, and even the world, who have been so overwhelmed with the propaganda of the totalitarians (represented and indoctrinated by your public school district or local university) to renounce Christ, country and conscience that recounting the bravery of one university student eight decades ago would have those teenagers and twenty somethings who rally around the black flag today examine who and what is actually behind your movement and to exchange willing wanton wickedness for redeemed resistance to the tyranny you currently are deceived by.


(Article by Stan Szymanski  republished from EncouragingAngels.org)

Sophie’s father Robert was a politician and auditor. When the Nazi’s came to full power in 1933 a young Sophie joined the League of German Girls. According to The National World War II Museum…’Sophie, along with most of her siblings, was an excited and happy follower of the National Socialist cult of youth. The teenager believed in the ideals propagated at the time. Similar to many of their contemporaries, Sophie was particularly intrigued by the focus on nature and communal experiences.’…

So just as the school districts and Universities of today indoctrinate students with totalitarian ideals and organize them, so did the satanic regime of Eva Braun’s lover in post-Weimar Germany.

Her brother Hans became a founder of the group ‘The White Rose’ which at that time focused on love of nature, outdoors as well as music and art. By 1936 the Nazi’s dissolved groups like this. However, Hans remained active and was arrested in 1937 with other members of the Scholl family. This left such an impression of Sophie and was a turning point of her transforming from a patron of the party to a brave resistor of evil.

More from The National World War II Museum…’When she finally moved to Munich to study biology and philosophy in May 1942, her brother Hans, a medical student at the same university, and some of his friends had already begun to actively question the system. Serving on the Eastern Front, they learned about the crimes committed in Poland and Russia first hand and saw the misery with their own eyes. They knew they couldn’t remain quiet. Starting in June 1942, they began printing and distributing leaflets in and around Munich, calling their fellow students and the German public to action.’…

Through their membership in The White Rose a small band of friends along with Hans and Sophie Scholl had a monumental impact on the internal rhetoric on the wartime German mindset of the people, especially after the exacting defeat of the German military at the hands of the Russians at Stalingrad. The White Rose utilized typewriter and mimeograph and marketed their ideals through direct mail to thousands of households through Germany. This ‘target marketing’ included mail to influencers such as authors, booksellers and university professors. They accomplished this through a network they built in different cities in Deutschland.

Dear teenager and twenty something: Please examine what has just happened in Canada with the lockdowns, the impediment of travel, the use of UN troops in the guise of un-badged police to breakup protests while inflicting pain and suffering and the shutdown of the people’s access to bank accounts. This has happened before and is always the actions of a totalitarian dictator. You who currently rally under the black flag are doing the bidding of the monolithic authoritarians who have sown the seeds of your discontent. They have run a Psyop on you since you were in school. They have organized you into what you believe are bands of anarchic agitators when in reality you are the ‘Hitler Youth’ of the 21st century. When you throw a rock through the back window of the Sheriffs cruiser, get arrested and then, out of nowhere, a lawyer, paid for by someone you don’t know, pays your bail and your court costs don’t you ever ask the question: who would do that? The answer is, apparently, George Soros, The Ford Foundation and The National Lawyers Guild for starters. You are not part of an indigenous movement in your town or city. You are being used by the satanic world oligarchs for their quest for world power just as Hitler used the ‘brown shirts’ to give muscle to the Nazi party to eventually take over Germany.

When the time comes for your masters and handlers to consolidate power (who hand you the black flag to carry) so that they can elevate themselves, it will not come about as you think. They will do so at the expense of all around them. You may likely end up as Adolph’s ‘brown shirts’. Hitler had built a 3 million man SA (brown shirt) army..they even got rid of the police-does that sound like anything out of today’s headlines? In order for Hitler to consolidate his power and consummate his evil plans, he planned a ‘Night of The Long Knives’ to get rid of those who were faithful to him (as well as personal and perceived enemies) in order for him to rise further. …’On the Night of the Long Knives, many SA leaders were killed that were extremely loyal to Hitler, some people had been killed by accident (with the Nazis later issuing an apology). Others it appears may have personal enemies of Himmler and Goering. Both had fed Hitler with information on people that was totally fabricated.’…(all that is interesting)

Totalitarians always rise to power on the backs of gullible people and broken promises. Please examine the geopolitical situation like Sophie Scholl did in order for you to do good before it’s too late.

From a White Rose pamphlet…’Our current ‘state’ is the dictatorship of evil. We know that already, I hear you object, and we don’t need you to reproach us for it yet again. But, I ask you, if you know that, then why don’t you act? Why do you tolerate these rulers gradually robbing you, in public and in private, of one right after another, until one day nothing, absolutely nothing, remains but the machinery of the state, under the command of criminals and drunkards?’…

Could not the same thing be said about what we just saw transpire in Canada? Is it not coming to the United States?

Dear high school/university agitator: You brand yourself as an anarchist but in reality, you have been indoctrinated by the education system as a communist. Interestingly, Antifa got its start in 1933 when in Germany…’some 150,000 Communists, took part in illegal resistance.’… …’They drew on the slogans and orientation of the prewar united front strategy, adopting the word “Antifa” from a last-ditch attempt to establish a cross-party alliance between Communist and Social Democratic workers in 1932.’…

It is always a dichotomy of some sort when seeking to divide and conquer; Democrats vs. Republicans, Black vs. White and as today’s tycoon despots have resurrected from the 1930’s it is Communists vs. Fascists in the good old USA. Dear black flag rallying student: You have been told ad infinitum to rail against the fascists; that’s because they turned you into Kommies at an early age.

The same totalitarians who pay your legal bill are the same ones who make sure that you starve when there is no food in the stores due to the trucks not running, shortages, war, hemorrhagic fever, aliens or whatever suits their purpose best. Please stop working for them. A lot of young people feel like there is no future for them. By fulfilling the desires of the worldwide oligarchs you really will have no future. Only tyranny. As George Orwell wrote: ‘If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever’. If you don’t want a boot on your face you will have to stop empowering the foot inside the boot. Put a mousetrap in the boot.

This is a fight not between the communists and the fascists but a fight of good versus evil and if you are willing to investigate, God through His Son Jesus Christ versus our enemy, satan (the devil). Jesus defeated satan on the cross after living the perfect life to be the perfect sacrifice to pay for our sin debt through His death on that cross. Jesus rose again to give us eternal life if we confess our sins, repent and accept the finished work of Christ on our behalf and Jesus as our Savior. Jesus gives us our freedom. Satan offers us lies to deceive but in reality can only offer us chains.

On February 22, 1943 Sophie Scholl was executed by guillotine. Her work not only lives on today but it still lived on after her death during the war. …’The text of the sixth leaflet (that The White Rose authored) was smuggled into the United Kingdom where they were reprinted and dropped over Germany by Allied planes in July of the same year.’…

Sophie Scholl started her young life as a Nazi. Then she saw the light and made a difference for good knowing she could pay the price, which she ultimately did. None of us know what our end will be but if we will it, can choose freedom. Freedom in this country and more importantly freedom for our souls-that is something no one can take away.

Read more at: EncouragingAngels.org

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