2022 will be too little too late
By News Editors // Dec 20, 2021

A Critical Condition

There is little question that the US has taken a wrong turn and is deteriorating fast.  We are no longer energy-independent.  Covid is still with us and is being used as an excuse to destroy our Constitutional liberties.  Massive government spending has increased our national debt beyond imagination.


(Article by David Robb republished from TheBlueStateConservative.com)

A weak foreign policy abandoned thousands of Americans to the tender mercies of the Taliban in Afghanistan while encouraging China, Russia, and even Iran to new levels of military adventurism.  Lockdown policies have eviscerated small and medium-scale businesses across the country while creating employee shortages and supply chain disruptions.

Almost two-thirds of the country has little or no faith in the integrity of our electoral system and has little trust in the honesty of future elections.  Government officials have demonstrated an inordinate fondness for authoritarianism, dishonesty, coercion, and general autocratic behavior while disregarding the objections of the citizens they claim to serve.

Now we are confronted with rapidly growing inflation that is making food and energy costs grow rapidly – costs borne by those most vulnerable among us, at a time when winter fuel costs are already rising.  Freedoms once taken for granted are severely curtailed or even eliminated as authorities prohibit gatherings of those who have declined to subject themselves to a deadly experimental injection deceptively called a vaccine.

Millions of criminal aliens come freely across our borders and are distributed covertly throughout our country by agents of our own government – the government that we have depended on to protect our rights and liberties, including from foreign invasion.

The list goes on and on, growing longer each day as an illegitimate administration works diligently to fundamentally transform our country from a democratic Republic to a Socialist slave state.

Revolutions Move Fast

I have written before about some of the mechanisms that are being used to effect this transformation, and I would encourage readers to review the articles and look how quickly things have changed in just a few months.  This rate of change is not new, but rather reflects a revolutionary need to consolidate power and control quickly before effective opposition can be mounted.  One need only look at the timeline of other modern revolutions to find confirmation. The critical portion of the Russian Revolution took place over a period of six months, from March to November 1917.

The Chinese Communist revolution came at the end of a civil war that followed World War II, and was complete by 1949.  The Bolivarian Socialist Revolution of Hugo Chavez following his election in 1998 was also implemented in a few months.  The Nazis, who like their current American Socialist heirs, used popular elections and disingenuous propaganda of the imagined benefits of Socialism to secure their appeal, came to power in a short period between November 1932 and the end of January in 1933.  These are but a few examples of the rapid consolidation of power that is both typical of and necessary in revolutions.

A Fundamental Transformation of America

Not all revolutions involve bullets and blood in the streets.  When Obama took office, he swore to “fundamentally transform America”.  He deliberately was not clear about the nature of that transformation, and certainly did not ask if anyone wanted America transformed.  He simply assumed that since he was elected, that was a sufficient mandate to effect his transformation process.  As we have come to learn, that transformation was from a capitalist Constitution-based democratic Republic with rule of law and equal justice for all, to a Socialist centralized authoritarian government where the law was whatever the government at the time said it was, and where justice was redefined to be a tool for social engineering.

Obama was unable to complete the transformation during his time in office but made a good start on it. Under our Constitution, a President is not empowered to enact legislation, but the devious Left found a way to push the envelope through the use of Executive Orders.  Paul Begala, a Clinton advisor, said of such orders: “Stroke of the pen. Law of the land. Kinda cool.”.  Obama took that to heart and offered his own view when he said: “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone….”.  He put both to effective use in his transformation process.

Now we have a new administration that is continuing the work of transformation, using its own pen and phone.  Both are being used to erase the temporary aberration of the Trump administration and return the country to the path of totalitarian government.  Clearly, in the mind of the Progressives,  the American people are incapable of good governance as they keep believing in such fantasies as individual rights, an immutable Constitution, and a government of the people.

Progressives have known for a long time that such irrational sentiments are inconsistent with the realpolitik of modern government where only a well-educated elite is competent to make correct decisions and policies.  This elite can only govern effectively if it has the flexibility to issue directives unimpeded by any inconvenient limits such as an absolute Constitution.  The commoners must be brought into line with the reality that only the collective matters and individuals who refuse to conform must be eliminated for the good of the whole.  Just look at vaccine mandates and how anti-vaxxers are endangering us all.

Why 2022 Won’t Fix Things

Many people have fixed their hopes on the 2022 election as a way to stop this Progressive far-left takeover.  While it seems likely that Republicans may manage to acquire majorities in both the House and the Senate. that won’t be enough.  Such majorities will not address the damage already done, nor will they be sufficient to stop the activities of the “fourth branch of government” – the administrative state.

Both Obama and the current administration have weaponized key agencies, including the Infernal Revenue Service, the Department of (in)Justice, Food and Drug (mis)Administration, and even the Department of Agriculture, among many others.

These agencies are largely impervious to Congressional control as they are under the Executive Branch.  Specific regulations can be challenged both by Congress and by court, but the process is slow, difficult, unlikely to succeed, and would likely be highly specific and limited were it to result in a successful challenge.  These agencies are the tools that are being used by the Progressive administration to effect the transformation process.  That these agencies are largely insulated from Congressional control means that even a Congressional majority in both Houses will not stop the damage being done.

These agencies largely evade the system of checks and balances that our Founders built into our Constitutional government.  For too many today, this is a feature, not a bug.

A Second Problem with 2022

There is a second critical factor involved in the 2022 elections as well.  As of this writing, few of the critical changes to election laws and procedures that are necessary to prevent a repeat of the massive fraud that occurred in the 2020 election have been implemented.  That fraud made the true outcome of the election indeterminate at best, and at worst resulted in a wrongful outcome not only of the Presidential race but several congressional races as well.

We still have mail-in ballots, often with few or even no checks on who actually produced the votes, whether the ballots were altered after a voter marked them, whether the ballots were duplicated, counterfeited, or came from legally entitled voters.  Nearly every country in the world that tried mail-in voting has terminated their experiments due to both the potential and the actual practice of fraud that such voting enables and promotes.  California has gone even further in allowing ballots to be printed at home, eliminating virtually all protections necessary for election integrity, despite claims that the process is secure and not subject to compromise (it is both insecure and easily compromised!)

We also have numerous jurisdictions continuing to use electronic systems that have been repeatedly demonstrated to support intrusion and both internal and external manipulation of election results in ways that are difficult to detect, easy to erase, and their issues denied by people with vested interests in their use.

Numerous other problems with our current electoral systems remain unaddressed despite much talk of the need for reform after the 2020 election.  Add to this situation the fact that those who perpetrated fraud in prior elections have learned from experience what has worked, what didn’t, how they got caught, and how to avoid exposure in the future.  All this learning will be applied in future elections, including the 2022 election, to ensure a result that will be to their liking and unreflective of the actual will of the electorate.

Some believe that the turnout and results in 2022 will be so massive an expression of popular choice that any attempts to subvert that expression through fraud will be inconsequential.  Don’t count on it!

Analyses of the 2020 results have shown that fraudulent activity can introduce huge amounts of fraudulent election data into current systems through a variety of mechanisms.  We cannot expect the situation to improve by 2022, especially if already known mechanisms are left intact.  It is often said that insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.  We don’t need more election insanity.

Executive Orders, Regulations, and Political Theatre

The current Congress has been largely impotent in stopping the damage to America for reasons that have little to do with the Democrat majority in the House or the deadlock in the Senate.  The deadlock in Congress has actually helped the destructive efforts of the Progressive far-left administration.

The problems lie with Executive Orders, and with regulatory agencies, both of which are difficult to address in any meaningful way.  A bit of explanation is in order.

Read more at: TheBlueStateConservative.com


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